MMA Thrives In Ontario With ‘Substance Cage Combat 2.0’ May 30


Substance Cage Combat(SCC Press Release)

TORONTO, Ont. – Substance Cage Combat announces their follow up event to SCC 1.0. After a successful inaugural event, SCC 2.0 will be held May 30th at the Herbert H Carnegie Centennial Centre.

Substance Cage Combat 2.0 will feature several of the province’s top stars, including a main event lightweight bout between Alex Ricci and Jason Saggo and a co-main event featherweight bout between Ainsley Robinson and Rory McDonell.

Following the success of Substance Cage Combat 1.0 in June 2013, President Neil Forester, co-owner of Headrush Training Center, is looking forward to continuing to bring Ontario MMA fans quality fights in an exciting live setting.

“We were thrilled with the support we received for our first event from the MMA community in Ontario which was a big part of making it a success,” Forester explained. “These events allow us to not only bring high-quality fights to an audience in the ‘Mecca’ of MMA, but also support talented local fighters.”

The inaugural SCC event drew over 1000 MMA fans to the live event at the George Bell Arena in Toronto and SCC 2.0 looks to build on that success and lead into additional events in Ontario.

“Jason Saggo and Alex Ricci are Canada’s top lightweights who are currently knocking on the UFC’s door. The winner of this fight could absolutely get a call to the big show. The co-main event pits Ainsley Robinson, a Canadian Olympian in 1996, against Rory McDonell, a veteran of 12 MMA fights, which is sure to produce fireworks,” Forester continued. “The main card will also feature a historic event in local MMA as we feature Robin Black’s retirement fight against ‘The Psycho’ Adam Bodwell at a catchweight of 140 lbs. Robin hopes to end his career with a victory, while Adam intends to spoil his plans and notch his third career win”.

Additional bouts on the main card include Todd Stoute’s attempt to improve his record against Michigan-native Ray Lopez. Ray looks to stop the momentum that Todd carries from his most recent knock-out win in October 2013 in a fight unlikely to require the full 15 minutes.

A featherweight scrap between Michael Karkula and Mike Malott will have Canadian MMA pundits drooling when these two step into the cage. Both are highly touted talents on their way to the top meeting in an inevitable bout that SCC is proud to present.

Tickets for SCC 2.0 go on sale at 10:00 am Saturday, April 5 at

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Herbert H Carnegie Centennial Centre
Toronto, Ontario
Friday, May 30, 2014

155 – Alex Ricci (7-2) vs. Jayson Saggo (8-1)

145 – Ainsley Robinson (5-2) vs. Rory McDonell (6-6)
205 – Todd Stoute (5-1) vs. Ray Lopez (8-6)
145 – Michael Karkula (6-0) vs. Mike Malott (3-0)
140 – Robin Black (4-5) vs. Adam Bodwell (2-4)

*all fights and participants pending OAC approval

29 Responses to “ MMA Thrives In Ontario With ‘Substance Cage Combat 2.0’ May 30 ”

  1. Forrest Gump says:

    Black vs Bodwell at 140? Bodwell walks around at like 132 lbs.

    Who asked for it to be at 140? Doubt it was Bodwell.

    I can see Robin Black outweighting that poor little fella who doesnt even train by at least 25 lbs come fight night.

    Oh well.

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  2. Fabio is a hater he said so says:

    Of all the great fights on the card, the thing you’re most interested in is that the chubby 45 year old with the losing record can’t make bantamweight anymore? Somefin wrong with you bro. Saggo v Ricci and Karkula v Mallot are great killer card. And I wanna watch the old guy tv guy fight. Something wrong with you man.

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  3. Mort says:

    Come on really? 45 and still willing to fight, catch weight or not, and you’re gonna bad mouth him? Good for you Robin.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 16 Thumb down 4

  4. Brian Shute says:

    I hope Black can make the weight. Word on the street is Bodwell can’t hold his mud.

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  5. Robin will have no problem making weight.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 11

  6. david atkinson says:

    First show a success lmfao sure . what show were you at guys . please

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  7. BodySnatcher says:

    winner of ricci/saggo takes on shaolin campbell to determine #1 55er in Canada not in UFC??

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  8. Rino says:

    This is a great card put together – main event/ co main with Rory and karakuls/mallot !

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  9. M.F.M says:

    Don’t get too comfortable with this card, I’m sure Hyashi won’t approve some of these match-ups. Since he is a huge loser.

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  10. Really like the Karkula vs Malott and Saggo vs Ricci fights.

    Hard to believe a 45 year old like Black still has it in him to train and get in the cage.

    Rory McDonell and Ash Mashreghi are the toughest .500 fighters in Canadian MMA.

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  11. neil says:

    hey david atkinson … what aspect of our last card was not successful?

    i would really like to know for a few reasons but very curious as to what your thoughts were as to why you made that comment.

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  12. waggs the dogg says:

    Looking forward to seeing black hulk nation getter done! great card!

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  13. Finglonger says:

    I love seeing guys like Mallot step up and take hard fights, that’s exactly why karkula is atop ten featherweight. Robin black eat, sleeps, and dreams mma. It’s so nice to see him fight a guy who once post on Facebook he was speed walking for cardio before a fight! Way to step up robin! At 45 I would give him some credit if he was fighting someone who actually had a chance. If he loses this fight, his mma career will hold as much credibility as his failed music career. I love the tail of the tape though, Adam Bodwell, enters the ring with a head 3x to large for his body, robin gives up some head size, but makes up for it with the hair cut of a metrosexual cockatoo…..

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  14. Paul Abel says:

    Just for accuracy’s sake… Saggo is 9-1.

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  15. Cody Saftic says:

    Fact, Saggo is 9-1….there also isn’t a Y in his name

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  16. Fight fan1 says:

    Smarten up MFM they wouldn’t do a press release if they weren’t approved yet. Few promoters got in big shit over this in the past. Neil is smart business man:)

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  17. david atkinson says:

    Hey neil the first show had 6 fights . the place was brutal you had it in. low budget all around . very poor quality show . probably the worst I’ve been to hands down . good luck on this show wish you well. Maybe get some ac or some kind of air flow in there this time and people won’t walk out after and hour . PS.. Ken is going to f**k you as well . good luck ..

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  18. Alex Caporicci says:

    Should be a great event. Hope I can make it out there.

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  19. Neil says:

    hey david
    thank you for your uhm … constructive criticism.. i think.

    i wish i had the luxury of more venues available with my budget, but if you checked back you would have noticed that this event was always about being low budget. It was not meant to be the 2nd coming of the UFC and we held the card out of necessity and to give back to the Ontario MMA community who at that time had no fights for over 7 months

    it is unfortunate you choose to shed negativity on something that a lot of others thought was a positive step in the right direction.

    if you know of a good Air conditioning person, perhaps I can introduce them to the city of Toronto workers as they run the venue and not me.

    if you have any other critiques to make our next event better, please shed some more light so we don’t lose more people after an hour like you suggested.

    i guess there always has to be some negativity from people …. was there anything positive you took from the event or was it all negative.

    unfortunately, injuries that happen to fighters 10 days out from our event is out of my control. ill be sure to have a word with the fighters who got hurt so this doesn’t happen next time…..

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  20. It’s tough for fighters and for the venue’s to put shows/ fight in ontario apart from belletor or ufc, the costs of dealing with the requirements of the OAC make this lower paying for fighters and hard for the venue so any show they can do it is greatly appreciated by me and many other grass roots fighters that just want show case their abilities, it is about the fans but also the fighters that give some part of there lives to do this so we need to change things to welcome more shows like this to Ontario thank you. Ps I need a fight lol

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  21. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    I was at that show yeah it was hot…but the beer was cold and easily accessible… The fights that were on the card were great…so dunno what your talking about David…must just be a fanboy…there was some great skill executed in that cage that night…I won’t miss SCC 2!!!

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  22. david atkinson says:

    All the best SCC . wish you well . great for the fighters yes I agree with you . not many places to fight in Ontario . so I am greatfull you are giving them a place to fight . that is my positive. All the best to ya Neil

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  23. david atkinson says:

    Oh and Shane your a stooge . you must have been drunk lmfao !!!! And blind …

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  24. Cody Saftic says:

    Shane’s a class act, Substance appreciates the sport. @DavidAtkinson, you are not wrong, it was hot, there was fights that fell off short notice, hopefully with those two lessons learned we can put on a card that you might be interested in watching for more than an hour. Best of luck to everyone.

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  25. Manpreet Jhass says:

    No amount of heat will keep the true MMA fans from watching 2 potential Canadian fight of the year scraps between Malott/Karkula and Ricci/Saggo.

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  26. Robin Black says:

    At my age I don’t think it’s safe to cut more than 4 or 5 pounds of water. A lot of things have to be done smarter and safer as you age. Have to baby your body.

    Adam told Cody he walks around low 140s and I’m dieting towards the same.

    It gets tiring having people trying to tear you down all the time butI’m glad people are interested.

    I’m going to do my very best. I really appreciate the chance to get in there one last time. I appreciate the people with positive sentiments.


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  27. Woodrow says:

    Awesome card Neil!!! Can’t wait!!!!

    Robin your inspiration brother!!!!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

  28. neil says:

    thanks woody … i cannot wait

    im so excited to have robin on the card – we sit about 20 ft apart at work and I’ve seen him in training mode for past fights, so its extra special for it to be on our card.

    cody and manpreet are unbelievably sick talented guys and i am blessed to have them on the team!

    this card will be sick ….

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

  29. Brock T.G. Robinson says:

    Great group of people promoting the most exciting sport in the world (which we all love) and giving fighters and fans a local event which aren’t common… Count me in. Love it.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

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