WSOF Canada: Brigham vs. Hill – Winnipeg – May 10


WSOF Canada ThumbDate: May 10, 2014
Venue: Winnipeg Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Fight Card:
135lbs- Curtis Brigham (11-5) vs. Josh Hill (9-0)
***Canadian Bantamweight Title Fight

45 Responses to “ WSOF Canada: Brigham vs. Hill – Winnipeg – May 10 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Gotta get Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz on this one!

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  2. Jeremy says:

    Joe D fighting on this one?

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  3. hawkes says:

    Really pumped I get to see this live! Marz is a good local draw. Also up and comer Dave Swanson is already campaigning to get on the card.

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  4. Ryan D says:

    Get Ryan Ford and Tim Hague on the card and I will make the drive. WSOF Edmonton was a great event.

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  5. EPerez says:

    Agree with Hawkes. Swanson is NEEDING.

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  6. Shamrock says:

    Maybe even joe doerkson wlll make an appearance fighting, not announcing. I do hope to see a few top level Manitoba versus Ontario match ups, other than obviously the main event

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  7. RickRoll says:

    Hague vs Starnes rematch now that Hague is not injured!

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  8. Jeremy says:

    Penner at 185?

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  9. John says:

    Is Bongfeldt still training/fighting at all? He is from Kenora which is very close to Winnipeg! and possibly has a young guy that could be a package with to go along with him to fill an undercard spot.

    How far is Thunder Bay from Winnipeg? Gunn had his last fight in Winnipeg unless he has fought since

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  10. kid lightning says:

    thunder bay is pretty close. its about a 7 hour drive or 1 hour flight.

    sad that a 7 hour drive is close for us :(

    thunder bay definitely may have an interested participant or two

    winnipeg is always a crazy fun time with a great venue and even better crowds.

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  11. smash says:

    Fissette vs Whitlock at 135!

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  12. Sweet Dreams says:

    Woooohooooo!!!!!!! Winnipeggers bleepin love MMA. Can’t wait to see the full lineup. Lots of great young Canadian talent available to fill the card. Looking forward to WSOF putting on a great night of fights!

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  13. Old School Jake says:

    Guaranteed that if my client (Matt “Kid Lightning” Veal) is on this show, he will put on fireworks like he does on EVERY SHOW he fights on.

    It’s time Canadian MMA gives this kid the credit and opportunities he deserves.

    ALWAYS makes weight.
    ALWAYS puts on a great show.
    ALWAYS fights the toughest guys.
    ALWAYS wears a thong to weigh ins.

    My question is how can you not have Kid Lightning on your Winnipeg show?

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  14. machine says:

    Package up Gunn and Kid Lightning both put on great fights. May be just a wet dream here but Doerkson vs. Bongfeldt would be awesome to see as well.

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  15. Woodrow says:

    Dickson vs gunn?

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  16. Tyler Davis says:

    Great bantamweight match up! This pretty much determines who the number one Canadian 135er is outside of the UFC or One FC.

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  17. Barca says:

    @Tyler Davis

    When is your next fight? Details please!

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  18. Tyler Davis says:

    Well I am currently fighting obesity if that counts.

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  19. Shane says:

    Dominick Blais in this one?

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  20. hawkes says:

    kid lighting vs corey Houston could be fun!

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  21. RNC says:

    Tim Hague on this card? Might make the trip down.

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  22. David Letourneau says:

    Been outta the game for nearly 2 years but why not one last fight to end it where it all began, Letourneau vs stranger?!?!

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  23. Old School Jake says:

    Now that would be an AWESOME tilt! Letourneau is one of my original (and oldest) clients from back in the day and loyal as they come. I would love an opportunity to get him this last fight even though I think he would be hanging them up way too soon :)

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  24. James says:

    No offence but is WSOF not trying to market themselves with high caliber fighters? or just take the place of all the regional shows from each area?

    And not trying to jump on anyone but Letourneau is 4-2 and not around for a few years and Stranger has if I am not mistaken said he is done or just fighting for fun so the question is why? I could see for CFC or KOTC or something! Gunn has fought tough dudes and looked great in each of them but regardless in the end he lost whether it was a quick catch or not he lost the only good thing with Gunn is he has a chance to make a run if he fights more often and keeps fighting high caliber to climb back up. same with Matt Veal ? yes he is exciting and had some good performances but but he has a record of a 500 and many losses to mid range fighters from the upper MN/US

    As a fan I wanna see the WSOF bring in guys for more than just cause they are this or close or want a retirement fight, bring guys who we have at least heard of and wanting to break the big time and grow in the WSOF and who have a chance to do so

    so if you honestly ask yourself why? yes maybe Gunn vs Dickson makes sense both coming from losses and both were at one point the verge of making huge steps up the charts but otherwise lets not sink a good thing and just fill our home town card with because they are this or that or wanna finish here or there.

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  25. Hat Trick says:

    Bellator is putting on show 113 and has done their best to put together a roster to make them entertaining enough to have over a million people watch them on national tv. If you look at the majority of cards, they contained mediocre .500 fighters or guy making debuts, as many events do. If the WSOF still hasn’t figured out how to get it right and put consistent quality show together, than maybe major changes are needed with those at the head of WSOF Canada….unless they have Ryan Ford fight on every card they have

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  26. James says:

    Please elaborate on Bellator using 500 fighters or debut fighters?

    the top 6 to 8 fights on every card are either tournament fights or high end fights which do not include 500 or debut!!

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  27. James says:

    and just due to you bringing up 113 which on paper is probably one of the lowest classes cards in some time from Bellator have a look

    Main Card: (Spike TV)
    205lbs- Attila Vegh (29-4-2) vs. Emanuel Newton (22-7-1)
    ***Light Heavyweight Title Unification Bout

    155lbs- *David Rickels (15-2) vs. Patricky Freire (11-5)
    155lbs- *Marcin Held (16-3) vs. Rodrigo Cavalheiro (14-2)
    155lbs- *Derek Campos (13-3) vs. Tim Welch (10-4)

    Preliminary Card: (
    155lbs-Derek Anderson(10-0)vs.Brandon Girtz(10-3)
    155lbs- Marcio Navarro (9-9) vs.Bobby Cooper(8-4)
    155lbs- Donnie Bell (8-2) vs. Eric Wisely (21-8)
    135lbs- LC Davis (20-6) vs. Tory Bogguess (10-7)
    185lbs- Brian Rogers (10-6) vs. Gary Tapusoa(8-2)
    265lbs-Maurice Jackson(2-1)vs.DanielGallemore(2-2)
    145lbs- Israel Giron (17-3)vs.Cody Carrillo (4-7)

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  28. Homewrecker says:

    This card isn’t happening

    Proof will be Owens not coming on here to explain it is going to happen

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  29. Good Bellator card. I like how Newton has found success in Bellator.

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  30. Old School Jake says:

    @James, no offence taken. I completely see your point and would want to see higher caliber fighters if you’re paying top dollar for tickets.

    With that being said, every promotion that would be considered a major league one will stack their undercards with regional/national fighters if they have the ability to sell tickets. Guys like Gunner, Letourneau and Veal always bring half the city of Thunder Bay with them when they fight, so I could see some rationale behind putting them on a card.

    I agree and would love to see a stacked card from top to bottom but if that won’t be the case, I would alternatively love to see some fun fights.

    And just to address the Veal comment, Matt is the type of guy that loves to fight. If I tell him he’s fighting the devil on Friday night, he would ask what time he had to be there. Unfortunately, that same mentality also had Matt taking some bad matchups and last minute fights which didn’t help his record. The Minnesota/Wisconsin fights are legit competition. They have some of the best wrestling pedigree in those States and breed some serious badasses. Matt has taken on some very stiff competition. I think Matt’s on the right path right now with his career and I’m glad to be back helping him with that.

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  31. kid lightning says:

    thanks jake. xo fighting is fun. win or lose i just want to be entertaining. many say it, i do it. cant wait for the next one once all injuries are cleared up and im 100% healthy and 100% cute

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  32. David Letourneau says:

    Maybe cfc is more appropriate for me to fight for as you said I’m 4-2 but you know what “James” I would be honored to fight again for cfc, M.A.D. And all of the guys associated with cfc are nothing less then a class act and if that’s all I’m good enough for I’m very ok with that. Further more every card ufc included has what you would consider lower level fighter including guys like myself and kid lightning, wsof will likely continue to grow with or without your opinion as they will with or without the likes of my 4-2 unsatisfactory record.

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  33. Donald "Not Quinn" Duck says:

    Return of Homewrecker?

    Not Quinn

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  34. Robin Black says:

    I wondered what happened to Homewrecker.

    Great handle.

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  35. Hat Trick says:

    @james- I’ll let you do the research from the 113 shows to prove my point and not from their tournament lineups, because what you are saying is bellator had never had sub.500 or 0-0 fighters compete. But I’ll let you prove yourself wrong. So is Canadian Craig Hudson not good enough in your eyes to fight on this show…I think not

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  36. Homewrecker says:

    RIP WSOF – Canada

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  37. mmafan says:

    are they officially scrapped? Its not like the canadian fans even got to watch the events, Im still waiting for the Ford vs Powell on tsn 2. hahaha. I hope sefo just cans owen and fader and brings in someon who knows what their doing, how many organizations have they ran into the ground already? They’re always talking out the side of there mouth, they bullshit more than a politian.

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  38. what says:

    Hey DARREN OWEN feel free to chime in anytime…

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  39. Homewrecker says:

    Fader is out

    1 man show now

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  40. Just Sayin says:

    Um, Hudson is above .500 and he is more than good enough to fight in Bellator!

    Just Sayin!

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  41. Bdc says:

    BTP are you posting under just sayin again???

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  42. Just Sayin says:

    I’m not BTP! Lol

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  43. TheTruth says:

    is this card even going to happen

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  44. mmafan says:

    Yeah just the one fight tho, thats all wsof canada can afford at the moment.

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  45. PUCK says:

    Did the fighters from WSOF last show get paid yet?

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