TUF Nations: Episode 7 Recap – Aubin-Mercier vs Matthews


TUF Nations 2 After losing momentum to the Aussies, Sheldon Westcott suprised Dan Kelly, his team, and all MMA fans with what Brendan O’Reilly called a “Whirlwind of Destruction” to increase Canada’s lead to 4-2. Will Olivier Aubin-Mercier increase Canada’s lead this episode or will Jake Matthews win one for Team Australia?

Episode starts with O’Reilly confronting Kajan Johnson about the “He’s done” comment after Dan Kelly lost.  Nothing comes of it.

Kajan Johnson talks about Aubin-Mercier and calls him a beast. He says he would rather fight Chad Laprise than Oli.

Patrick Cote calls OAM a “horse” who always goes 100%.

OAM says that Georges St-Pierre was the guy who got him started in MMA. OAM was in judo but switched to MMA five years ago.

Luke Harris tells Olivier that he should write in his journal. OAM says he has a two year old daughter who has just learned how to speak. She just had her birthday. OAM calls it the most important fight of his career.

A engine roar happens. A Ferrari is in the gym. The fighters get to play some video games for a Ferrari ride tomorrow. Fast time gets the ride and a XBox. Chris Indich wins.

Badger O’Reilly goes for a nudie run.

Weigh-Ins: Jake Matthews (169) vs Olivier Aubin-Mercier (169)

Harris is great at breaking down fighters. He says OAM is a brown belt in BJJ, a black belt in Judo, and a southpaw. Quite the package.

Patrick Cote gives the weigh-in guys a Justin Bieber picture and the two pose with him.

Jake Matthews wants a BJJ superfight with OAM.

Chris Indich got the ride. He says he thinks they went 200 km/hr.

Jake Matthews is trying to get into the zone for the fight. He is imagining how proud his family will be if he wins.

Meanwhile, Nordine Taleb is showing OAM how to separate and egg. Taleb thinks OAM has a big strength advantage. He said OAM really had a tough time when Taleb lost. Now, OAM is getting over it.

Noke says Matthews is great everywhere.

Harris says Matthews, who is 19, could be their best Welterweight.

Cote says Aussie will be surprised by OAM’s hands. He is comfortable with this fight.

Jake Matthews vs Olivier Aubin-Mercier
R1. Matthews scores a left first. A right and a missed front kick by Matthews. Quick right jab by Aubin-Mercier. Body kick by Matthews. Right by Matthews and another. Combo by Matthews followed by a right by Aubin-Mercier. Aubin-Mercier rushes in for the clinch but Matthews ends up pushing him against the cage. Aubin-Mercier spins him around and lands some knees before they break. Body kick by Aubin-Mercier. Uppercut by Aubin-Mercier and then a takedown and Aubin-Mercier is in Matthews guard. Body shot by Aubin-Mercier who stands and stacks Matthews. Some more GNP from OAM. Harder shots not by Aubin-Mercier. Minute left. Two lefts by Aubin-Mercier. Matthews not trying to get off his back. Right by Aubin-Mercier. Matthews somersaults and gets to his feet but then pulls guard. Right by Aubin-Mercier.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Aubin-Mercier

Noke tells Matthews that he needs to disengage as he is way better on the feet.

R2. Combo by Matthews, who is the better striker. Leg kick by Aubin-Mercier but it is caught by Matthews who tries to take him down with it. Instead its Aubin-Mercier who drags Matthews down. Right by Aubin-Mercier. Left by Aubin-Mercier. More punches by Aubin-Mercier. As Matthews tries to get off the ground, Aubin-Mercier gets his back. Body triangle on by Aubin-Mercier. He tries for a RNC but does not have it. Some lighter shots by OAM. Matthews can’t get him off his back. Matthews lands several shots with Aubin-Mercier still controlling him. Neither throwing very hard. Aubin-Mercier looks to his corner for advice. Aubin-Mercier with some more effective shots from back control. More shots as Aubin-Mercier looks like he has abandoned trying to get a RNC.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Aubin-Mercier
Top MMA News scores the fight 20-18 Aubin-Mercier
Olivier Aubin-Mercier defeats Jake Matthews by Unanimous Decision

Cote says that is the first time Aubin-Mercier has been hit in a fight.

Olivier Aubin-Mercier is disappointed that he did not finish. Aubin-Mercier says that he has never been hit. He called Matthews ‘explosive’ on the feet. Aubin-Mercier wins an XBox One for his troubles as well.

Noke tells Matthews that he should have had confidence in his stand up. Matthews says he did not apply what he knew in the fight.

Next Fight: Luke Harris vs Vik Grujic

Cote calls Harris a hard worker. Noke says Grujic could win a decision if he keeps it standing. Harris says it will be another first round submission win for him.

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