ECC 20 Recap


Lyndon Whitlock victorious (photo: Martin Blais)

Lyndon Whitlock victorious (photo: Martin Blais)

By the time the show started, it was standing room only as fans sold out the multi purpose room of the Halifax Forum for Extreme Cage Combat 20: Apocalypse. A lot of the fights ended earlier then people hoped but they were able to enjoy some good finishes. The one part of the show that pleasantly surprised was the jobs by the refs as there were no hiccups and some great stoppages.

If you did not get a chance to see the action, here is how it went down.


  • KO of the Night-Maverick Cowx
  • Submission of the Night-Michael Spoenlein
  • Fight of the Night-Akitoshi Horiba and Ian Norris

ECC 20 Play by Play

135lbs- Lyndon Whitlock  vs. Ryan Connor
Round 1
Whitlock starts out with the jab but Connor looks for a head kick and then tries for the single leg.  He can’t secure it but he is able to push Whitlock against the cage.  Whitlock keeps working the jab while Connor counters with knee strikes.  Connor then tries to sweep his leg but Whitlock turns him around and let’s go of the clinch.  Both men start to exchange when Whitlock throws a kick while Connor looks for the single leg again.  Whitlock is able to stay up as he hits Connor with elbows to the side of the head.  Whitlock then hits him with a knee to get off the cage and turn Connor around. Whitlock breaks off the clinch and is looking for some combinations. Connor then shoots for another takedown that Whitlock is able to stuff.  Whitlock moves in when Connor shoots again but Whitlock gets on top.  He is trying to pass guard but Connor is able to get up but Whitlock gets him in a headlock.  Whitlock lets go and the fight is back on the feet.  Whitlock looks to move in for a punch before the horn blows to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Whitlock

Round 2
Connor comes charging in as he looks to knockout out Whitlock with the flying knee. Connor misses but both fighters starts teeing off on one another.  Whitlock is getting the better shots in as he lands a few jabs and a front kick.  They continue to circle around the cage, each hitting with the odd shot before Connor shoots for the takedown but Whitlock stuffs it again and only gets him against the cage.  Connor is able to work him along the cage and get him down but Whitlock moves around and gets top position.  Whitlock looks to pass guard but Connor keeps a hold of his head.  Whitlock then moves into side control as Connor tries to get up.  Whitlock isn’t able to do much as the rest of the round is spent on the mat.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Whitlock

Round 3
Connor starts the round off with a punching combination.  Whitlock then throws a front kick that Connor is able to catch and push him.  After Connor misses with a punch, Whitlock throws a head kick.  Both fighters circle around the cage for a bit.  Connor moves in closer as they both keep throwing leg kicks back and forth until Connor hits Whitlock in the groin. Whitlock takes a couple of minutes to regain his composure.  The fight resumes with both fighters circling around the cage looking for an opening.  Whitlock then shoots for a takedown and gets it.  Whitlock is trying to pass guard as he lands the odd jab.  Whitlock postures up to see if he can find an opening but decides to stay down.  Connor does find an opening and gets a hold of Whitlock’s arm for the armbar.  Whitlock is able to pick him and puts him back down to break free of the hold.  Connor moves around to get up but Whitlock hits with an  elbow before the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Whitlock
Top MMA News scores the fight 30-27 for Lyndon Whitlock
Lyndon Whitlock wins the fight by unanimous decision by a score of 30-27 across the board

Michael Spoenlein (photo: Martin Blais)

Michael Spoenlein (photo: Martin Blais)

135lbs- Morgan Rhynes  vs. Michael Spoenlein
Round 1
Rhynes charges in for the flying knee to start but can not connect.  Both men have a quick exchange before Spoenlein secures the takedown. He has Rhynes against the cage while trying to pass guard.  Rhynes moves around and is able to get on top.   This proves costly as Spoenlein gets a hold of his arm and after a little work he gets Rhynes’s head and sinks in the triangle until Rhynes passes out.
Michael Spoenlein wins by submission (triangle) at 1:14 in round 1.

195lbs- Zack Quinlan  vs. Justin Dickinson
Round 1
Dickinson runs across the cage to start things out but Quinlan gets him in the clinch and sweeps him for the takedown.  Quinlan is on top but Dickinson is able to get an armbar and hold on long enough until Quinlan taps.
Justin Dickinson wins by submission (Armbar) at :45 in round 1. 

155lbs- Maverick Cowx  vs. Dave Anderson
Round 1
Cowx is looking to stand and bang and is connecting with some good punches before Anderson moves out of the way.  Cowx sees the opportunity and is able to get a takedown on Anderson.  Cowx is on top trying to pass guard but Anderson has his arm trapped to prevent him from doing that.  Cowx is posturing up trying to get that arm free but Anderson lands a thunderous punch off his back.  Cowx stands back up on his feet and is teeing off on Anderson.  After going back down,  Cowx gets back on his feet again before deciding to stay on the ground.  After working on some ground and pound for a while, Anderson is able to get hold of his left arm.  He looks for the armbar but Cowx gets up on his feet to break free,  Cowx goes back down and stays in top position and hits Anderson with one more punch as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Cowx

Round 2
Anderson moves in and hits Cowx with a big knee .  Cowx answers back with a head kick that sends Anderson down to the mat and puts him out.
Maverick Cowx wins by KO (head kick) at :21 in round 2.

145lbs- Josh Walker vs. Brain Johnston
Round 1
Both fighters circle around the cage for a bit with Walker using his jab while Johnston is landing some leg kicks.  After both men have a quick exchange, Walker looks to get Johnston in the clinch but can’t get a good hold.  Walker continues to push the pace when he throws a leg kick that hits Johnston.  He takes this chance to get the clinch but Johnston is able to get out. Johnston tries to keep him away with throwing leg kicks but Walker is able to get him in the clinch again and secure a takedown.  Walker then gets full mount and starts hurting Johnston with some elbows.  Johnston tries to push off the cage with his feet but Walker rains down punches until he decides to take his left arm and successfully get the armbar just before the first round ends.
Josh Walker wins by submission (armbar) at 4:52 in round 1. 

Amateur Fights:
145lbs- Akitoshi Horiba  vs. Ian Norris

Round 1
Norris wasted no time as he charges in Horiba quick and gets him down.  Norris is on top punching to the side of the body when Horiba pushes him off.  Norris gets him back down for a bit but Horiba is able to work his way back up on his feet.  Horiba lands a punch that rocks Norris and now both men are in the clinch.  Both fighters are getting there licks in before Norris is able to slam him and get Horiba in side control   Horiba is able to use his feet after a while to push off the cage and get back on his feet.  Both fighters are now back in the clinch with Norris having control..  Horiba hits with a knee that helps him break free. Horiba throws a kick that Norris is able to catch as both men go down to the mat to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Norris.

Round 2
Horiba lands a big right hand to start the round before both fighters end up in the clinch.  Both let go but not before Horiba lands a leg kick to the midsection.  Norris now shoots in for the single leg but Horiba continues to punch away.  Both fighters are now back up where Horiba lands another punch that rocks Norris.  This causes Norris to get back in the clinch where he is able to land a few knee strikes.  Norris then gets a headlock to take Horiba down but Horiba gets up on his feet and switches him around to get full mount.  Horiba repeatedly hits him with right hands as Norris is turning around trying to get out before the bell rings.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Horiba

Round 3
Norris looks for the kick to begin the final round but misses so he gets Horiba in the clinch.  This doesn’t go well as Horiba is able to take him down.  Horiba is on his back but Norris is able to turn on his side to avoid the choke. Horiba does gets full control of his back when he starts throwing punches.  Norris turns on his side but it just gives Horiba side control.  Horiba then gets full mount but Norris turns himself around and gains top position.  It doesn’t last for long as Horiba traps Norris’s right arm and regains top position but not before trying a Komura attempt.  Horiba gets full mount again and starts swinging for the fences as the round ends
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Horiba
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 for Akitoshi Horiba
Akitoshi Horiba wins the match by Unanimous Decision with a score of 29-28 across the Board

150lbs- Dee Lougue  vs. Doug Andrechuk
Round 1
Lougue looks to start things off with a punching combination but misses. Andrechuk throws a kick and then is able to get  a takedown on Lougue. He has side control but turns around to see if he can pass guard. After some maneuvering, Andrechuk gets his back and looks for the rear naked choke..  Lougue moves around and is able to gain top position and start landing some heavy shots. on top  After trying to move around, Andrechuk looks for an upward leg kick he misses. However he is able to get a hold of Lougue’s arm.  Lougue starts throwing punches until Andrechuk lets go.  Andrechuk turns to his side but Lougue keeps landing right hands till the ref decides that he has seen enough.
Dee Lougue wins by TKO (ground and pound) at 2:52 in round 1.

185lbs- Josh Hodder  vs. Jonny Campbell
Round 1
Both fighters touch gloves to start but Campbell starts to tee off.  After a quick combination Campbell hits him with a overhand right that sends Hodder down to the mat for the quick finish.
Jonny Campbell wins via KO at :20 in round 1.

155lbs- Brandon Clark  vs. Eric Norris
Round 1
Both guys look to stand up and bang but the fight quickly ends up on the ground.    After both men roll around Norris is able to get a guillotine choke in.  Clark tries to move around to get out but is forced to tap.
Eric Norris wins by submission (guillotine) at 1:08 in round 1.

155lbs- Mitch Mannette vs. Justus McPhee
Round 1
McPhee looks to keep Mannette out of reach as he is throwing leg kicks early.  After Mannette hits him with a couple of punches, Mcphee hits him with a big right that forces Mannette to clinch and take him down.  Mannette is hitting Mcphee with punches to the side of the body as he tries to pass guard. Mcphee is able to use his strength to get along the cage to get back on his feet. up against the cage and back on his feet. Both fighters let go of the clinch.  Mannette hits him with a few jabs before Mcphee lands an uppercut.  Mannette then gets him against the cage where he pushes him down and gets top position.  Mcphee is able to get a hold of Mannette’s arm but Mannette hits him a few times before he lets go.  Mannette keeps trying to pass guard but gets one more loud shot in before the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Mannette

Round 2
Both men keep throwing leg kicks at each other to begin the 2nd round.  After both men miss on a punch,  Mcphee shoots for a single leg takedown and gets it but Mannette is able to get up quickly. Mcphee still has his back and takes Mannette down with a German suplex.  Mcphee is now on top trying to pass guard while Mannette is turning to his side. Mannette moves to the side of the cage and is able to gain control and get top position.    He almost has full mount but  Mcphee has a one of his legs trapped.  Mannette is able to find a better position and starts pounding away on Mcphee before the ref stops it.
Mitch Mannette wins by TKO (ground and pound) at 2:35 in round 2.

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  1. Alderic says:

    That was a HORRIBLE stoppage for the Justus Macphee fight! Talk about some home town reffing… Justus goes from having his opponent in his half guard to putting his opponent into full guard, gets hit by a couple punches that didn’t look like they really affect him, or stopped him from intelligently defending himself, but yet the ref jumps in and calls it?!?!.. come on!.. bet if it was the other way around the ref wouldn’t have stopped it…Just my opinion

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  2. Updated: Michael Spoenlien won by Triangle, not Arm Triangle

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  3. walker says:

    Eh. For a hometown call by the ref the commission would have to actually like local mma. Which they dont seem to a great deal ;)

    Its more likely because it was an ammature bout.

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