Will Romero – ‘Wheeler Got Saved By The Ref’

Will Romero (photo: Mike Fischl)

Will Romero (photo: Mike Fischl)

Top MMA News’ Cody Rempel caught up with Will Romero following his no contest with Lenny Wheeler at the WSOF Canada: Ford vs Powell card in Edmonton on February 21, 2014.

In the interview, Romero talks about their back and forth battle, but states that Lenny Wheeler ‘got saved by the ref.’  Romero wants a rematch on the tentatively scheduled WSOF Canada card in Hamilton in April.  “Leon” also discusses his training at House of Champions and at Tristar in the interview.

4 Responses to “ Will Romero – ‘Wheeler Got Saved By The Ref’ ”

  1. Phil Comero says:

    Stay classy. Accusations of “Faking” injury. Lucky you were not DQ’d. What was your excuse not to fight David Douglas again? get over yourself.

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  2. MMAfan says:

    Hhahaha this guy has dodged a few fights, David Douglas being one of them. By watching the fight video, it was a very good fight but I have to say Wheeler was winning that fight as well putting massive pressure, the hits to the back of the head were very clear and to me should be ruled a DQ. Phil Comero I agree with you!

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  3. Obviously says:

    Will gets dropped like every fight, and not to power strikers. Hate to say it but as he ages he will start getting put to zzzzzz

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  4. Ryan D says:

    I was row 2 for that fight directly in front of it when it happened. 100% Lenny notioned to ref like it was an early stoppage and then all of a sudden was falling all over the place.

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