Kyle Nelson on Staying Unbeaten with Win at PFC 2


photo: Jeremy Penn

photo: Jeremy Penn

Top MMA News’ Keith Grienke caught up with “The Monster” Kyle Nelson following his win on March 8, 2014 at Provincial Fighting Championship 2.

At the London, Ontario event, Nelson improved his record to 5-0 with a decision win over Alex Halkias.

In the interview, Nelson discusses:

  • the biggest win of career,
  • his training with Alin Halmagean and Adrian Woolley,
  • what’s next for his career.

3 Responses to “ Kyle Nelson on Staying Unbeaten with Win at PFC 2 ”

  1. Woodrow says:

    Love this kid!! He’s counting out time and time again and never loses.

    9-0 amateur 5-0 pro.

    I still remember Kyle driving 5-6 hours to port Huron with no corner, just wanting to fight.

    Definitely want this kid on shows I am apart of!! Thanks again kyle

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Kyle is physically and technically quite good.

    But mentally he is outstanding. Definition of a mentally strong game day performer.

    Never gets discouraged. Believes in himself like crazy. Has great will and determination. Sticks to the plan. Refuses to break. Has no problem doing a hard 15.

    People might keep underestimating this kid but I wouldn’t recommend it.

    I get more impressed with him every time I see him.

    Gritty and game as hell.

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  3. Kyle The Monster Nelson says:

    Thanks guys

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