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MFC 34 Ring Girl

I love seeing guys who people have written off, dig deep, and prove everyone wrong.  Don’t you?  Well Ash Mashregi was 0-3 to start his pro MMA career.  I was happy to see him submit a super tough Marcus Vinicios this past weekend to make it back to 3-3.  By the way, not one of his opponents had a losing record when he faced them!  Congrats Smash!

A little light on rumours this week.  Sorry about that.  Just remember….if you have any rumours, send them to me at!

  • Check out this online petition for an audit of the Ontario commission right HERE. 
  • Last week, I talked about WSOF Canada not having a Hamilton show and it most likely being held in Winnipeg. Well… despite the rumours of an event in Winnipeg, WSOF Canada has not submitted an application to hold an event yet.
  • Provincial FC is doing big things in Ontario. The first two shows have been around the 2-2.5k attendance mark and been profitable ($$$).
  • PFC 3 will be held in Hamilton sometime in late August/early September. No venue confirmed yet but we know that Hamilton Place Theater is one of the venues that has been contacted. Hoping to see some Hamilton, Burlington, and GTA area fighters on the show! Look for Kyle Prepolec and Alex Ricci to possibly appear on PFC 3!
  • Also for PFC….  “Showdown in the Downtown” in collaboration with PFC presents: Knockout Kidney Disease” will be held at the Budweiser Gardens on October 18 in London,Ontario (Not titled PFC 4) and this is a charity event. Roughly looking to pack 4,000 people!
  • I can confirm now that Dimitri Waardenburg (9-7) will take on Souk Khampasath (4-5-1) on the Fight4Pride card.

  • LAMMQ will hold two shows in June, here are some details.
    • LAMMQ 2 will be on June 7th in Baie Comeau with one of the fighters on the card being local Keven Morin.
    • LAMMQ 3 being held in Sainte-Foy which is close to Quebec City.
  • Progressive Fighting Academy along with Canadian Martial Arts Centre will be part of the UFC experience when it travels to Lethbridge. There will likely be demonstrations held at the training centres.
  • Tim Hague may be fighting on the May 23rd Unified MMA show.
  • We received the following message from Proving Grounds in Lloydminster: “The rumor that was posted the other day about the Lloydminster Proving Ground is a lie. This event is a local Boxing Tournament that’s has been put on for 14 years. We have always been supported by the community here in town. All the guys are 18+ in our event.”
  • Shane “Shaolin” Campbell fight weight for K-1 is changing. He will be moving up from 70kg (154lbs) to 75kg (165lbs) as the cut to 70kg is too hard on him.

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

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  1. I'm Out says:

    Man, is this site really getting boring. It use to be fun reading all the crazy comments, some got a little out of hand sometimes but never the less, it was fun reading.
    There was always a ton of comments on every story.
    Now there’s barley any comments at all.
    I’m not sure if this site is just getting stale or is it because MMA Top News is playing God with everyone’s posts and only allowing people to see what they want them to.
    Just my thoughts, my post will most likley be taken down soon.
    I’m out

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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    I’ve been busy and the site isn’t the same without it’s favorite poster.

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  3. Tyler Craig says:

    Who cares about wsof I here they bounce cheques to fighters lmfao . The best in Canada is PFC I was just at the show after hering about it . was expecting a low budget show and to be honest here it was very impressive even to me and I’m picky as hell . So blabla about wsof move the hell over ! If these guys can do this in ontario where it’s real tough and big money look out !!

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  4. jamon says:

    one look at proving ground’s youtube videos shows what garbage it really is, its not boxing its toughman, rabbit punching, holding, lloyd should be ashamed of itself

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  5. Hat Trick says:

    I really enjoyed the PFC show, face paced, no long intermissions and knowledgable crowd(no booing fot lack of blood, gore and other action movie qualities).
    That said the crowd was not over 2000, close to 1500+ max and these numbers are from people who actually watched what was taking place and not schmoozing, trying to make new facebook friends.
    I hope Fuchs is doing alright. 99% of oeple would have be screaming in pain, like Anderson silva, and this guy don’t even tap. I hope I can see you fight again, get well. Also a shame deselits needed to be unconscious for 10 secs longer than needed and after seeing the video, the ref kneeing inches from his face needs to never be allowed in a cage again, maybe check to see if his limb has gone limp, especially when Desilets’ own corner on the other side of the ring knower what was happening. This is why Claveau is a veteran …or I fear for any fighters safety having him as your ref
    As many as those so called people watching the fights and not talking to their new friends, did they not notice the amount of sweat some fighter were pouring off then less then 30 into the fight or have many of these doubters never competed in any sort of athletic activities in their lives…even walking to the corner store for potato chips is something more active then driving…notice that notch on your belt is getting to the last loop. Next thing is suspenders to go with those stretch marks fatties

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  6. Judon't says:

    That was the post of the year.

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  7. Criticize Top MMA News all you want, the comment won’t get taken down. Keep it clean though.

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  8. Hat Trick says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  9. Westcoast says:

    I would imagine Keith post was directed towards the 1st comment.

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  10. My comment was directed at I’m Out.

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  11. K.Rasmuss says:

    I read Top MMA everyday and rarely post. Its a very fun and interesting site thats big enough to cover the fighting world and small enough to recongnize the people posting .Its a great place to read for a few minutes a day . I like the info . Keep up the good work Top MMA !

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  12. Thanks for your comments and coming to the site, @K.Rasmuss.

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  13. Ryan D says:

    This site kicks ass………!!!

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