Menjivar Recieves UFC Pink Slip

Ivan Menjivar

Ivan Menjivar

After a 4-4 run in the UFC Ivan Menjivar’s time with the biggest MMA promotion has come to an end. The news broke earlier today as published an article featuring quotes from Menjivar’s manager Mitch Mayberger saying his client has been cut by the UFC.

This was “The Pride of El Salvador’s” second stint in the UFC as he dropped a unanimous decision to Matt Serra in the octagon in 2004. Menjivar leaves the promotion on the heels of a three fight skid in which he dropped bouts to Urijah Faber, Wilson Reis and most recently Hatsu Hioki.

All is not lost as Mayberger says Menjivar plans on continuing with his MMA career.

“I will be feeling out offers and discussing with Ivan and his head coach Firas Zahabi and doing whatever works best for him… He is a gem of a human being and been a pleasure to work with so I will always be by his side to help accomplish any goals he has. Love the guy.”

Let’s cross our collective fingers and hope some promotion scoops up Ivan quickly as he is always entertaining to watch.

10 Responses to “ Menjivar Recieves UFC Pink Slip ”

  1. Cleon says:

    Man its tough to keep your spot on the UFC roster. Best wishes to Ivan. I’m sure he will land on his feet in a decent promotion.

    UFC man UFC, tough tough place to be…..

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  2. topmmafan says:

    I say Ivan Menjivar should fight the winner of the Gentleman Josh Hill and Curtis Brigham WSOF Canada Title Fight!

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  3. Louis Fisetts says:

    Brigham vs Menjivar I believe was supposed to happen about 10 years ago! I would pay good money to see that! Talk about pioneers!!!

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  4. topmmafan says:

    I’d like to see a Louis Fisette And Tyler Davis matchup while we are at it!

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  5. Jack says:

    You guys are out to lunch if you think WSOF is happening.

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  6. topmmafan says:

    Regardless if it does or not, the matchups we have discussed are intriguing and whatever worthwhile promotion that has its head on its shoulders should make these fights happen because its becoming embarrassing with the cancellations and changes of dates. Somebody please step up here, jesus.

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  7. Francois T says:

    Has any UFC fighter ever returned back to the organization for a third stint fighting, not including contract disputes?
    I think it’s time to try new ideas, new camps and new bodies that can actually push him around , not treat him as he was the greatest ever, if he chooses to continue
    Of course we know the quality of competition in the UFC, but Menijvar did not look as if he belonged like when he first started there

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  8. I think Joe Doerksen returned to the UFC on three occasions.

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  9. Old School Jake says:

    I think Tim Hague did three separate appearances in the UFC that were considered comebacks. I think…not sure.

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  10. RickRoll says:

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