TUF Nations: Episode 10 Recap – Johnson vs Laprise


TUF Nations 2Last episode was a recap show, so there was no Top MMA News recap of the recap show. This episode, we will find out who is fighting in the semi-finals of TUF Nations.

The show starts out with Vik Grujic in a van with his Aussie teammates discussing his win over Luke Harris. Grujic says it was his first KO and that he threw “nasty” elbows.

Luke Harris says “that’s the way it goes.” Harris said the left hook hurt him and that was the “last thing I remember.” Harris tells the camera that he is “unhappy with his performance and things did not go my way.”

Sheldon Westcott comes into the TUF House with good news. “Great news,” he said. He strained ligaments in his neck strained his brachiatus (sp?) and it pushed on his spine to make his arm go numb. “I am so f#n happy he said.”

Welterweights talk with Dana White
Dana White appears on video conference with the fighters. Kajan says he cares about how White thinks about his fights more than anybody. Kajan Johnson says that he thinks Richard Walsh would be his best matchups. Johnson says he thinks he is the best and knows he has to fight the best to win, so he is willing to fight anybody.

Richard Walsh joins Kyle Noke and Patrick Cote and Dana White and says he wants to fight Kajan Johnson because he beat a teammate and has “the biggest mouth.”

Chad Laprise is next. Laprise says he wants to face Richard Walsh and that the two strikers would have a great bout.

Olivier Aubin-Mercier is next. He also wants to fight Richard Walsh and take him down and knock him out.

Middleweights talk with Dana White
Elias Theodorou speaks with Dana White next. He says he wants to be the first Canadian Ultimate Fighter. He wants to fight Tyler Manawaroa.

Manawaroa says he wants to fight Theodorou.

Sheldon Westcott says a fight between him and Vik Grujic would be so good that Dana White would want to fly down to Canada to watch it. He also wants to be the last fight of the season as he wants to “close the season.”

Vik Grujic says he wants to fight a tough fight so he request the toughest guy in the house – Sheldon Westcott.

Patrick Cote and Kyle Noke announces the semi-final fights.

Welterweight Fight 1: Kajan Johnson vs Chad Laprise
Middleweight Fight 1: Tyler Manawaroa vs Elias Theodorou
Welterweight Fight 2: Richard Walsh vs Olivier Aubin-Mercier
Middleweight Fight 2: Sheldon Westcott vs Vik Grujic

The two Canadian teammates don’t like the thought of facing each other.

Kru Ash says he will corner Chad Laprise as they are closer. Kajan Johnson will go with Fabio Holanda. Cote will not coach anyone. Chad Laprise asks to take the corner that Team Canada corner.

Kyle Noke says that he thinks Chad Laprise will win. He asks the Aussie BJJ coach to corner him for the fight because he wants a ground coach there. (I like Chad’s thinking on the corner and the coach).

Kajan Johnson says the “next couple of days will be a rollercoaster.”

Kajan Johnson says a friend asked him to train with some no holds barred fighters and that is how he started. He got a KO and was hooked. He says he lives in a ghetto and does not know if he can pay rent and does not have food to eat at times. His dreams and life are at stake for this fight.

Chad Laprise says people think he has everything together but he was never like that. He started fighting “for all the wrong reasons”. He was born into an abusive relationship and became very aggressive. He wanted to hurt people and that was why he started to train. His goal was to train and get revenge. He had a lot of hate and rage inside. When he met God, all the rage and hate went away. Now he fights to honor God, not to hurt people. He wants to be a role model. Once he is done fighting, he is going to become a pastor of a fight church. After training, fighters can learn about God with him.

Weigh-Ins: Kajan Johnson (170) vs Chad Laprise (171)

Friendships are on hold as these two warriors are going to try to knock each other out.

They were going to flip for the Canadian dressing room. Johnson says he does not care and if Laprise is more comfortable in the Canadian room, he can have it. Laprise accepts Johnson’s generous offer.

Johnson says if he “doesn’t do everything to let (Laprise) fight him at his best, then it will play on (Johnson)’s mind.”

Cote is telling Laprise that it is the same game plan. Box from the outside. Get in and get out of there.

Richard Walsh says that when Laprise asked him to fight, it made Walsh want to fight him less. Jake Matthews says Laprise is getting more friendly with the Aussies. He thinks that Laprise wants them to cheer for him. Based on that principle, Matthews is going for Johnson.

Johnson says there is no unknown. He knows all of Laprise’s moves and Laprise knows all of Johnson’s moves.

Johnson wants Taleb in his corner, but Nordine says he does not want to corner against Laprise, who is also his brother. Taleb says he would rather sit and watch.

Johnson says he always has doubts. He says he can’t control the outcome, only his performance. Johnson says to Theodorou that Laprise may be a hair better at striking, but he is better at wrestling and BJJ.

Laprise says his wrestling coach David Zimmerman will also be in his corner. Luke Harris realizes that Laprise has three coaches and Johnson only has one.

Kru Ash says that he wants Laprise to throw first. Laprise wants to keep “a little pressure on him so he can’t throw his fancy shit.” Laprise tells Kru to be loud during the fight. Cote says that Johnson already sees himself in the final. He says to Laprise “If I was you, I would be pissed.”

Fabio Holanda says he has a hard time taking down Laprise. “If I have a hard time taking you down, do you think an OK wrestler can take you down?”

Kajan Johnson shows up in the Canadian room. He asks Zimmerman to be in his corner. Zimmerman says he is going in Chad’s. All of Team Canada is hanging in the Team Canada room and Kajan goes solo to the Australian room. Later we see Johnson warming up with Taleb.

Johnson dives into the cage while Laprise does the big stomp.

Kajan Johnson vs Chad Laprise
R1. 5″ reach advantage for Johnson. Right by Laprise lands. Leg kick by Johnson. Lots of punches falling short while they figure out the distance. Exchange jabs. Laprise slips. Harder right lands by Laprise. These two stay on outside. Johnson jabs. Exchange of jabs. Johnson high kick blocked. Left jab Johnson at halfway mark. Left hook by Laprise lands and they clinch. Break. Jab Laprise. Leg kick Johnson. Johnson scores with a combo. Johnson shoots but is stuffed. Exchange jabs. Rights exchanged. Laprise stumbled slightly. Hard leg kick Johnson. Leg kick Laprise. Laprise lands a couple at the end. Johnson ducks under a spinning back elbow with less than 10 seconds left and tries to take him down. Laprise holds the cage. Round ends with Yves Lavigne warning that if Laprise grabs cage again a point will be taken away. All in all a very close, uneventful round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Johnson

R2. Leg kick by Johnson. Front kick by Johnson. Shot by Johnson stuffed by Laprise and lands a left hook on Johnson for good measure. Right scores by Laprise. Left jab by Johnson. Counter left by Laprise. Jabs by Laprise. Jab by Johnson. Leg kick by Johnson. Left jab by Johnson. Again. Jab by Laprise. Again. Right by Laprise. Jab by Laprise. Jumping right by Johnson. Leg kick by Johnson but Laprise steps into a right at the same time. They throw rights at the same time and Chad Laprise is faster with his overhand right and knocks out Kajan Johnson with less than a minute left.
Chad Laprise defeats Kajan Johnson by KO in Round 2

Full Fight Video:

Very weird scene as there is no celebration and Johnson’s jaw could be fractured, he is very upset, and blood is coming out of his mouth. Not even a smile from Laprise.

Laprise says to Johnson that it was a good fight and it was fun. Johnson said it was fun until he woke up. Laprise finally is showing elation in the dressing room but he admits it is a bittersweet victory. Johnson is heartbroken.

Laprise asks if it was knockout of the season and Cote says it was for sure.

Olivier Aubin-Mercier said that there should have been two coaches in each corner. “It was a little bit unfair.”

Johnson says that “everybody just helped him. Nobody said anything to me. It was like I was fighting everybody.”

Vik Grujik says he felt bad that Johnson was “fighting the fight by himself.” Grujic said he was very vocal for Kajan and wished he was in Johnson’s corner to give him support. Johnson said “Fabio didn’t say one thing except ‘keep your hands up’. Still my fault.”

Taleb says he wished them both a good fight. He did not want anyone to get hurt and it to go to a decision.

Johnson said Laprise had two people all screaming and he only had Fabio, “so it was pretty ***** for me.”

(It is hard watching Kajan Johnson so distraught. You feel for the guy. He wanted it so badly.)

“I didn’t want my face to break again. I didn’t want to lose the biggest fight of my life.”

“It’s just another test…. I don’t know why I am tested so much.”

27 Responses to “ TUF Nations: Episode 10 Recap – Johnson vs Laprise ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Fuck this show is depressing as fuck, dunno if I can keep watching this shit!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 21 Thumb down 1

  2. Mike Russell says:

    Yup. It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Cutthroat way to get one great fighter to the next level while sacrificing another.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  3. Ryan D says:

    Didn’t like how the coaches all got on Laprise’s train was bullshit. Shame on Patrick Cote very disrespectful. Hope Kajun gets a fight at lightweight on the finale. Congrats to Chad but can’t get over the diarespect by the coach’s. Very sad episode tonight.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 19 Thumb down 4

  4. Aaron Robinson says:

    I don’t know if it was clever editing or what but I really felt for Kajan in this one, kind of seemed like he got hung out to dry by Cote’s team of coaches. Even the Aussies and some Canadians picked up on it. Kind of a shitty deal.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 16 Thumb down 3

  5. Dean Panas says:

    I think this episode was incredible! I hated to see what happened to Kajan and the way he was treated. He deserves way more respect the that. However the job the editors did of telling a story and capturing emotions was awesome.
    It’s tough to watch BKB because they are doing a great job of showing feelings.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 13 Thumb down 10

  6. bittersweet.

    If Holanda was loud in his corner, I don’t know if the amount of cornerman would be an issue.

    I think Laprise showed smarts asking the Aussie to corner him.

    Not sure how the wrestling coach got in his corner as that was not shown.

    Kajan was seemed to assume Taleb would corner him. Maybe Taleb was not up front with him?

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 3

  7. Batman says:

    Did I hear coach holanda tell chad before the fight that there’s know way kajan can take him down then after the first round he told kajan to take him down ?

    Well-loved! Thumb up 20 Thumb down 1

  8. Peter says:

    Shows how shitty people can be when they take on that heard mentality. Reality tv is disgusting.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  9. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    I’m distraught simply because most of the guys that I like or am cheering for are losing and usually in a disturbing way. Not due to the way a “reality” tv show is showing the show but due to the actual real results. Fuck sucks seeing that !

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

  10. Vinny says:

    Sounds like a lot of poor me syndrome. I think the major advantage was how they prepared for the fight. 1 fighter made sure he had a bjj coach, striking coach, wrestling coach. He talked to others and asked for any and all advice even going to the other team. 1 fighter didn’t do that. He waited until right before the fight to find another coach with no strategy behind who he was asking. He needed a striking coach. If he would have prepared better maybe he could of had a better corner. Obviously we only see what the edit shows and maybe he did prepare better but it looked like Chad was the more focused prepared fighter. Often when it’s a close matchup the better prepared fighter wins. I think it’ll be a good learning moment for Kajun to prepare better.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 16 Thumb down 18

  11. DW says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

    Poorly-rated... Thumb up 10 Thumb down 22

  12. BodySnatcher says:

    ^^^^^^^ OOOOooooooooooo….hate hate hate hate hate

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3

  13. vp says:

    Was a depressing show last night. Coaches appeared one sided which sucks. Hope to hear that jaw fracture is not a major long term issue. Hope you bounce back really strong and I think you will.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  14. C says:

    I was upset by how the Canadian team took sides. Cote is most at fault. He should have done what coaches in the past have done, made sure both fighters had coaching and a corner, and then stayed the heck it of it. Not cool taking the side of one over the other. I hope he get rocked in the final.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 3

  15. No More Cote Fan says:

    I hope Noke knocks you the f out Cote. Lost me as a fan in fact, I am a cote hater now, hope you get ktfo… WAR KAJAN!!!!!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 12 Thumb down 4

  16. Added the full fight video.

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  17. Jay says:

    Why are most of the Canadian coaches are in Thailand at this moment. Wonder why?

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  18. Phil from down under says:

    I think the way the Canadian coaches chose one fighter over the other was the worst sportsmanship I have ever witnessed. They are both representing your country in one of the toughest sports on earth. I did not like kajun very much but I still did not like to see an uneven advantage. I liked cote as a fighter but what a piece of shit of a human being he and his coaches are. I hope he gets knocked out in the same manner as his pupil did. Disrespectful on every level. I am glad I am an Aussie because we have each other’s backs no matter what. Canadians should be ashamed of this.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

  19. Phil from down under says:

    I know for a fact that GSP would never do this to his own countryman he is the biggest and kindest gentleman I have seen in MMA. I am going to miss GSP. I hope he comes back soon. Beast in the cage. He should teach his longtime friend Patrick Côte some class and how people should be respected.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

  20. Not Can? says:

    While Im here Cote shouldn’t get this much crap for this, Fabio Holanda deserves all the heat. Cote was supposed to be impartial but couldn’t resist a bit of advice yes thats bad. But Holanda was supposed to be kajans corner and he gave the opponent advice that is lowest of the low.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 5

  21. gugu says:

    The worst episode ever.Kajan did everything a teammate does then when you are going to fight you’re teammate and a person who supposed to also be you’re friend outside who also trains with that becomes difficult but the worst part is when you’re UFC professional fighters betray u and leave u all alone to fight one of ur biggest fight that could change his live and ffamily for the good, hope DANA seen this episode in which his employees backstab KAJAN.Patrick KOTEX help Chad with instructions on what to do to get a win over his friend, whispering details and keeping his coaches from helping KAJAN from having a chance to it was really and awefull episode and to also walk around pretending u felt for Kajan u r a piece of shit PATRICK KOTEX also CHAD u was boasting about what u did to KAJAN ur friend and u supposed to be using gods words u should take that cross and his words and stick it were the sun don’t shine cause it is fake coming from ur mouth.Kajan keep ur head up cause it will make u better do what’s better for u and you’re family and don’t trust no one.FOOD FOR THOUGH…I WOULD LOVE TO SEE A REMATCH.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

  22. Old School Jake says:

    Watching Kajan after the knockout was heartbreaking. I never like to see anyone injured no matter how magnificent a KO is. I don’t know if “creative editing” is to blame or it just was what it was…people bailed on Kajan and it was shitty to see.

    Congrats to Chad on a great fight. He looked sharp.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  23. did not even realize this would have went to a 3rd round until Theodorou said the semis were three rounds.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  24. mike kent says:

    Yup seemed like everyone clearly was behind Chad, From Cote telling Chad that he will knock him out to holanda telling chad there is no way in hell kajin can take him down then telling Kajin to try to take him down. Very fishy. It also seemed like the team was nowhere to be found. Kajin took everything in stride and even offered the room to warm up but it was pretty clear he was in there all alone.

    most time the coaches step completely back when teammates fight but from the editing it looked like they were going behind the scenes and giving laprise advice and confidence and not the same thing for Kajin

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  25. Frank says:

    Bullshit is right. Kajan got screwed. One person in his corner and that was allowed? He looked better and probably could have won if he had a corner.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  26. Toxic says:

    There seems to be so much negative opinions towards to canadaian coaching because in every single previous season where 2 fighters from the same team/country team fought, all coaches stepped aside and the fighters fellow competitors would coach, at the choosing of the competing fighter.
    This did not happen here, not to mention camera editing, clearly made it look as if the entire canadaian team was rooting, coaching and mentally supporting laprise, while leaving Kajan to fend for himself

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  27. If you read Matt DesRoches blog, you will see that Kajan did have at least 5 guys in his dressing room, most of the cheering during the fight was from the Aussies or the Laprise corner, and that DesRoches even offered to help corner.

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