Canadian Rumour Mill – March 24, 2014


Gossip Queen 5 THUMBNice to see MMA on the rebound in Quebec and Ontario this year. Time for Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland to step up and put on some pro fights as none are scheduled for any of these provinces so far.

  • Smealinho Rama is out of his Battle for the Border bout with Tony Lopez. The Cranbrook, BC based promotion is now looking for a Welterweight to take on UFC vet Cody McKenzie in the main event of their April 12th show!
  • “Ragin” Kajan Johnson will be fighting on the UFC 174 show in Vancouver on June 14th!
  • Big rumour is TJ Grant will return to action on the Halifax UFC Fight Night card and take on Nate Diaz!  The Forum will be crazy that night!
  • From the life isn’t fair department… Jesse Bongfeldt‘s UFC career is a draw vs Rafael Natal (5-3-1 UFC) and a loss to current UFC WW champ Chris Weidman, then get cut. I guess that’s life in the UFC.

  • No WSOF Canada in Winnipeg on May 10 amid lots of financial rumours. Who knows what is fact vs fiction, but the show is not happening… Any WSOF Canada shows in the near future???
  • Matt Baker is fighting Daniel Animal (4-3) on Jason Fight in Brazil on April 25th!
  • Dwayne Lewis looks likely to face Clay Davidson on Prestige FC 5 at the Casman Center in Fort McMurray on May 16th! This will be D-Bomb’s first fight in front of his hometown fans!  They will Rock the Casman!  (Isn’t that a Clash song?) :)
  • Bibiano Fernandes is fighting Masakatsu Ueda on One FC 15 on May 2nd in a bantamweight title fight!
  • Kurt Southern is taking his training to California and holding a camp at Team Alpha Male!
  • According to Mark Bocek, right now Georges St-Pierre is training even more than some fighters who have fights coming up. He told Submission Radio Australia that GSP is “training like crazy” and it is like a “no pressure zone again where it’s pure addiction and pure enjoyment” for Georges.
  • Mark Holst will be once again competing in Muay Thai and main eventing Lion Fight 15 in a bout versus Cosmo Alexandre at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut on May 23rd. The card will be shown live on AXS TV!

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82 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – March 24, 2014 ”

  1. Pat Wilson says:

    He is extremely heavy right now and just got back to training so it was our decision not to put him in there with Ryan Dickson, after this fight he will be returning to his weight class and be back in shape.

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  2. Finglonger says:

    You guys feel bad for ford? I feel bad for the guy with no fingers

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  3. Dannyboi says:

    Wait. I thought Cody didn’t have a manager. Iirc that was why he had no sponsors and wore shorts he bought from K-Mart.

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  4. Pat Wilson says:

    We didn’t manage him in his UFC career he just signed on with us

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  5. RickRoll says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  6. AMLECF says:

    The only drawback of the MFC is Mark Pavelich and his KD lang haircut

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  7. Just Sayin says:

    Regardless of how heavy Cody is, the fact of the matter is that he is a professional and could easily make 170,I do believe that was what Mr.Hockely was asking for when he made he announcement and Ryan Dickson responded!

    Mr.Wilson you can protect your client all you want, but no matter what that’s all you did was protect him from the beating that Dickson would give him!

    You opted for a much easier fight!
    Cody fought in the premier mma league in the world with some of the best in the world and all your doing is proving that he never belonged there in the first place!

    Its sad really!

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  8. Brent Keryluke says:

    Rumble in the Cage is the longest Canadian promtion. Much smaller show but is always overlooked when talking about this subject.

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  9. Judon't says:

    If you’re trying to get back into the big show, why in the world would you take a fight with a guy with a losing record? Might as well sign him up for the pillow fighting league, because that will do as much for raising his ranking.

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  10. Ryan D says:

    This guy is obviously coming in just for a paycheck and honestly why even bring in a guy who cares so little he won’t even do a weight cut for the fight. How the hell do you fight at 145 and 155lbs then catchweight at 180lbs. With a an attitude like that you can kiss an oppertunity at the big show good bye. Well there is always the MFC I guess. Lol

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  11. Jack says:

    Just so everyone knows.
    I know for a fact that Ryan Machan agreed to fight Cody for free and at any weight between 170-185 what ever weight Cody wanted. Cody’s camp turn it down saying they want an easier fight.

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  12. Slim says:

    Can we just point out that Dickson and Machan are both top WW in Canada. They’re great grapplers and fairly big for 170.

    Anybody who fights at 170 should want to fight Cody. He’s a small 155er, who is fairly one dimensional. The fact that he took a fight 25 pounds heavier than he fought in the big is impressive enough.

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  13. Pat Wilson says:

    I appreciate everybody’s comments, again we made the decision that we did and stand by it, a fight was offered and we accepted it.

    As for Dickson he is as tough as they come but there was a fight available at 185 vs Alfonso, if he wanted a fight I’m sure Isaac would have put it together.

    And yes we were offered Ryan , what Machan agreed to fight for is not my concern, Machan is also on a full camp already and Cody just began training.

    And I will say it again I offered a fight for Dickson vs my 170 who’s only 10-5 and even presented it to a promoter for May/June but got no response back.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Hey Pat, I know its not your style but you should try flying off the handle and freaking out at people just once.

    Its oddly liberating. :)

    Just kidding man great post cheers.

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  15. Just Sayin says:

    Stand by it all you want Mr. Wilson!
    All this fight does is give your client some green and you a percentage!

    That’s it,that’s all!
    And by the off chance he loses,it wrecks all his credibility atvever returning to the UFC!

    At least a loss to Dickson or Machan, is a respectable loss!

    Well at least you have the short notice fight and fighting at a way higher weight class excuses to fall back on!

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  16. Pat Wilson says:

    I will stand by it, are you still on your rush from last night Robin?

    Maybe you look for excuses for a loss in advance for your guys but we don’t, anything can happen in a fight.

    I could be wrong but do you manage Dickson? Or somebody with you management company? So I can understand why you wOuld want Ryan to get the fight. Cody is fighting at a catch weight 25 pounds heavier then his normal weight class. So we stand by what we decided on.

    And since you talk about Dickson I believe he fought his whole pro career at 170. When I suggest my 10-5 client the answer I get back is, it’s not a good fight for Ryan he’s thinking of dropping to 155 so why would he fight at 170

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  17. Pat Wilson says:

    Robin your the man I just did and now I look like dick I thought that was your comment, time for some sleep for me.

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  18. Pat Wilson says:

    I owe you some beers at the Montreal event if you will be there

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  19. Robin Black says:

    Don’t worry Pat. I told you flying off the handle can be liberating?

    Thanks for the message.

    Like I told ya since I melt down a few times a year on the internet, I try not to judge others by what the type.

    If everyone judged everyone by their dicey posts I’d be screwed lol.

    Peace man looking forward to those beers.

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  20. Cody Saftic says:

    a 10-5 welterweight from the U.S for Ryan Dickson?Hmmmm George Lockhart?

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  21. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Cody still talks like he ain’t got no Management, via Twitter he messaged Ray Sefo asking for his number! It’s a long shot!

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  22. Just Sayin says:

    Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard of Mr.Wilson claiming to represent someone when he doesn’t!

    How many times you change your management company name in the last 3 yrs!

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  23. Woodrow says:

    Just saying- I like your style!!!

    We def are looking at Ryan dropping to 55 yes but in no way have we declined the fight. Get us a solid offer and we will discuss. I really like that fight. I watched him and Powell compete.

    We also accepted this bout before but George cuts a lot of weight and wanted 180. or

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  24. RE: “Big rumour is TJ Grant will return to action on the Halifax UFC Fight Night card and take on Nate Diaz! The Forum will be crazy that night!”

    Isn’t it at the Metro Center and not The Forum??

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  25. Pat Wilson says:

    Thanks for following what I do Just Sayin, yes I changed my company name due to partnerships, and now have 2 great partners with a solid roster with many lots of big fights coming up that I’m sure many of you will be watching.

    And I don’t know George Lockhart, my client is a European fighter who’s fought in Canada a couple times now, just trying to put an exciting fight together that some of you may like and help get Dickson a fight.

    Just sayin write what you wanna say, don’t kind of write it, I understand I don’t post on here so when a new person does people gotta jump on them with negative comments. It’s to be expected, I do enjoy most of your comments though so keep it up.

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  26. Gunner says:

    Patrick Vallee would be a good fight for Dickson if he is staying at 170 for sure Mr Wilson,but will any Canadian promotion bring him over for a fight with the expense?

    If you ever catch wind of a promotion in Europe needing a 170 from Canada be sure to get in touch, I have stared at the Canadian stars a few times would like to repay the site to someone from a European perspective (not to mention ask Robin Black I would fit in great with the drinking crowd over there :))

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  27. Pat Wilson says:

    Thanks Gunner, flights are actually cheaper to fly in from France to eastern canada then it is to fly in western canada to east coast, I’m in talks with a promotion for Vallee right now but he is available as of right now.

    If I get any calls and we can’t fill the fight you will be the first guy I call, who wouldn’t want to see Gunner laying a beating on some European guys, then showing how we handle our beers after.

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  28. Kid Lightning says:

    Encouraging gunners drinking…. Oh boy
    And training camp begins with fireside fisticuffs

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  29. Dante says:

    So did the fighters from the last WSoF up in Edmonton get paid yet?

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  30. Ryan D says:

    Dante one was an over payment and one mistake its not like everyone got screwed!

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  31. Dante says:

    Thanks Ryan, heard a few weeks back that some didn’t receive pay but ‘no one’ or ‘nobody’ really followed up and then another article came out Monday. Usually when things are silent or quite its not a good sign!

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  32. Westcoast says:

    Dickson just lost to Michael Hill. No disrespect to Hill at all he is a tough man but skill wise he is lacking, maybe a blue belt in bjj. Not sure why there is so much hype around Dickson and why it is so hard to find him fights…. there are lots of great mma guys at 170 in BC for him. He was scheduled to fight BFL Champ Matt Dwyer a few years back when they were ammys, that would be a good fight. There`s Leo Xavier, Dejan Kajic, Ash Masherghi etc in BC all would be terrific fights with Dickson

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