Canadian Rumour Mill – March 11, 2014

Gossip Queen Michelle Jeanpierre

Gossip Queen Michelle Jeanpierre

Sorry for the late delay on the Rumour Mill. I forgot to spring forward and didn’t change my clock so I was an hour late in submitting my article. Editor Grienke is a hardass and is trying to teach me a lesson in punctuality by delaying the publishing of this a day. I argued that he is only hurting my fans, but he won’t listen. He says “If PFC can complete nine fights in an excellent event by 11pm, you can finish a 1000 words by 11pm!” Sorry about that!

On to the rumours!

  • FIGHT4PRIDE Championship 1 will hold its inaugural event on Friday, May 30th in Laval, Quebec. The show will be a pro event and will be at the Guimond Sports Complex (or Complex Sportif Guimond as our francophone friends call it). A couple of confirmed bouts are Francis Charbonneau (2-0) vs Richard Arsenault (9-3) at 170lbs and Dave Depathie (0-3) vs Edrise Matiullah (0-0).
  • World Series of Fighting Canada will not be heading to Hamilton.  The commission will not work on the  April long weekend so WSOF is now looking to hold this card elsewhere.  Looks like the event will now be held in Winnipeg and the date will slip into May.
  • Want a Canadian fighter to headline MFC 40. Tweet @maximumfighting with the #TheMFC #MFC40 #lightweight and #PunchTheVote to vote for Kurt Southern!
  • Jordan Knippelberg is out of the HAVOC FC title fight with Ryan Machan at HFC 5! I’m hearing that Knippelberg couldn’t get off work, UMM isn’t that something you should look into prior to agreeing to fight as well as having HAVOC promo and print posters with you on it?!?!?!?!?!?
  • Substance Cage Combat 2 is scheduled to be held in the “Centre of the Universe” Toronto on May 23rd at the Legendary old Maple Leaf Gardens. Robin “F” Black is set to have his retirement match on this show against Adam Bodwell!
  • Prestige Fight Club is suing SMAA and the Saskatchewan government!
  • Smealinho Rama will take on former KOTC World LHW and HW champ Tony Lopez at Battle for the Border 3 in Cranbrook, BC on April 12th!
  • Also for Battle for the Border, Charmaine Tweet is in need of an opponent at 150-155lbs!
  • Nick Hinchliffe is looking to make a comeback, this time in his fourth different weight class… Nick and his management are currently looking for opponents at Heavyweight!
  • LAMMQ will hold its 2nd show in June.
  • Prestige FC 5 will be held on May 16 at the Casman Centre in Ft. McMurray, Alberta. Look for Dwayne Lewis to finally get the opportunity to detonate a D-Bomb in front of his hometown fans!

  • Jay Alexander will make his boxing debut on May 3 at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga.  MMA will be his focus once again following the fight.
  • Stephane Pelletier stated that he became incredibly ill while cutting weight for his bout with Eric Wilson and suffered from a tachycardia attack (heart rate above normal rate) as well as fainted. His team called a nurse who “strongly advised me not to pursue (the weight cut) and indicated my health was at risk.” So I ask, did the commission know about this and if he was in such bad shape why/how was he allowed to compete?!?!?
  • Look for Hybrid Combat to have an ammy show in May.
  • Lloydminster is having a Tough Man competition on March 13. Now I am not sure if Lloydminster is in Saskatchewan or Alberta, but maybe both commissions can work with the police to shut this down. Hearing kids as young as 13 years old may be competing as well as no blood work! Proving Grounds is the event and Garret Tepper runs the event with Paul Grandbois assisting him as well as “refereeing” this event.
  • Provincial FC is holding a charity MMA event in London, Ontario in the fall!
  • Rachel Swatez (4-4) came up short in her bout with Elizabeth Phillips (3-1) at Conquest of the Cage at the Northern Quest Casino in Washington, USA on February 28th, losing via TKO (Punches) in the 3rd round.
  • Well now that Victor Valimaki’s MFC 40 opponent is fighting Ryan Jimmo in the UFC, The Matrix is looking for a new opponent to take on. Kalib Starnes is willing to step up and fight and has asked Valimaki and the MFC to set it up!
  • Congrats to Sean Pierson on receiving his BJJ Black Belt. Sam Zakula and Justin Bruckmann were in attendance!
  • Contragratulations to Richard Arsenault on his win against Aaron Crawley by TKO in the 5th round in a Pro Boxing bout in Halifax, Nova Scotia!
  • Lastly, I see the CNMMAF is holding provincial tryouts this month to crown provincial amateur MMA champions. No punches will be thrown at any of these tryouts as they are are going to use the same tryout method that the UFC uses to pick fighters for TUF. Cody Rempel and I are going to tryout in Edmonton. With any luck, no one else will show up and we will be crowned Mr and Mrs Alberta Amateur Heavyweight champions. Then, be selected via the independent accounting firm of Williams, Williams, & Diefenbaker as the Canadian champs, head to Las Vegas for the internationals and live happily ever after!
  • On the more serious side, CNMMAF parted ways with Alex Gasson.  It turns out that Alex is well spoken, knowledgeable and passionate about MMA, and has a thoughtful plan for amateur MMA in a country where it is only legal in a handful of places, so he was not a very good fit for the current “national organization”.

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58 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – March 11, 2014 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Just got some info on Knippleberg from a reliable source… Knippleberg took the fight with Machan and had no work obligations at the time but recently was offered a job opportunity starting at the end of April that he couldn’t turn down and withdrew from the Havoc card. Knippleberg still wanted to get a fight in before going back to work so his management approached Battle for the Border and they are currently seeking an opponent for him.

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  2. Ryan D says:

    Starnes vs Valimaki!!!! I would pay to see that tilt. starnes us an absolute beast lately!!!

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  3. Jack Daniels says:

    Is Steve Bosse still fighting on the Quebec City UFC card? If so, any announcement who his opponent may be?

    Starnes or Cirkunov would be a great fight for Valimaki.

    Can’t wait to actually get to see mma at the historic maple leaf gardens…and Robin Black too. At least Bodwell seem like someone who will actually show up, unlike those pretenders Myra and Chessel

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Bosse is off the card due to injury… he was scheduled to take on Ryan Jimmo but Sean O’Connell has stepped in to replace Bosse.

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  5. Starnes vs valimaki, my money is on that valimaki will weasel his way out at the last minute with some undisclosed injury or aliment, I am sure the Pav realizes this and has a plan b in place.

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  6. jay peacock says:

    Alex Gasson is far better off not being connected to CNMMAF anyways. The man has a plan & is willing to put in the work to accomplish it!
    CNMMAF Team Canada… please;

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  7. Just Sayin says:

    Havoc should call Dickson to fight Machan for the title!!!

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  8. Judon't says:

    Too bad the Havoc show is so close to WSOF Can – Machan VS Dickson would be an interesting match up for known finishers.

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  9. Just Sayin says:

    Yeah I forgot about that!
    suppose to be Dickson vs Powell.
    But will Powell be cleared by then!
    You never know what can happen!

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  10. CM says:

    Word going around is that the WSOF show is not happening next month in Hamilton. Haven’t heard if it’s being pushed back or scrapped altogether though.

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  11. Barca says:

    If Stephane Pelletier damn near killed himself making 125 lbs, he should move back to 135 lbs. Anyone know if he still wants to fight at 125?

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  12. Graham Weenk says:

    vote for Kurt “the Hurt” to main event MFC 40!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3

  13. Ryan dickson says:

    Ill fight machan

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  14. Marv says:

    Toughman competition?! Really?! Lloydminster is in both Alberta and Saskatchewan. The last joke of an event they held was at Lakeland college which is on the Alberta side

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  15. Just Sayin says:

    There you have it from Ryan himself.
    Jesse Fox set that shit up!

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  16. Gossip Queen says:

    Late Rumor Alert! Dwayne Lewis will finally get the chance to fight in front of his hometown crowd in Ft. McMurray on May 16 when Prestige FC returns to the Casman Centre!

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  17. mmafan says:

    Why not Hill vs Machan

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  18. mmafan says:

    Its also good to see Dickson isnt having a hard time finding fights anymore

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  19. Lil Jon says:

    I don’t see Starnes Valimaki happening. Pav has legit reason to save on expense now that O’Connell is gone. Valimaki hasn’t fought anyone in a year so it’s also a bad matchup against a streaking Starnes right now. Chances of this are zero IMO. Higher odds of seeing a Marvin Eastman or Showtime. Interested to see what Nick looks like at HW and how much he’s going to weigh in at. He’s not that tall but I heard he was much heavier and quite strong for his size now.

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  20. BodySnatcher says:

    sago vs healy now. come on wsof

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  21. Ryan D says:

    Showtime nope! Starnes now that’s tilt I wanna see! PS: get er done Robin Black you the man!!!!

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  22. Graham Spencer says:

    Nick is gunna be a beast at heavyweight. He’s still light on his feet and faster than most welterweights.

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  23. Bjj fan says:

    Starns vs Rama!!!!

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  24. Cody Rempel says:

    Really looking forward to Hinchliffe’s return… always puts on a good show! Hinchliffe vs. Hague or Chemelli would be cool!

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  25. The Truth says:

    News Alert 85% of cheques for the fighters from the last WSOF in Edmonton got stop payment.Why do promoters do this, shame on you.

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  26. George says:

    Is that the first all MFC fight in the UFC?

    I bet ford still got paid

    Do people give Rama a chance against Starnes?

    Kurt better bring “The hurt” against Gallichio & make us Canadians proud, he seems kinda lucky to get to avenge all his losses right away. The MFC are really pushing this guy…

    Is “Andrewconda” in way over his head right now? Talking smack to Novaes? Bad career or a brilliant one?

    Josh Machan is a stud

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  27. Jeff Harrison says:

    Syd Barnier would love to make his return to the cage in Montreal vs wardenburg or whatever 135 they throw at us! get at me

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  28. Ryan W. says:

    Any news on the ECC 20 main event?

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  29. Gossip Queen says:

    Sorry…I had this rumour but it slipped my mind when putting it together.

    WSOF Canada will not be going to Hamilton. There next Canadian show will be in Winnipeg in May.

    I added the rumour.

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  30. Graham Weenk says:

    just a question if any commission type people or knowledgeable about commission rulings are on here, does the WSOF need to pay all fighter salaries to the fighters from the Edmonton card to get approved by commission in Winnipeg to put on a show?

    if a fighter is suspended under any commission (injury or whatever) they are under suspension under all commissions, is it the same for promoters/promotions? or does the commission have nothing to do with fighters getting paid or not paid?

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  31. Gunner says:

    Any time I have been paid with exception of a few it is usually the commission who has the money up front and pays the fighter after the fight not the promotion directly, I may be wrong but I would say at least 9 of my fights the commission had all fighters purse prior to the event

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  32. CM says:

    Most commissions do require a secure deposit that covers all fighter purses. This is also the Edmonton commission you’re dealing with here so who knows what the hell they did. It wouldn’t be the 1st time they haven’t followed their own rules.

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  33. Winston says:

    How can wsof afford to pay anyone when ford gets paid 30 grand…

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  34. AMLECF says:

    Some people were paid by the commission and others were paid directly by World Series, I’ll let you guys guess which ones bounced

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  35. mmafan says:

    yeah the chief finacial advisor is a meat stick!

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  36. AMLECF says:

    But at least his dogs surgery got paid for

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  37. mike kent says:

    I don’t think my cheque bounced or had a stop payment. It was weeks ago and I have haven’t heard anything. Is there a source for this info or any fighter on the card saying they didn’t get paid or just a rumour

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  38. AMLECF says:

    I personally know 3 fighters who’s cheques bounced/ stop payment

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  39. Graham Weenk says:

    I know of 1 reliable source who had a stop payment. Hopefully this gets cleared up soon. Not getting paid is a big big deal. I would hope fighter safety and fighters pay are the #1 and 2 concerns of all commissions.

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  40. Graham Weenk says:

    And hopefully its just a clerical error or something of the sort

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  41. Donald Duck says:


    1. Commissions don’t really care unless the repeat card was in their juristiction. For example if WSOF was doing a second show in Edmonton and they had outstanding bills they may get asked to clear their debts. However from a commission perspective they’re more worried about the money owed to them which is always paid up front.

    2. All suspensions are suppose to be logged with the ABC which maintains a database of suspensions. On top of that a commission that is doing it’s due diligence would review a fight card and look into each fighter’s past before confirming the card. If Edmonton suspended a fighter than Calgary or Winnipeg would honor that suspension.

    Mind you I’ve seen examples of where a 30 day suspension was issued and a commission opted to shorten it so a fighter could get on another card.


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  42. This is a big deal if true. Section 10 of Edmonton’s Combative Sports Bylaw requires that

    “At least five days prior to the date of the Event the holder of an Event Permit must submit to the Executive Director…a certified cheque in the amount necessary to pay…the maximum amount of prize money that could be awarded to Contestants at the Event”

    If this rule is adhered to fighter non-payment should never be an issue.

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  43. Ryan D says:

    Winston lets say Ford sells 500 tickets at an average of $80 a tickets, that is $40000 . That’s why he gets the big bucks. He is highly market able and after a finish like he had there its only gonna get better for him. Itvdoesn’t matter who fights or how he finishes guys always gonna hate i suppose. Im pretty sure ticket prices ranged from $60-$180 so its probably a low estimate at $40grand.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 8

  44. Kru says:

    I called this the second Fader was appointed CFO!

    Don’t even get me started on this guy.. Trying to raise funding for a veterinarian bill while in Vegas playing big shot with the WSOF guys.


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  45. 85% is not true.

    I have heard 8-12% (2 or 3 fighters) and it sounds like an overpayment and non-returned tickets were issues with 2. Everything is being handled, just maybe not as quick as it should be seeing as you can email transfer cash in about 5 minutes.

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  46. mmafan says:

    What is the reason for the show in Hamilton being cancelled?

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  47. Cody Rempel says:

    Apparently the Ontario commission really values their long weekends.

    “World Series of Fighting Canada will not be heading to Hamilton. The commission will not work on the April long weekend so WSOF is now looking to hold this card elsewhere. Looks like the event will now be held in Winnipeg and the date will slip into May.”

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  48. neil says:

    anyone looking to get on the next SCC card please email me asap at

    i need a 155er with a winning record of more than 5 fights, a 205er with a wining record of more than 4 fights and a 170er with more than 3 fights and a decent record like .500

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  49. Just Sayin says:

    Neil get a hold of Devan Murray.
    he just defeated Dave Hale on the weekend at PFC 2 and is now 6-1!

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  50. RickRoll says:

    No way in hell Valimaki fights Starnes! Get out of here with that nonsense. He will be injured AGAIN for the 77th time.

    Rama vs Lopez is a legit fight for him.

    Hinchliffe at HWT vs Hague!

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