Battle for the Border 3 – Weigh In Results


Battle for the Border returns for their annual fight card in Cranbrook, British Columbia tomorrow night at the Memorial Arena. Mike Kent takes on Alfonso Gonzalez in the main event and Mark Dobie will be in search of the upset over UFC Veteran Cody McKenzie in the co-main event.

If you are not in Cranbrook, you can watch the fights live on the internet HERE

Shout out to Carl Mortensen from MMA Madhouse for providing the weigh in results for tomorrow nights event.

Pro Fights:
200lbs- Mike Kent (200.2) vs. Alfonso Gonzales (199)
180lbs- Mark Dobie (178.8) vs. Cody McKenzie (180.3)
265lbs- Jordan Tracey (245.2) vs. Dan Amyotte (233)
155lbs- Adam Wills (154.5) vs. Cleve Bentley (155.9)
140lbs- Will Monzon (139.6) vs. Riley Buzzard (137.3)

Amateur Fights:
170lbs- Donovan Hack (169.2) vs. Ryan Rohovich (169.8)
***Welterweight Title Fight

*150lbs- Laine Keyes (3-0) vs. Will Shuter (1-5)
265lbs- Dustin Luke (255.2) vs. Yuri Gromochikhin (258.1)
185lbs- Herman Neufeld (179.7) vs. Clayton Schira (185.5)
135lbs- Wesley Bowman (135) vs. Josh Friesen (135.9)

*Cancelled, Shuter had incomplete meds

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