TUF Nations: Episode 13 Recap – Westcott vs Grujic


TUF Nations 2Canada has three finalists fighting in the The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale. Tonight is the last night of TUF Nations and Sheldon Westcott will try to make it four Canadians in the final against Vik Grujic.

The Canadians are driving back to the house congratulating Olivier Aubin-Mercier on his win.  Chad Laprise tells the freshly shaven Richard Walsh that OAM does the exact same thing to everyone on Canada in practise.  Walsh tells the camera that he “stopped fighting” and “was thinking too much”.  Sheldon Westcott says OAM even gets the Middleweights like that.  Sheldon Westcott tells Walsh that he can come to his gym anytime and train.

Someone comes to the door and it is Georges St-Pierre.  Jake Matthews calls him his favorite fighter and the house morale really goes up.

GSP tells the fighters to analyze their opponents.  He tells them to find their opponents weaknesses and your own strengths and game plan accordingly.  Then create drills based on the strategy so when it happens in the fight, you don’t even have to spend time thinking.

Nordine Taleb says that everyone is very inspired by him. No one will blink for fear of missing something the champ says.

GSP says he is not happy with his win over Johny Hendricks.  He wants his opponent to know they have lost.

GSP says you have to train smart to preserve yourself.  You are not going to fight your whole life.  Make a plan.

Olivier Aubin-Mercier says that he would be proud to accomplish just half as much as Georges St-Pierre did.

Great segment!

Vik Grujic is talking about the bonuses he could have won already for his TUF fights so far.  He says it would go a long way towards bills.  He says Westcott and himself have a lot in common.

Kyle Noke and Grujic simulate a fight in practise.  They say that Grujic is feeling a little flat.  All the weight cuts, all the fights and training take their toll.

Sheldon Westcott was in track and field back in 2005 and came out to train with a friend who fought.  He lost six pounds the first session and has been ‘addicted ever since.’  Westcott has had to deal with an injured knee and injured neck this episode.  It’s been a nightmare, but I can put a storybook ending on the nightmare.  Westcott thinks he ‘can finish Vik’.  Westcott talks with Kajan Johnson and says that he has seen six doctors recently.

Sasquatch comes and they chase him outside.  Turns out it was Patrick Cote in a Yeti suit.

Team Australia goes snowshoeing for the first time.  One of them says it is like trying to run with tennis racquets on their feet.

Vik Grujic says he tries not to be distracted.  He liked to go out there and clear his mind.  He said the Canadian wilderness is beautiful

Weigh-Ins: Sheldon Westcott (185) vs Vik Grujic (186)

Cote says this fight will be a barnburner.

Grujic says that Westcott is the toughest Middleweight in the competition.  Westcott tells Dan Kelly that it is going to be a great fight.

Westcott says he has great family support and wants them to see him fight live in the UFC.

Grujic says he is trying to keep his head.  Its his last fight and he is also so close to be able to call his wife.

Grujic tells Noke that if Westcott goes for a single or double, he is going to stuff Westcott’s neck hard.

Vik Grujic vs Sheldon Westcott
R1. Leg kick by Grujic.  Westcott steps in and wraps him up.  Knee by Westcott.  Westcott shoots a double, walks him to his corner, and drops him to the mat. Westcott in Grujic’s half guard, and the tap!  Westcott gets the Von Flue from half guard.
Sheldon Westcott submits Vik Grujic by Side Choke in Round 1

Westcott says it is the first time it has happened in the UFC as Von Flue’s was from side control. Patrick Cote calls it the Westcott Choke.

Fabio Holanda thanks Pat Cote for having him and tells the team that he had a wonderful time.

Next we see Vik Grujic talking about his humiliating mistake of not letting go of Westcott’s head. He says that he should not be caught with that in this level of MMA.

Westcott comes and thanks Grujic for the fight.

Vik Grujic talks about the experience of being on The Ultimate Fighter, meeting GSP and Jon Jones, and being in Canada.

Luke Harris says he has a whole bunch of new friends.

Kajan Johnson is going for surgery to get plates in his jaw. The guys wish him the best. Nordine says he lives 10 minutes from Kajan and will be there for him during his recovery.

Chad Laprise talks about training at Adrenaline and in Curran’s in Chicago. He will not be training at Tristar.

Westcott says him and Elias Theodorou will be a great fight.

Matt DesRoches says he regrets nothing. He is young and there will be a lot of doors to be opened for him in the next few years.

“Au Revoir,” says Vik Grujic.

TUF Nations Finale Fights

Middleweight TUF Finale
Elias Theodorou vs Sheldon Westcott

Welterweight TUF Finale
Chad Laprise vs Olivier Aubin-Mercier

Patrick Cote vs Kyle Noke

Michael Bisping vs Tim Kennedy

24 Responses to “ TUF Nations: Episode 13 Recap – Westcott vs Grujic ”

  1. Zach B says:

    That’s a bad man .

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  2. Aaron Robinson says:

    God Damn Impressive. This show made me completely change my opinion of Wescott the dude is a killer.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 14 Thumb down 9

  3. Harry Dunne says:

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    Poorly-rated... Thumb up 8 Thumb down 18

  4. Sheldon made his two Aussie opponents look terrible in his two fights. Very impressive, dominating performance.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 16 Thumb down 7

  5. Bruce Griffin says:

    All Canucks!!!!!

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

  6. Marv says:

    Our country was well represented! I’m predicting Laprise and Westcott for the win

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 5

  7. Lloyd Christmas says:

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    Poorly-rated... Thumb up 9 Thumb down 21

  8. The goods says:

    well he’ll have to get through Elias first and thats not gonna be a walk in the park

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 2

  9. Cody Krahn says:

    No way Elias is going to be able to hold Sheldon on the fence and grind him. I don’t see how he could beat Sheldon.

    Anyone feel like betting on it?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 12 Thumb down 10

  10. The goods says:

    what are the stakes?

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

  11. Cody Krahn says:

    If I’m right, bigpoppagroove has to reveal his real name, if i’m wrong he can pick my walkout music for my next fight.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 2

  12. Woodrow says:

    Elias 185 Sheldon 170 both mainly grapplers. This size or weight could b the difference. Maybe I’m wrong tho

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 1

  13. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Cody Krahn walking out to Like a Virgin…I can dig it!…lol..;)

    Well-loved! Thumb up 12 Thumb down 2

  14. Cam Yallits says:

    Lloyd, you should never have Greg Jackson or Duke Roufus over Pederneiras. He’s the best in the world.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 8

  15. The goods says:

    well if i was bigpoppagroove i’d accept but i’m not, however I am picking Elias to win over Wescott

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 2

  16. Nova says:

    Pederneriras is by far the best actually trainer. He had produced countless white belt amateurs, into not only world champions, but pound for pound best fighters in the world. Jackson and Zahabi both had champion athletes walk into their gyms. Neither have ever made a champion. Jackson already proved he’ll sell out any fighter, if a better one is available. He ‘coached’ rashad Evans and Diego Sanchez for years. GSP and Jon jones show up and those two get asked to leave. I don’t know anything about cam Yallits but he’s better than Jackson for at least one reason

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 4

  17. After sheldons last performance I pick him to defeat Elias seeing that most that attempt to play the grappling game with him will get choked out. where sheldon might run into problems is against high level grapplers who also possess high level striking ability such as a Matt Brown type of fighter, against fighters where he cant take them down with ease and is forced in a striking war of attrition thats where the true test comes in. A very famous fighter once said everybody has a game plan until they get hit. And cody khran a hint to my real name lets just say Im related to Aaron the Terminator Teed, one of this countrys greatest mma heavyweight fighters who you had the pleasure to fight many moons ago.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 4

  18. Kellen Falt says:

    Sheldon is going to destroy Elias, I just dont see how or where he can beat Sheldon to be honest and size is not an issue here, anyone who has trained with Sheldon knows that he has freaky ridiculous strength and is very tough mentally and physically. After Sheldon wind next week maybe people will start to realize that CFMA is the top gym in Alberta and will soon emerge as one of the best in the country. The coaching there is incredible and the fighters there grow and improve at remarkable rates. Cam is an excellent coach and very smart when is comes to analysing the sport and working with people. Along with a few other coaches there and the environment in the gym its pretty tough to beat that hidden gem in St Albert. Congrats on the success boys with more to come.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 8

  19. Robin Black says:

    The best and most fun thing about working with Elias?

    His last 3 fights were the toughest fighters in 3 different North American regions targeting him as an “easy win” with a great record.

    We knew it and Elias knew it.

    Elias treated being ‘the hunted’ like a great opportunity to break another man.

    Elias is a loveable, sweet, great human being.

    But he’s been put on Earth to break other men.

    There’s something special about this one.

    I don’t really know what it is.

    But he is special.

    Very very special.

    He’s a winner.

    He just knows how to win.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 13

  20. Thesubzero says:

    Well he certainly knows how to grind, he knows his own weaknesses and fights around them. Elias definitely hasn’t peaked yet, will be interesting to see how he fares in the UFC. Haha damn Robin you maybe romanticizing him a tad bit… Just sayin’.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

  21. Robin Black says:

    I’m super guilty of romanticizing the sport in general.

    I just really think fighting is the coolest thing ever and the reason I am so happy to work in the field is because I see beauty in every fight.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

  22. Roberto says:

    Elias has good ground game. Good control. But stand up is lacking. He has tons of room to improve and by the looks of things he has the drive to do so. I don’t see him being able to grind out three rounds against Westcott right now. Westcott has a killer instinct and goes for finishes. I like his style and I’m picking him for this one.

    Laprise and Olivier will be interesting. If Laprise doesn’t tag him early and often, Olivier will find a way to drag him to the ground and choke him out. That one would go either way. Good fights!

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

  23. I think it is an interesting clash of styles for both finals.

    Westcott sure seems to come out fast. I could see him getting Theodorou on his back and submitting him.

    I can also see this playing out where Theodorou withstands Westcott’s first round and then comes back to win 2,3 for the UD win.

    Either way, I really think the fighter who is able to control his nerves/UFC jitters the best will dictate the pace and location of this fight and score the W.

    The loser of this fight will say “he didn’t feel right” or “he never got going.”

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  24. Lloyd Christmas says:

    There is no way that Sheldon Westcott looses this fight. He will win this years TUF at 185, which isnt even his proper weight class.

    That being said. Dana White needs to pay Sheldon big bucks when he wins TUF. Entry level UFC pay of $6000 is a total slap in the face for the next future UFC WW Champ.

    Sheldon should be getting paid MINUMUM $25,000 to fight $25,000 to win after he wins TUF.

    Wednesday cant come soon enough. You will all….


    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 9

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