Rama vs. Hague Set For Unified MMA 19


Unified MMA has announced a serious Heavyweight co-main event to their May 23rd card as number #1 Canadian big man Smealinho “The Prince” Rama faces off against Tim “The Thrashing Machine” Hague. The bout was announced today on the Unified MMA website.

Rama recently returned to the win column with probably his biggest career victory to date when he out pointed former NCAA star Steve Mocco at WSOF Canada’s inaugural event this past February. Prior to that “The Prince” suffered his lone career loss when Anthony Hamilton landed a crushing head kick KO in his bid for the MFC’s Heavyweight crown. Rama, who trains out of Independent MMA, has only been to a decision once in his career earning all other wins inside the first round including having his hand raised over the likes of Mike Hackert, Ryan Fortin and Craig Hudson.

Just like Rama, Hauge also bounced back at WSOF Canada earning a first round TKO over Lee Mein. “The Thrashing Machine” has seen mixed results since leaving the UFC in 2011, he’s gone 4-3 since with wins over Craig Hudson, Vince Lucero and Jordan Tracey while suffering back to back losses to Mike Hackert and a decision loss to Kalib Starnes. Formerly Canada’s number #1 Heavyweight for many years this is intriguing bout as we’ll see if Hague, the old guard, can take out the young upstart.

Unified MMA 19 goes down May 23rd from the Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta. The main event will feature Chase Maxwell in a Welterweight title fight plus Mark Drummond takes on Rocky Biggs in what could be a title eliminator at 170 pounds. Also Parwez Ghulam tangles with  Behrang Yousefi in a very entertaining Featherweight tilt. Considering the match ups already announced Unified 19 may go down as the best card to date for the Edmonton based promotion

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  1. Jimmy Sanso says:

    If this isnt an Aprils Fools joke then I say Rama takes Hague out first round!

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  2. @Jimmy Sanso, thats what everybody thought when Tim took on the always dangerous Lee mein, but the always durable and resilient Tim Hague proved them wrong. One thing is for certain though, Tim is the greatest, most accomplished, decorated mma fighter to come out of small town Boyle Alberta!!!

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  3. AMLECF says:

    Did he prove that before or after he uppercutted Lee Mein in the junk?

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  4. TimHague says:

    Yeah… after. That was a bad shot.

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  5. Tank the Frank says:

    Before this fictitious uppercut and after Rama’s hometown decision win over mocco

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  6. RickRoll says:

    Is that a joke? Most decorated fighter to come out of Boyle, Alberta? I would hope so since about 12 ppl live there.

    Nothing against Lee Mein becasue he is awesome, but he is 45 yrs old. Rama is going to take Hagues lunch money.

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  7. Lil Jon says:

    I think this fight is a toss up but tim can turn out his lights if Rama lets his guard down. About time we start getting some fights the fans want to see among the top Canadians in each division to determine the real order.

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  8. RickRoll says:

    Hague really only has a punchers chance to land a big shot. Rama should be able to pick him apart

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  9. The Truth says:

    This fight is beyond stupid Rama will kill Tim. It will not be fun to watch.

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  10. mmafan says:

    Rama might kill Tim, but it will still be fun to watch!

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  11. Hague vs Rama or Starnes vs Rama are the two best possible match ups that fans have yet to see between Canadian Heavyweights at this time.

    Yes, Rama is the favorite vs Hague. Everyone would agree with that. It is still a very good HW match up that I can’t wait to watch!

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  12. mike kent says:

    RAMA has established himself as #1 in the country but it only takes one punch from Hague to take that back. Interesting match up. People seem to forget that just 2-3 years ago Tim was #1 by a landslide and the thought of anyone beating him from Canada was laughable. A lots changed but Tim still backs a mean punch

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  13. TimHague says:

    He might kill me, but I’m hard to kill ;-) it wont be boring.

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  14. Tank the Frank says:

    Hague is the former top ranked Canadian HW in Canada. He has is good chance to beat Rama. Majority of Rama’s wins are against tomato cans or Hamilton who put a beating on him or Mocco who also put a grounded beating with a hometown decision to add. Anything can happen with the Alberta judging/commission

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  15. This is the fight Tim Hague needs to win in order to put himself back in contention on the UFC Heavyweight roster, I believe he has more than a slim chance or a punchers chance of causing a upset of catastrophic proportion!!

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  16. RickRoll says:

    Hague is not going back to the UFC. He went 1-4 there when he was in his prime.

    Rama is going to beat Hague pretty one sided and then Craig Hudson wants his revenge also. At this point Hague isnt top 5 in Canada at Hwt.

    1. Rama
    2. Starnes
    3. Hudson
    4. Hackert
    5. Fortin
    6. Hague

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  17. Cody Rempel says:

    Fortin has lost two in a row and Hague has won 2 of his last three… Hague is ahead of Fortin due to performance and ahead of Hackert due to inactivity!

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  18. RickRoll says:

    lol at Hague being ahead of Hackert! I dont care if Hackert doesnt fight for 75 years he beat him down 2x

    Fortin might be retired or taking time off but Hague ducked that fight for quite awhile when he was still active.

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  19. Fake Tank Abbott says:

    im gonna have to go with hague

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  20. Tank the Frank says:

    There isn’t a heavyweight even light heavyweight in Canada who would not fight Fortin

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  21. vlad says:

    I doubt you’ve ever seen Fortin fighting, I doubt you ever even seen Ryan Fortin, because if you have you wouldn’t say that nonsense. I also doubt you’ve seen Rama-Mocco fight. Just an advice, if you don’t want to make yourself look stupid -think before you talk and talk only if you have something smart to say.

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  22. PUCK says:

    Don’t write Fortin off just yet, He’s a young guy that has had to deal with lots lately. I think we’ll see him back again someday and for the record he is no easy fight for anyone based on his size and power alone.

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  23. Tank the Frank says:

    All fortin is good for is reaching for something high on a bookshelf. You sadly make yourself sound like a pathetic fanboy Vlad. Any fighter associated with you will fail because you don’t understand mma or how to produce a champion. You will ruin any promising careers
    Btw, I’ve seen fortin fight, hence my opinion. I know he likes to turn down tough fights. Why do I want to see that hometown decision Rama fight again. He’s too small for HW and when he fights real competion, he will get exposed, as long as you have your say…just as both international fighters rag dolled him

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  24. vlad says:

    Yea,it is impossible to argue with such amazing logic. Some wise man said: don’t argue with a fool, he’ll bring you down to his level and beat you with experience. Enjoy your incredible achievements in sport of MMA by talking shit about hard working athletes hiding behind fake name.

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  25. Old School Jake says:

    @Vlad don’t let the trolls get to ya Coach. Your coaching speaks for itself in the ring where you have trained many of great athletes.

    Carry on!

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  26. TimHague says:

    A lot of the ppl that post on here should show more respect but sadly I don’t think it’ll happen. You have coaches and top ranked fighters trying to have intelligent discussion and then some no named faceless chump comes and beaks us for posting our respectful opinions. Its sad really. Like maybe 2-3 people in the whole world care about your disrespectful rants from your mothers basement, but I suppose if that makes you guys feel good, then that’s your own problem.

    I never ducked fortin in fact I asked to and agreed to fight him a few times. It never happened. Im sure Smealinho and I will put on a great show, and grow the fuck up. Vlad is a deadly coach.

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  27. Old School Jake says:

    Well said Timmy!

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  28. Blackout says:

    Fortin is an absolute beast. Met him up in Yellowknife. Great guy with an understanding, kind, personality. He knows struggles alot of us couldn’t comprehend. He deserves our respect. And for the people who know or have atleast met him, he has it.

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  29. RickRoll says:

    Tim I heard you turned down Fortin a few times and tried to hand pick some other opponents but whatever it is the past. At least that is what i heard from some guys where I workout.

    Glad to see you are finally stepping up to fight Rama. I hope you get your rematch with Starnes afterwards and I hope you give Hudson his rematch. All 3 of these fights need to happen. There just isn’t a ton of guys at HWT in Canada so take what is out there!

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  30. TimHague says:

    I’ve always been willing to fight whoever, for my whole career. If we all took gym rumors seriously, the world would end within a couple days. I’d like the stares fight back, and I’d give Hudson a rematch any where any time. I just like to put on exciting fights.

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  31. vlad says:

    I am pretty sure it’s gonna be a good scrap for the fans Tim. Mach respect to you for taking risky fights and keep staying active. I’ll buy you a beer after the show brother.

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  32. Allen hope says:

    I just heard a rumour at the gym the other day that I was a janitor at the west Edmonton mall .

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  33. RIckRoll says:

    Allen, that might not be a bad option for you at this point.

    Tim, the guy told me he knew first hand so wasnt a rumor at least to him but if you keep fighting tough guys like you are now I guess I will be inclined to believe you instead of him.

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  34. RIckRoll says:

    Why did people vote down my comment on Allen Hope? The guy is 8-10 in MMA. Obviously that is not the right career path. He mentioned being a janitor and I just said it wouldnt be a bad idea? It’s a job.

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  35. Country man says:

    @rickroll I don’t think all guys that fight are trying to make a living at it some guys fight because they like to or just as a hobbie .

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  36. TimHague says:

    Some people fight because they love to compete. Who the hell are you to tell a guy to quit and get a job?

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  37. TimHague says:

    And Vlad I love me some beer hahaha!!!

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  38. RickRoll says:

    Tim Hague, im just trying to be logical here. There comes a time when your record is 8-10 that you dont need to be getting hit in the head anymore. I dont wish ill will on Allen Hope. I wish him to live a long healthy happy life. Fighting isnt the best option for that.

    Also Tim, you still have a decent record at 16-8 but you have taken some damage in the process. You need to be smart.

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  39. TimHague says:

    Its MMA not ballet, I fully understand what I have been getting myself into and the risks involved. Im sure other fighters do as well. We don’t require babysitters.

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  40. RickRoll says:

    Tim, stop eating and get training! Rama is no joke!

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  41. TimHague says:

    No. A man-boar gets hungry a lot.

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  42. david ghermezian says:

    Allen Hope
    I wouldn’t hire hire you to clean toilets at our mall! Hell you shouldn’t even be able to be allowed in our establishment!
    When you can win a fight that isn’t online then come talk to us

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  43. david ghermezian says:

    It actually amazes me Allen Hope knows how to spell gym

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  44. breadloaf says:

    RickRoll, it’s Canadian HW div so unfortunately there is going to be some ridiculous fights. Remember Bobby K’s last fight? Ya, hi and his opponent combined record of 9-27.

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