Video Interview: Ryan Ford Calls Out Steve Carl; ‘No One in Canada is On My Level’

Ryan Ford

Ryan Ford (photo: Rob Trudeau)

Top MMA News’ Cody Rempel caught up with Ryan Ford following his WSOF Canada victory over Joel Powell.

In the interview, Ford discusses:

  • his WSOF Canada Welterweight title win over Powell,
  • his training at Tristar,
  • how he now has skills,
  • how no Canadian outside the bigger promotion is at his level,
  • and how he wants to fight Steve Carl.

68 Responses to “ Video Interview: Ryan Ford Calls Out Steve Carl; ‘No One in Canada is On My Level’ ”

  1. ruckus780 says:

    Also Quit bringing Machan up….He knows he is no where never has never will be on Fords level that is a fucking Joke….He flapped his gums to people a while ago Ford tryed to make that fight happen And Machan pulled his pantys up apologized for running his lips and turned it down

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  2. Robin Black says:

    @Puck Kyle Bradley debuted in 2008 (vs Lytle)

    The UFC is cheap but dude they have raised the minimum contract a BIT over the past SIX years lol.

    Lowest official contract today remains 6k plus 6k but it seems 8k and 8k has become the debut norm.

    Thanks Ryan D and thanks for the good wishes for my fight man.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Good to see ya back ruckus, keep doin your thing and not taking shit from anyone man. Cheers.

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  4. PUCK says:

    ya if you read my post RB I said in the past? Plus your boy Ryan D already said that but thanks for reiterating that same point again?

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  5. Robin Black says:

    You ever mellow out at all? Like kick back and smoke one and watch cartoons?

    Its nice to chill sometimes man.

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  6. Marquee says:

    Ryan Machan doesn’t need to fight Ryan Ford if he is trying make the UFC. There are many other fighters he can choose from that would allow him such an opportunity. Just look at the recent Canadian accusations by the UFC. Unfortunately, fighting Ford at this point in his career will do nothing forward any fighters prospects…unless the much lesser raked WSOF is your ultimate goal. Fighters need to do what is best off for them and not fanboys

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  7. Ryan D says:


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  8. Marquee says:

    Everyone laughs at any post made by @ryan d. Do you understand how mma works or only what fight tshists to wear to keep pretending.
    My proof being, look at all the last fight or two before getting signed to the UFC, i.e- GSP defeating Pete Spratt, a past TUF contestant…duh

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  9. This years limited edition Ford model is on a totally different level than last years model with more speed, power and aggresivness, as witnessed in his last outing were he came out burning rubber in all 4 gears, you dont believe me take one for a test drive, if you got the balls!!

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  10. Ryan D says:

    Im laughing at you because if you don’t think beating Ryan Ford does anything for a prospects chances at the UFC or some other big organization your an idiot. There is more to mma than the UFC. More than 1 good organization out there. Open your eyes to mma and not just the UFC its an amazing thing. Give it a shot you might enjoy it!!

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  11. Ryan D says:

    Are you making a joke when you use GSP beating Pete Spratt a TUF vet as a reference to George making it to the UFC? If you did jokes on you because GSP debuted in Nov 2003 and TUF didn’t start till 2005. Lol. Pretty sure Pete was on the UFC tuf comeback series with Matt serra and made his UFC debut prior to TUF even being around. Jokes on you bro DUH!!!!

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  12. frenchfries says:

    He’s #2 behind Macdonald. Absolutely.

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  13. Andrew says:

    I don’t think there is a doubt that ford is better then half the ufc welter weight roster. With that point made it makes no sense for machan or any other Canadian trying to make ufc to fight ford for anything less then ufc minimum which is 8-8 you can probably fly someone more suitable in for less

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  14. Terry robertson says:

    All I know is I would love to see Ford vs. Macdonald or Mein or Chris Clements as well. All of those guys are beasts.

    Is Clements still with the UFC?

    I think Ford should beat Clements but I wouldn’t count Chris out of the fight and I can see him testing Fords game for sure.

    Sad to think for whatever reason we might not get to see those match ups as fight fans.

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  15. Marquee says:

    GSP went on to the UFC after beating Pete Spratt, which backs up the clear point I made. Learn to read or understand English @ryan d. You have yet to have one positive post on this site, which shows you no nothing about mma or the UFC. You are definitely not a fighter, promoter or manager. Who’s your fanboy you get on your knees for? Duh..dummy

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  16. Ryan D says:

    Yet to post a positive comment you must be new to this site. Cain,Jon Jones, Wide man,Lawler,Hendricks,Pettis,Aldo,Baro and Mighty mouse all UFC champions or fighting for vacant title that have made it to the UFC without beating a former UFC fighter to get there. Thanks for coming out Fanboy!!! Your point is invalid and erelevant to making it to UFC……. Oh ya sorry not a manager,fighter or promoter but does that really matter. Are you?

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  17. roryrules says:

    Not sure Ford would do well against Macdonald. Mein and Clements would be sleeping in the first round however.

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  18. Bjayjay says:

    John Allesio?

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