Taleb to Face Grujic on TUF Finale


nordine TalebTUF Nations and TUF 19 competitor Nordine Taleb will face fellow TUF Nations contestant Vik Grujic on the The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale in Quebec City on April 16, 2014.   This was release by UFC.com today.

It is rather strange that Nordine Taleb will fight before his TUF 19 debut on Sportsnet later on the same night.  Taleb had fought on TUF Nations where he lost to Tyler Manawaroa in a three round fight.  In that fight, Taleb broke his foot in the first round and still managed to win the first two rounds on many viewer’s scorecards.  Unfortunately, the judges saw things differently and Manawaroa won the decision.

Taleb (8-2) last fought a non-exhibition MMA fight in Bellator against Marius Zaromskis in their Welterweight tournament where he lost a decision. Previous to that fight, Taleb won seven consecutive fights.

Taleb’s opponent Vik Grujic (6-2) made it to the semi-finals of the TUF Nations series. There he lost by submission to Sheldon Westcott. The Australian fighter has won one of his last three professional fights.

The UFC also announced that Chris Indich will take on Richard Walsh on the Finale card. The two fighters are both from Team Australia on the TUF Nations show.

7 Responses to “ Taleb to Face Grujic on TUF Finale ”

  1. Unzelle says:

    I thought Nordine won that fight on TUF. Vik has another tough test here. He was by far my favourite Australian on the show.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    UFC must be very high on Taleb, first TUF 19 then TUF Nations and now a shot on the finale… hopefully he makes the most of this opportunity!

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  3. I agree @Unzelle. The fight should never have went to the third round. Taleb won the first two.

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  4. My Ears hurt says:

    I’ve just been racking my brain to think how this is possible. I’ve lost quite a few brain cells from being thrown on my head too many times, but I eventually came up with this: Taleb loses on TUF Nations (we all know this), and for some reason was invited back for TUF 19. He doesn’t get passed the initial “get into the house” fight (assuming it was already filmed weeks ago), but puts up a good fight/ loses via dodgy judge decision and so gets invited back once again to replace someone on the TUF Finale card last minute. Thoughts?

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  5. lol says:

    apparently the TUF 19 “fight to get into the house” occurred before his TUF nations filming. So it is safe to say he lost in the TUF 19 fight. Hopefully it was a gooder

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  6. I don’t know what happened in that TUF 19 fight.

    For all I know, he slipped on a pipe while warming up and KO’d himself and the other fighter defaulted his way into the house.

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  7. Brodes says:

    Kevin randleman style^^

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