WSOF Canada Not Coming to Winnipeg


WSOF Canada ThumbTop MMA News has learned that World Series of Fighting Canada will not be holding a spring show in Winnipeg.

A May 10th date was originally planned for the WSOF Canada Winnipeg card.  That date was eventually pushed back to May 30th and was to feature a Canadian Bantamweight title match between Curtis Brigham and Josh Hill.

Unfortunately, in discussions the site had with Manitoba Combative Sports Commission’s Executive Director Joel Fingard, there are currently no plans in place for any WSOF Canada show in the spring of 2014.

“The World Series of Fighting Canada has not applied for a license for any 2014 date in Winnipeg.  No promoter’s license or event permit have been granted by the commission,” said Fingard.

When asked if the MCSC would welcome the WSOF Canada to Manitoba sometime in the future, Fingard responded,

“Manitoba is open to all MMA organizations.  All promoters are welcome if all the commission’s conditions are met.”

Darren Owen, the Chief Operating Officer and Matchmaker of WSOF Canada, agreed that there will be no Winnipeg show this spring saying,

“We never announced a Winnipeg event. We were looking at a few cities to stage an event in May, Winnipeg was one of the cities we looked at. We will be making an official announcement in the next few days as to where and when our next event will be taking place.”

Attempts to contact WSOF Canada Chief Financial Officer Steve Fader were unsuccessful at the time of writing.

After a well-attended WSOF Canada: Ford vs Powell event in Edmonton on February 21, there have been financial rumours plaguing WSOF Canada to date.  One hopes the promotion can put those issues behind them and start putting on successful events once again.

17 Responses to “ WSOF Canada Not Coming to Winnipeg ”

  1. Perry Saturn says:

    ” WSOF Canada Chief Financial Officer Steve Fader”

    This says it all. Steve Fader. A CFO.

    Give. Me. A. Fucking. Break.

    This is a guy who cant even manage his own money and has to go on Facebook begging for money to pay for his dog’s surgery.

    And this guy is a CFO?

    Well maybe I could be wrong. Steve prolly has a MBA, is a Certified Accountant that is more than qualified for a CFO job based on his education and experience.

    Steve Fader, CFO.

    Mind blown.

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  2. I hope they get their ducks in a row. The Canadian MMA community need promotions like WSOF Canada to succeed.

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  3. Aaron Robinson says:

    Another show Canadian MMA fans won’t be able to see unless they are there live. Can’t wait…

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  4. Vodka Tonic says:

    Let’s hope they are speaking the truth and are trying to a put show together for the spring/summer.
    If Alberta can put shows on what seems like every week, WSOF Canada should be able to find a venue to have an event…or unfortunately, from listening to this current information, this entire operation is about to fold

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  5. david atkinson says:

    Blablabla . wsof just fold already .

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  6. cementhead says:

    ^^^^…Yea! who needs ’em! All the other shows with backing from a larger promotion and a great T.V. deal can pick up the slack and offer an equal platform for these guys to showcase their skills. I’m with you David Atkinson, WSOF Canada just fold already, you have zero effect on Canadian MMA……

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  7. Billy Graham says:

    Hard to get a venue when the CFO made off with all the money for the deposit

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  8. Winston says:

    Who didn’t see this happening…fader has folded what 3 promotions in 3 years now? Ax combat, afc and now wsof canada

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  9. david atkinson says:

    Bought out the wrong company in Canada that’s for sure…..

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  10. Withy says:

    We need more Canadian mma promotions, not fader.
    The favouritism these guys play is sickening.

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  11. Vodka Tonic says:

    Atkinson is another fanboy with a Dana white screensaver. You seem to know everything about mma but can’t get anything right. One failure after another.

    Who’s back are you going to jump on now, so maybe you can fool some more people you are a somebody of importance in this sport? I’m sure someone will take your money

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  12. mmafan says:

    i wish mma fans are just as enthusiastic to criticize when something good happens in the mma world.

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  13. mmachamp says:

    So first Darren says they were having an event on may 10 in Winnipeg then may 30 then no event.
    something seems fishy…

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  14. Old School Jake says:

    Yeah I’m not quite sure what the deal is with Canadian MMA. It’s like some people can’t wait to shit on others, fighters, promoters, etc.

    I don’t know what the story is on WSOF nor does it really matter at this point. However, what I do know is that there’s a lot of room for numerous promotions to run throughout Canada. I think the problem fans have when things go sideways is when a promotion comes out saying they are going to take over the MMA scene in Canada and eliminate the competition. They come out making a ton of promises when all fighters want to hear is that they will have a stage to showcase their talent.

    I have long been around the MMA scene but think of it in a much different light than I did before. A promoters job is to give you a stage to showcase your talents. THEIR job is to fill their venue and sell food/drinks and merchandise. It’s YOUR job to put on a hell of a show and STEAL those fans in the crowd because they will be the ones you take with you when you climb the ranks. If you build a fanbase, they will follow you wherever you go. That’s the tradeoff. Yes, sometimes promoters get a bad wrap and deserve to be shit on, but ultimately, they are giving you a great opportunity by supplying a big crowd for you to make life long fans out of. That’s the investment.

    So when I see a promotion having some problems, the last thing I want to do is shit on them. Power corrupts…and when some people see you struggle, their immediate reaction is to throw dirt on you and join the crowd. I think that Edmonton show that WSOF put on was a great card, top to bottom. But your business plan can never be to build it around a single fighter. I’m sure if Ryan Ford wasn’t on that card, they wouldn’t have the crowd they did.

    Promotions need to build superstars in every city to build around. Not just one or two.

    Again, just my .02

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  15. therealmmafan says:

    |Yeah I think Wsof problem was they tried to get to big to quick. There last card they had hague mein fight and whitlock romero on the undercard. Having a card that stacked cant be cheap! Theres more to running an organization then just signing all the big names and putting on a show.

    I hope they figure it out quickly tho because it sucks for the fighters that are under contract, they cant go find fights elsewhere and who know when the next time theyll get fight under the wsof canada banner

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  16. therealmmafan says:

    sorry wheeler not whitlock, also kent and baker on undercard

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  17. BionicMan says:

    Darren when will you stop the lying games?

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