Canadian Rumour Mill – April Fool’s Day, 2014

photo: Jason Bouwmeester

photo: Jason Bouwmeester

People keep asking what is happening to WSOF Canada. I have heard tons of rumour and don’t really know what is even close to the truth yet.  One thing I do know is that Canadian fighters need fights and exposure, so I hope WSOF Canada stays around.  Let’s hope they can hold that rumoured show in Winnipeg in late May and it does very well.

  • Mike Ricci is injured and has been forced out of his April 25th bout with George Sotiropoulos. He’s hoping to have the bout rescheduled to June 6th!
  • Mike Kent vs Allen Hope grudge match may be moved to KOTC Canada’s Cold Lake show on June 6th! 
  • Matt Spisak has been told that he will fight for the vacant Unified Featherweight title next.
  • Austin Craig and Derek Faulk of Bruckmann Martial Arts both picked up first round victories in ammy bouts at Art of Combat 6 in Elmira, New York! 
  • It looks like Chris Horodecki will be on the Bellator card at Rama on May 9. 
  • Ryan Ford was selected MMA Fighter of the Year by the Edmonton Commission! The Real Deal went 2-0 in 2013 with wins over Brendan Tierney (KO) and Michael Hill (Sub). 
  • Empire MMA 1 just looks a whole lot better adding an old school Quebec MMA bout! They’ve added Thierry Quenneville versus Dave Pariseau to their May 17th show!  

  • Undefeated Light-Heavyweight (5-0) Tanner Boser has been promised a LHW title shot for his next Unified MMA bout! 
  • Big congrats to Erin McDougall who made a successful pro MMA Debut against Jaymee Jones (3-0 ammy, also debuting as a pro) winning a unanimous decision (30-27×3) at Rumble on the River in Tulsa, Oklahoma this past weekend! 
  • Winnipeg could have at least two shows this year, although there are no permits with the commission yet for any MMA. WSOF Canada (May 30?) and KOTC Canada (fall?) ! 
  • Don’t Cross The Streams!  Any Ghostbusters around that want to fight “The Ghost” at 145 in June?  There is a card scheduled for Sarnia on June 14th and they are looking for a Featherweight to step up and fight Jesse Gross! 
  • Mukai Maromo will make his return to MMA late in 2014 for the MFC! 
  • Ryan Dickson will face Dominique Robinson at Hard Knocks Fighting Champioship on April 25
  • Congrats to Mike O’Neill and wife on the birth of their third daughter Camryn over the past weekend. 
  • MMA Fighters making pro boxing debuts at Polish Punchout in Calgary on April 12… Behrang Yousefi (MMA) vs. Ted Reno, Keegan Oliver (MMA) vs. Todd Molineaux (MMA) 
  • ONE FC fighter Paul Cheng is filming a role as a Hun in Night at the Museum 3.  He was in 1 & 2 as well.

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17 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – April Fool’s Day, 2014 ”

  1. Fight fan1 says:

    Ainsley Robinson/Kevin morin/Kyle Nelson/Alex Halkias/Rory Mcdonell/karkula rematch/mike mallott/will romero
    All interesting vs Gross

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  2. neil says:

    SCC 2.0 – friday may 30th!

    this card is STACKED!!!!!!

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  3. Donald Duck says:

    Not taking anything away from Ryan but….

    Why does a commission select a fighter of the year?


    Well-loved! Thumb up 12 Thumb down 7

  4. What the fu#K!! This is a joke, Ford has been the best, most exciting, most consistant mma fighter for the last 10 years and they decide in all their profound wisdom to award him now with fighter of the year? What took them so long?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 8

  5. Fighter says:

    Congrads Ryan…it’s about time.
    I think the ECSC picks a wrestler, boxer and MMA fighter of the year for their own money grabbing awards banquet.
    I’m pretty sure it’s based on if they live in Edmonton or not and how busy they were through out the year and what thet give back to their sport.
    They also give out an award to a ammy boxer called the Bonnie O’connel award. I think P-mac got it back in 2007 or 08.

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  6. Fighter says:

    Donnie, you know all this….don’t play dumb, it’s a ECSC award, Pat’s picks, nobody else voted on this, just him.
    The award has as much pull as Pat Reid has with the UFC!!!!

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  7. Big Man says:

    Karkula vs. Malott?!! that’s an unreal fight between two undefeated guys. I’m leaning towards Karkula on this one but he better get the fight to the ground quickly…

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  8. Ridiculous any commission gives out awards.

    Why not an award for best promoter?

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  9. Mike kent says:

    Mallott ground game is as good as his stand up. He’s unproven but I can honestly say he’s one of the most talented guys I’ve ever seen train. No holes in his game and standing with him is death. He can hang with any 45er canada

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Ryan deserves all the accolades he gets but NO commission should EVER be giving out awards.

    That is the opposite of their actual role.

    Its totally crazy. Its like they don’t understand what they are here to do.

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  11. Mmafan says:

    Dwyer is rumoured to be fighting ufc vet dennis hallman on the next bfl card

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  12. Mma guy says:

    Wow that’s a terrible fight for him! Hallman 53-14 had his first fight when Dwyer was 7

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  13. Thesubzero says:

    Dwyer is a beast has close to 80 inches of reach and cardio for days, would depend which Hallman shows up.

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  14. Joe Schmo says:

    Kent versus Hope will never happen. Never wants to put their local reps on the line

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  15. Stan the Man says:

    Quenneville /Pariseau will never happen, some will get injured or already is ‘hurt’

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  16. mike kent says:

    @joe schmo I started looking for a fight early this year for around March/April. Unified contacted my manager offering the Hope fight, we accepted it right away but then found out the Allen was busy with work so they wanted to schedule it on the next card: May 23. We again accepted the fight and then I fought baker in the meantime. Now they want to push the fight from the 23 to June 6 because Unified is stacked but cold lake needs fights ( im assuming this is the reason ) and I accept the fight again but since its three weeks later now im fighting Alfonso Gonzales next week as well.

    Ill fight Allen tomorrow, next week or in five months. Whenever they schedule it. I have no local rep to put on the line, Last year I had the chance to fight three guys in the top five that would have got me to the next level and got clobbered back to back. I have no ego and am realistically 4-5 wins away from getting another crack at a BIG fight so there no reason not to fight hope or fight anybody anytime. This year I may fight 8 times against literally anybody at any weight and try to get some Wins under my belt. I accepted baker on three weeks, Alfonso on 18 days.

    If I lost to Hope I wouldn’t lose sleep and it could happen he hits harder then probably anybody in the tope ten. This fight has to happen and will this summer for sure.

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  17. MAX says:

    As has been pointed out, the fact a commission picks, uhhh, errrr..pat reid picks fighters of the year is a complete joke. Do they still call it the Barney O’Connor award? The real crime, literally is the fact patty cakes stole the money that Barney O’Connor left in TRUST to honor the fighters of the year, which was selected by a separate committee. patty cakes absorbed the money into his own budget in a hopeless attempt to balance his books.

    funny how the ecsc used to be run on apart time basis for about 23K a year in expenses and had over 120k in the bank. reid gets put into his job by city staffers against the hiring comittee’s wishes, gets a full time salary, a paid assistant, and office, burns through the dough in record time, asks the city for 150k in bridge financing come budget time and has been a financial failure as a department. any fighters or fans tax payers who give a shit?

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