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Hybrid ThumbHybrid Pro Series is holding their inaugural pro event tonight at the Palais des Congres in Gatineau, Quebec. Here is a live play by play of the event continue to hit refresh as it will updated after each round.

Aprox 1200 fans attended the first pro Hybrid event and with a great mix of up and comers combined with local talent and top tier main event all in all their first show was a rousing success.

Top MMA News Awards

Fight of the Night: Mathieu Charette vs Maxime Martens

Submission of the Night: Ilias Sanoudakis for his technically beautiful triangle choke

Ilias Sanoudakis vs. Pablo Santos
Rd1: Sanos lands a head kick right off the bat but it just grazes. Santos responds with a leg kick of his own. Santos pushes the fight against the cage and gets the takedown. Santos is Sanos’ half guard working top control but Sanos throws up the legs catches an armbar then transitions to a triangle and chokes Santos unconscious.
Sanoudakis submits Santos via Triangle Choke at 2:50 of Rd1

Kevyn Thouin vs. Julien Leblanc
Rd1: LeBlanc lands a few jabs then bounces a head kick off Thouin’s face. Leblanc backs him into the cage and delivers a vicious body kick. Thouin working an arm in guillotine against the cage but gives it up and gets the body lock takedown. Leblanc down on all fours while Thouin controls with a head lock. Thouin powers up to his feet but Leblanc catches him in a guillotine but Thouin escapes. Leblanc push the fight against the fence again landing knees to the body from the Thai plum. Leblanc now with over unders lands the trip takedown and takes Thouin’s back. Thouin shakes him off and starts working some punches while inside his guard. Leblanc reverse winds up in mount and work for back control just as the 10 second mark sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Leblanc

Rd2: Thouin comes out swinging but :Leblanc uses his reach to tie him up and force the action to the cage. Thouin dukes down and lands the double leg landing in side control. Thouin landing some short shots. Leblanc regains guard but Thouin continues his ground and pound. Leblanc throws up the legs for a triangle but Thouin shakes him off. Thouin still in Leblanc’s guard picking his punches. Leblanc attempts the triangle again and cinches it in, Thouin tries to slam out of it but can’t and is forced to tap.
Leblanc submits Thouin via Triangle at 4:51 of Rd2

Terry Lemaire vs. Tariq Ismail
Rd1: Lemaire with an inside leg kick. Ismail chops one to the outside. another vicious leg kick by Ismail but Lemaire responds in kind. Ismail with a grazing head kick but Lemaire fires an overhand back. Ismail fires off a 3 kick comb head, body and legs. Lemaires just misses with a high kick of his own. Ismail slams a kick into Lemaire’s face. Spinning back kick misses by Lemaire. Both men trade leg kicks and Ismail slips down to a knees and Lemaire punches on him trapping him against the cage. Ismail breaks free looks for another high kick and slips with Lemaire trapping him against the cage again just as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ismail

Rd2: Lemaire lands a nice combo. Ismail catches Lemaire leaning in. Big leg kicks by Ismail. Lemaires dives in with a big hook misses and falls but makes it back to his feet before Ismail can capitalize. Ismail lands a brutal elbow against the fence. Lemaire with a solid knee to the body and right overhand. Big he’d kick, leg kick, right hook combo lands flush for Ismail. Lemaire eats two big jabs and another high kick. Ismail lands a superman punch but slips on his follow up kick ending the round on his back.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9

Rd3: Lemaire charges out and pushes Ismail up against the fence. Ismail lands a big right hook flush and a leg kick. Ismail now forcing the action to the cage landing some knees to the thigh. A 1 w combo lands for Ismail but Lemaire responds with a big hook that lands. Ismail gets the fight to the canvas and postures up delivering some big punches and elbows. Lemaire really working his hips but Ismail sees this and smothers. Lemaire back to his feet pushing Ismail against the cage and digging for the single leg to no avail. The 10 second warning sounds and Is ail rag dolls Lemaire to the canvas but the horn sounds before Ismail can take advantage.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ismail.
Ismail defeats Lemaire via Unanimouus Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

AJ McConnell vs. Jason Bisonette
Rd1: McConnell charges with a knee and slips the Bisonette charges with a kick and slips, ok let’s try this again. Bisonette with a nice inside leg kick. nother inside kick by Bisonette. Three big overhands by McConnell land. Nice overhand by Bisonette. Bisonette again the legs again. mcConnell with big righ hand that lands. McConnell swings and misses with a home run right hand. McConnell charges in and pushes the fit against the cage but Bisonette makes space and delivers some knees to the body. McConnell catches a knee and lands the take down just as the round closes out.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 McConnell

Rd2: Nice left hand by McConnell lands. McConnell lands to clean jabs buts Bisonette hurts him with a head kick. mcConnell shakes it off and charges forward winging punches. Bisonette lands a inside leg kick that wobbles McConnell. Both men just missing with punches and kicks. Bisonette calling on McConnell. McConnell wades in with a jab but Bisonette catches him on the chin with a right hook that staggers McConnell just as the horn sounds. Saved by the bell?
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bisonette

Rd3: Bisonette lands an inside that kick that brings McConnell to one knee for a brief second. MCConnell with a tricky uppercut backs up Bisonette. McConnell misses with an over the top head kick. McConnell charges in but Bisonette backs him off with some punches. McConnell mises with a overhand and Bisonette responds with a right of his own that lands. McConnell lands the double leg at the 10 second marker while Bisonette holds onto a bulldog choke as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bisonette
Bisonette defeats McConnell (30-27,30-27,29-28)

Chad Primeau vs. Eric Nadon
Rd1: Nadon lands a solid front kick. Nadon lands a few knees inside the Thai plum. Primeau changes levels and drives through for the takedown. Nadon uses the butterfly guard to trap Primeau whence looked to pass. Primeau survives and escpes but close call. The rest of the round is spent against the cage with Primeau looking for the takedown and Nadon defending.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Nadon

Rd2: Primeau lands a big right hand to start us off. Primeau charges in again but Nadon shakes him off. Primeau lunges in for the take down and forces the action to the fence but Nadon defends. Both men land glancing punches. Primeau ties the action up against the cage again but the ref steps in and breaks them up. Primeau again looking for the take down but Nadon continues to defend well. Nadon using some short elbows to make Primeau pay for the constant fence pushing.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Primeau

Rd3: Primeau again pushing the fight to cage looking for the takedown, Nadon pestering with some short punches while defending. Nadon muscles the action to the ground briefly but Primeau pops right back up pushing Nadon against the cage. The ref separates them. Nadon looking to exchange but Primeau dukes under and pushes the fight right back against the cage. Nadon separates and starts picking his shots but Primeau shoots in and lands the double leg. Nadon escapes and reverse taking Primeau’s back. With both hooks in Nadon starts blasting away with punches just as the horn sounds ending the fight.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Nadon
Nadon defeats Primeau via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Thomas Sumantri vs. Cedric Mongeon
Sumantri defeats Mongeon via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)

Mandell Nallo vs. Jonathan Roblin
Nallo submits Roblin via Rear Naked Choke at 4:34 of Rd1

Dan Lariviere vs. Trevor Leroux
Lariviere defeats Leroux via Unanimous Decisin (30-27,29-28,29-28)

Mathieu Charette vs. Maxime Martens
Rd1: Charette with a huge scoop slam off the start and commences with some huge ground and pound. Martens defends and looks for a leg lock then heel hook causing Charette to drop back and defend. Martens takes top control for a brief time but Charette reverses but can’t keep him down. The tie up and Charette dumps Martens to the canvas with a hip toss. Martens up again and this time sends Charette for a ride with a big take down of his own. Martens takes mount but Charette quickly reverses. Charettes goes for an arm bar but Martens escapes and gains side control to finish off the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Charette.

Rd2:  Martens rolls looking for the ankle sweep but to no avail. Martens lands a clean hook but Charette slams him to the mat and Martens looks to capatilze with a kimura but Charette defends. Charette postures up and delivers some big ground and pound. Charette grabs a leg and looks for the knee bar but Martens escapes. Charette regains top control but can’t keep Martens down who gets to his feet and takes Charette for another ride with a waist lock slam at the buzzer.
Top MMA News Scores the round 10-9 Charette

Rd3: Both men come out swinging but Charette again gets the early take down. Martens using the rubber guard and mission control to keep Charette from posturing up. Martens reverses and gains top position. Charette tries to spin bit gives his back, while Martens looks for the hooks Charette escapes out the back door and takes over top position. Martens gives his back but Charette decides to punch instead on taking the back. Martens looks for an odd arm bar at the 10 second warning but can’t fibd the position to finish.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Charette
Charette defeats Martens via Unanimous Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28)

Stephane Pelletier vs. Eric Wilson
Rd1: Pelletier working the inside leg kick. Wilson backs Peltier into the cage and unloads a flurry of punches. Pelletier unloading a barrage of body kicks. Pelletier catches Wilson with short inside punch. Wilson responds with a strong jab. Pelletier really working on Wilson’s lead leg. Both men trade big punches against the cage, Pelletier sneaks around back with a waist lock, Wilson rolls and looks to get top position but the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pelletier

Rd2: Pelletier with a body kick but Wilson catches it and responds with a jab. Pelletier still working over Wilson’s lead leg with kicks. Pelletier snaps off two head kicks that just graze Wilson. Wilson drops Pelletier with a big overhand and dives on top but Pelletier holds on and recovers. Pelletier with a nice body kick superman punch combo. Pelletier keeps attacking that lead leg. Wilson catches a kick but eats a big straight. Wilson lands a buzzer beating jab at the end.
Top MMA News scores that round 10-9 Wilson

Rd3: Both men come out swinging. Pelletier lands a big hook. Wilson catches another kicks and lands a powerful jab. Big flurry by Wilson backs up Pelletier. Wilson with another 3 punch combo. Wilson starting to fibd his rangebut Pelletier lands a high kick. Pelletier lands a solid 3 punch combo. Wilson digging for the takedown but Pelletier defends. Pelletier back attacking the lead leg. Wilson slips to mat and Pelletier makes him pay with 3 big hammer fists. Big body kick by Pelletier. Wilson lands a vicious left on the advancing Pelletier, then another big overhand, Pelletier responds with a uppercut then looks for the double leg as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9  Pelletier
Pelletier defeats Wilson via Unaimous Decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)


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    Names on the Thouin and Leblanc match up have been fixed.

    Also due to technical difficulties the PBP for 3 fights was sadly lost.

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