MMA Fight Night Play-by-Play


MMA Fight NightSebastien Chenier is in Montreal, Quebec for the debut of MMA Fight Night at Club Soda.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night: Tommy Cote vs Karim Ranni
  • Submission of the Night: Charles Bellemare’s Reverse Triangle Choke
  • KO of the Night: n/a

Here are the MMA Fight Night quick results:

Fight 9: 145lbs
Maxime Dubois vs. Mario Pereira
The announcer forgets his lines while trying to hype the fight as he introduces the fighters. He apologizes and says it’s been a long night. The media crew is having a laugh.

Round 1: fighters touch gloves and it is Pereira who stalks his opponent but Dubois strikes first with a slapping inside leg kick. Pereira, though controlling the pace takes a while to throw his first hard strike but it is Dubois who catches Pereira coming in with a solid right that has Pereira take a knee. Pereira holds on and gets back up where he slams once, and eventually a second time Dubois but Dubois is able to get back up both times. Pereira moves with a strike that sets up his takedown where he scoops and dumps Dubois to the canvas. Dubois gets up once more, but is once again sent flying to the canvas. Pereira with more pressure this time but everntually Dubois gets back up. Dubois with a right hand and Pereira with a high kick and Pereira AGAIN dumps Dubois onto the canvas but Dubois gets back up again. Pereira stalks Dubois one more time, and lands a sixth takedown in that round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Pereira

Round 2: Fighters exchanging low kicks but Pereira pushes the pace. Dubois circling out but Pereira lands a left hook, and pushes his opponent up against the fence where he manages to take him down. Pereira unable to keep enough pressure, so Dubois gets up and if you’ve been reading long enough, you’d probably guess by now that Pereira takes him down again. However Pereira is more successful in maintaining pressure and is now in Dubois’ half guard. Pereira softening up his opponent with some hammah fists but Dubois using the wall to get up. Pereira is still on him and takes Dubois down once again, but history repeats itself as he gets back up to his feet. Pereira pressuring Dubois against the fence, picks him up but Dubois wiggles out of his grip. Hard leg kick for Dubois has Pereira hesitant on coming in and the round comes to an end.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Pereira

Round 3: Fighters touch gloves and Dubois and fighters Pereira lands a body kick that is blocked by Dubois. Dubois lands a right hook and Pereira pushes Dubois up against the fence where he once more dumps Dubois. Dubois might not have good takedown defense but he is effective at getting back up as he gets up onto his feet once more. Pereira again with a takedown but Dubois back on his feet. Pereira (do I sound like a broken record?) with another takedown where he can establish a better position and manages to take Dubois’ back. Dubois stands up but is carrying his opponent like a backpack. Dubois shrugs Pereira off and both fighters back on their feet. Dubois with a right hand and Pereira with a body kick. Dubois with a flying knee that catches Pereira in the midsection, but Pereira recovers and takes his opponent down. Pereira now in half guard as Dubois is on his side with his head against the fence. Pereira takes advantage of his position and delivers a few good shots as the round comes to an end.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Pereira
Top MMA News scores the fight 30-27 for Pereira
Top MMA News’ Julian Cymbalista-Clapp confirms that Pereira landed 13 takedowns in the fight.
Mario Pereira defeats Maxime Dubois by Split Decision (30-27×2, 28-29)

Fight 8: 140lbs
Aiemann Zahabi vs Phil Deschambeault
Round 1: Deschambeault attempts a jumping roundhouse but catches air. Aiemann shows him how it’s done by landing a head kick of his own and Deschambeault falls to the canvas but isn’t out. Aiemann in half guard for some time but lets Deschambeault regain guard so he can posture and unleash some effective ground and pound that has the crowd buzzing. Deschambeault now showing his back but Zahabi easily slips his forearm under a vulnerable neck, falls back and squeezes. It takes very little time for Deschambeault to recognize the danger and taps.
Aiemann Zahabi submits Phil Deschambeault by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:33

Fight 7: 145lbs
Alex Morgan vs. Adrian Vilaca

Morgan is visibly a crowd favorite as the crowd chants his name before his entry into the cage
Round 1: Vilaca paws first but Morgan responds in kind. Fighters testing their range but it is Morgan who lands a solid right hands that sounded like a leather belt slapping a barn door. Vilaca dives forward looking for a takedown but Morgan responds with an incomplete guillotine but gets taken down in the process. Morgan uses a butterfly hook to separate himself from Vilaca and gets back up. However he eats a hard knee as soon as he’s up. His knee buckles as he moves back and Vilaca comes in but Morgan sends him back with a straight right as soon as he’s in his radar. Fighters exchange shots and it is Morgan who lands the more solid hit that has Vilaca going to the canvas. Morgan attempts to improve his position and lands some blows in the process. Vilaca is relentless and reverses his position, and now he attacks with chokes. Morgan attempts to fight his way out but spends the rest of the round defending the choke and some ground and pound.
Top MMA News scores this round 10-9 for Vilaca

Round 2: Vilaca swallows air as he dives toward nothing. Morgan sidesteps and partially lands a hook in the process. Vilaca bounces back up but eats a right uppercut when he presses forward. Vilaca dashes forward for a right but gets caught with a tunderous hook that has his opponent backpeddle and lose his balance. Vilaca showing some heart and gets up in time to bully Morgan toward the fence. Morgan goes for the guillotine choke but is unable to finish it. Vilaca now has superior top position, and moves to back control where he’s been dominant so far. Vilaca finally lands the choke he’s been looking for in the first round and forces Morgan to tap in front of the desolate crowd.
Adrian Vilaca submits Alex Morgan by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 2:44

Fight 6: 145lbs
Robert Seres vs. Samuel Desruisseaux
Round 1: A left hook and a thai plumb with a right knee lands for Seres and fighters are suddenly in a clinch war against the fence. Desruisseaux with a right knee of his own  that has Seres disengaging. Fighters clinch up again and Seres judo throws Desruisseaux to the canvas but doesn’t take advantage of his strong position. Desruisseaux manages to get back up and gets on top position, but Seres locks a guillotine in the process. The hold is too tight and Desruisseaux is forced to tap.
Robert Seres submits Samuel Desruisseaux by Guillotine in Round 1, 2:00

Fight 5: 170lbs
Ian Perron vs. Vanja Vojvodic
Round 1: Vojvodic taking center stage and fighters dance round for a bit sizing each other up. Perron strike first with a leg kick followed by a body kick. Vojvodic catches the body kick however and bullies the smaller Perron to the canvas. Perron attacks with an omoplata but the Serbian import defends it. Vojvodic seizes the moment to take Perron’s back, locks the hooks and is aggressively pursuing the rear naked choke and it looks close from where I am sitting but the Tristar fighter weathers the storm. Vojvodic engages in a second grip war looking for the choke and lands a solid attempt. The Tristar crowd grows worried and screaming for Perron to fight it but he is forced to tap.
Vanja Vojvodic wins by strangulation (according to the hilariously incompetent announcer)
Vanja Vojvodic submits Ian Perron by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:14

Fight 4: 155lbs:
Johny Ouellette vs. Charles Bellemare

round 1: Bellemare wastes no time and dives for a double leg takedown. Johny’s defending well but his opponent holds onto a single. Bellemare falls looking for a rolling kneebar but Ouellette stifles it and lands a hard hammer fist for his opponent’s troubles. Johny passes to side mount but Bellemare rolls away and secures a reverse triangle choke. It is deep. Ouellette grimaces and then collapses. Firas pleads for the ref to stop the fight. The referee calls and end to the fight and Bellemare bounces back up but Johny remains on the canvas as he is out cold. Spectacular display of crafty grappling by Bellemare.
Charles Bellemare submits Johny Oullette by Reverse Triangle in Round 1, 1:59

Fight 3: 170lbs
Zander Mccomber vs. Domenic Rucollo

Round 1: Mccomber with a strong straight and ducks under his opponent’s punch for a takedown. Rucollo defends and pushes Mccomber against the fence. He lands a hard right to the temple of his opponent. Mccomber grabs an arm and drags his opponent to the canvas looking for a kimura. He almost secures it but is forced to let go. Rucollo is on top but sticks his head down, and despite a few hammer fists, doesn’t display much activity. Rucollo now decides to lazily pass is opponent’s guard but Mccomber sees this as an opportunity to get back to his feet. Mccomber attempts a spinning wheel kick as the round comes to an end but catches nothing but air.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Domenic Rucollo

Round 2: Fighters meet at the center and Mccomber slaps a body kick to Rucollo’s midsection. Rucollo wants nothing of his opponent’s stand up and muscles him up against the fence and takes Mccomber down with an inside leg trip. Mccomber back to his bread and butter by lowering his head and attempts a Mark Coleman neck crank but lacks the veteran’s finesse. Mccomber throws his hips up and threatens with a triangle choke. He transitions to an armbar that has Rucollo rolling as Mccomber follows him. Mccomber now in a better position but Rucollo goes for a kneebar that Mccomber easily defends. Mccomber now on top and easily gets to mount. He rains some punches that has Rucollo give his back. The ref pays close attention but Rucollo shows heart and fights his way out somehow, and manages to threaten with an odd looking reverse calf slicer (I don’t know how to explain it). Mccomber defends, and regains mount and delivers three hard shots before the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the second round 10-9 for Mccomber

Round 3: Round three begins with Rucollo dashing toward his opponent and tying him up against the cage. Mccomber threatens with a thai plumb and throws two hard knees and a right as his opponent disengages. Rucollo thros a right hook if his own that stuns Mccomber and uses this momentum to go back to the fence. Mccomber reverses and attempts a spinning elbow but misses. Mccomber attempting a lazy double leg takedown and Rucollo defends with a guillotine attempt. Mccomber defends but is then muscles back down to the floor and is now in his opponent’s guard. Rucollo’s stalling doesn’t fool the ref and he orders the fighters back to their feet. Mccomber with another spinning elbow attempt but Rucollo responds by locking him up as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the third round 10-9 for Rucollo
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 Rucollo
Domenic Rucollo defeats Zander Mccomber by Split Decision (29-28×2, 28-29)

*For the record, the announcer took forever to read the judge’s cards and totally killed the buzz

Fight 2: 155lbs
Karim Ranni vs. Tommy Cote

Round 1- Fighters take center of the cage. Cote with a jab and Ranni responds with a lowkick. Fighters then pounce and exchange back and forth blows. They are now up against the fence and clinch. Cote with two hard uppercuts up the middle but Ranni recovers and bodylocks his opponent before muscling him to the ground. Ranni looking to improve his position but Cote using the cage to wallwalk and is up on his feet. Fighters back up and exchange punches but Ranni lands a hard low kick that has Cote buckling. Ranni then takes Cote down but Cote is able to reverse the position but it quickly ends up in a scramble and Ranni recovers top position and in Cote’s guard. Ranni lazily squaring in front of Cote from his feet and partially eats a heel to the face. He decides to take himself out of danger and collapses back into Cote’s guard. Cote looking for an armbar as he holds an arm and shifts his hips but Ranni defends. This marks the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Ranni

Round 2: Ranni with a stiff jab then catches Cote’s body kick and forces him to the floor. Ranni now in Cote’s guard. Ranni looking to improve his position but his trainer, Firas Zahabi, wants him to stay in guard for ground and pound. Cote reverses Ranni but the tristar student gets back to his feet. Both fighters now in the pocket and exchange a hard straight each. Fighters exchanging two more straights from the pocket and decide it hurts, so they tie up. Cote lands a hip throw but Ranni uses the momentum to land on top and into Cote’s guard. Cote looking for that armbar but Ranni responds by pulling his arm out followed by a straight. Round comes to an end.
Top MMA News scores round two 10-9 for Ranni

Round 3: Fighters test each other’s chins and thighs with some punches and kicks that have lost some zest now that they are a bit more tired. Cote moves in and forces Ranni up against the cage, but the tristar student throws a knee up the middle that doesn’t hurt Cote but makes him let go out of respect. Cote finding his range, lands a stunning straight right that has Ranni fall backward. Ranni springs back up as Cote moves in, both fighters exchange some punches and Cote lands an uppercut that has Ranni fall to the canvas. Cote moving in for the kill and in Ranni’s guard, but Ranni reverses position and is now on top. This nearly works in Cote’s favor as he threatens with a triangle choke to armbar combination that Ranni manages to defend. However a second armbar attempt manages to lock in tight. Ranni grimaces and is forced to tap. Excellent fight !!!
Tommy Cote submits Karim Ranni by Arm Bar in Round 3, 4:10

Fight 1 – 165lbs
David Therrien vs. Nate Oses
Round 1: Fighters exchange jabs and Nate shoots in for a double. After slamming his opponent, Nate passes to half guard and delivers a few knees to the midsection of his opponent. Nate attempting to pass to mount but David stifles him. Firas Zahabi, Nate’s corernman, is pleading for his pupil to go for mount and David succceeds. Nate unloads with some vicious ground and pound and a hard elbow but David muscles his way out, forcing a scramble and Nate now in full guard. Nate with some thundering elbows but David ties him up. Nate uses his ground and pound to pass to side control and is feeding across his opponent’s belly to go for mount, but David uses his legs to bridge off the fence. Nate going for an americana keylock but his opponent fends it off. Round ends
Top MMA News scores this round 10-8 for Nate Oses

Round 2: Fighters touch gloves and Nate dives in with a power double. Nate once again in side control, further establishing his grappling dominance. The tristar student is softens up his oppnent with some light ground and pound but switches gears and delivers a hard elbow that stuns David temporarily. He takes advantage of this, passes to mount and immediately rains down heavy blows. David Therrien gives his back and Nate secures the rear naked choke win.
Nate Oses submits David Therrien by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 1:29

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  1. Chapman says:

    Congrats Nate osses!!

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  2. M.F.M says:

    Thata boy Vilaca!!!!! big win bro! more to come very soon….

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  3. Xtine says:

    Congrats to Vanja Vojvodic!!! That was an amazing strangulation! Keep it coming, on to the next one!!!

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  4. Barca says:

    Shame on Tristar for putting Zahabi against a guy like Phil Deschambault. 100% shameful.

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  5. Graham Weenk says:

    @Barca, 100% agreed! Its one thing to build a fighter up, but that’s not what that is, that is finding easiest possible fight out there. I had a fighter in CFM when Deschambault fought Mady, we shared a change room with deschambault and he graced us with some knowledge: “real fighters don’t train, you’re just born a fighter or you’re not”

    Among many other statements about technique doesn’t matter, its all toughness and so on..its a piss off guys like that are still in this sport and that they are getting fights while so many guys train their buts off and can’t even find 1 or 2 fights a year.

    Obviously its because the legit guys are training hard they can’t get the fights, if a hometown promoter gives the option to fight a legit guy or take virtually guaranteed win vs a guy doesn’t believe in training, why not take the easy W. Its gotta be up to the promoter to stop using these guys.

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  6. Frustrated says:

    Agreed with the above two statements. Not only that, but they used him AFTER already feeding him to Ryan Hall during their last event.

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  7. MKB says:

    Looks like most of the fights were competitive. Firas saved the mismatch for his brother.

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