IMMAF Disaffiliates CNMMAF; Canadian Combat Alliance Takes Over


CNMMAF Crossed Out(IMMAF Press Release)

Tryouts for the Canadian national team will be organised by the Canadian Combat Alliance, details to be announced Friday March 21st. The CCA was approved on March 18th 2014 for observation membership status and have been given the task of ensuring that MMA athletes are able to compete for a spot in the national team. Being the home of many successful MMA athletes over the years, Canada should prove a strong contender at the World Championships in Las Vegas, tapping from a wide pool of talent across the large country.

The CCA membership follows upon a couple of months of turbulence in the Canadian MMA community. The IMMAF has regrettably been forced to disaffiliate the two previous members – first the CAMMAF and recently the CNMMAF – which has negatively affected the situation for the Canadian athletes.

The IMMAF membership comes with requirements to be met and one of the most important requirements is majority representation. This stems from MMA being a young sport; what is happening now all around the world is that people are coming together to form the basic fabric needed to support the development of the sport. Established sports already rely on a structure; clubs, gyms and athletes are affiliated to one national federation and the federation has a nation-wide mandate to represent the sport. When there is no established entity in place something needs to be formed, and in order to do that with credibility and voluntary support the entire MMA community must take part. One group can’t dominate the others, trust needs to be established and democracy must rule.

Dedicated individuals within the CAMMAF, the CNMMAF and other groups across the country are currently working hard for the sport of MMA and that deserves recognition and respect. The IMMAF has however failed in our repeated attempts to bring the two major groups together in cooperation. With constellations and partnerships breaking down and general mistrust among peers the IMMAF regrettably has little hard fact to go on in assessing the degree to which requirements are met. For now the decision must therefore be to not engage either party. The IMMAF is deeply committed to supporting and enabling democratic, non-profit representation for the Canadian MMA community and will continue to encourage cooperation and engage key groups in dialogue. The IMMAF board decided on affiliating the CCA with the explicit task of working out a long-term solution that engages all parties.

The CCA is an experienced and well established organization currently developing and promoting MMA, grappling, BJJ and pankration in Canada. They have been tasked to represent the IMMAF in this period of transition; hosting the tryouts, facilitating dialogue with all key parties of the MMA community and thus laying the ground-work for the establishment of a national federation solely for MMA that has wide national and provincial representation. IMMAF headquarters will resume active work of facilitating a permanent solution for Canada after the summer and until then invites all parties to engage with the CCA and put aside differences for the greater good.

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  1. 1. doubt there will be provincial champs this year

    2. fighters will have to scrap it out to see who is champ in Ontario in April.

    3. glad to hear that Alex Gasson is involved again and not with the CNMMAF. The CCA will tell us their plans, not make up fake names, and answer our questions, so that is a big step in the right direction.

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  2. This appears to be a positive development. If a National Sporting Organization ever going to be created for amateur MMA in Canada big tent politics will need to be practiced and membership will need to grow at the grass roots level.

    I wonder if people who paid for a “yearly membership” to the CNMMAF will be getting a refund now that the group has been disaffiliated by the IMMAF.

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  3. mmachamp says:

    without government recognition no national organization will have success regardless the alphabet soup of letters they call themselves.

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  4. Looks like the CNMMAF is now affiliated with the “World Mixed Martial Arts Association”

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Maybe they created it.

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  6. Stuart says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    So WMMAA > IMMAF then?

    Your 2nd choice turned out to be better than your first?

    Wow you guys really dodged a bullet.

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  8. mmachamp says:

    good more pushups to determine the canadian champ

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  9. Here is the WMMAA press release re: CNMMAF who now are “authorized to hold all kinds of tournaments under the auspices of WMMAA in Canada”

    The website goes on to state that CNMMAFs “goal is to be approved by the ministry of sports (or the equivalent) and the Olympic committee in our country.”

    I really wish the folks involved would realize that the only way for an NSO to gain government recognition in Canada would be from grass roots growth from the bottom up, not top down. It starts on the local and provincial level with well organized groups. Then PSO’s are formed. Then these can band together under an NSO.

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  10. Robin Black says:

    But Erik that sounds like it requires a ton of work, honesty, team building, the slow earning of respect and credibility, proof through results, and years of contribution.

    Who has time for all that?

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  11. Robin Black says:

    Please forgive me I’ve been on a bit of a ‘smart-ass’ kick lately.

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  12. No worries Robin, sometimes its warranted. Cheers!

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  13. Jim Jones says:

    They must have seen Garnet Ace’s name attached to it and ran for the hills.

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  14. PUCK says:

    no suprise here, it was shady to begin with.

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  15. Fighter says:

    Jim Jones – u obviously don’t know garnet at all and what he does for us fighters..he sponsors and supports all fighters. why the hard on over Ace?

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  16. Terry robertson says:


    You hold a high standard for organizations and are very critical of the people you sarcastically implied haven’t earned respect and validation in mma by demonstrating the traits/qualities you listed. While I agree with you, shouldn’t people who get licensed to fight as professional athletes have to demonstrate these same type of qualities like hard work, slow earning of respect through demonstration of skills /dedication before your allowed to do so.

    It seems like you and many others in the MMA community are ok with the sport remaining half tough man comp half legitimate ammy/pro sport when it is convenient for you to be and are gaining something out of the situation and at the same time very critical of someone or their groups involvement when you deem their motives/ intentions to be dishonest.

    Care to explain how MMA can advance into a legit pro and ammy sport when these double standards continue to exist especially from the public faces of MMA in this country.

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  17. snyper mcgrath says:

    Robin. Sorry I accidetally voted your post down. On my phone. Apologies


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  18. Robin Black says:

    Terry Robertson. If I answered every one of your half informed questions it would take most of a day and I wouldn’t be able to do my job or have a life.

    Why don’t you stop asking me questions and start providing some answers and insight.

    I have no idea who you are or why you spend so much time fixated on my opinions or actions. But its weird and tiring.

    Cheers man have a good day.

    Thanks Peter that’s cool lol.

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  19. Robin Black says:

    And if this is just the 27th different way you’re trying to tell me that you’ve judged and juried Adam Bodwell and you don’t think he is similar to you in skill level and experience (and taking this fight seriously) but you should fight and he shouldn’t, or that my 45 year old-losing-record ass shouldn’t fight him, well OPINION NOTED.

    You’re starting to weird me out now.

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  20. Not Can? says:

    The great Terry Robertson is a can who got to fight a worse guy in Chad Olmstead and then retired like a boss. Black is all old and just north of can and most people see Bodwell as a decent fight for the old guy to retire with. But the great Terry Robertson disapproves. Ya don’t see any 5-0 fighters disapproving but the great Terry Robertson disapproves. He does it all passive aggressive like but hey Robin the great Terry Robertson has an issue with you so watch out son.

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  21. mmachamp says:

    cat fight!

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  22. Robin Black says:

    can fight :(

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  23. harry balls says:

    money fight!

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