Canadian Heavyweight Rankings – February 2014


King Rama stayed on his throne this rankings period.  Others were not able to retain their Top 5 ranking in this “big man” division as the little guys continue to invade from smaller divisions.

Here are the Top 5:

Official Canadian Heavyweight Rankings

1. Smealinho Rama (7-1) – Previous Rank (1)Smealinho Rama kept his hold on the number one spot despite losing his MFC title shot against Anthony Hamilton in 2013.  Rama rebounded like a champion at WSOF Canada on February 21, 2014 when he defeated former Olympic wrestler Steve Mocco.  Despite being the underdog, Rama took everything thing Mocco could give in the first round of the fight, then took over the second and dominated the third to win the biggest fight of his career and keep a firm grip on being the Top Heavyweight in Canada.  Next Fight: TBD

Smealinho Rama handles Ryan Fortin at MFC 35.

Smealinho Rama (Photo: Rob Trudeau | Rob T Sports)

2. Mike Hackert (6-2) – Previous Rank (2) – After vaulting up the Heavyweight rankings in 2012, Mike Hackert came crashing down to reality at the hands of Smealinho Rama a year ago.  Rama was too big and too strong for Hackert and “The Honey Badger” was TKO’d quickly.  With no signs of returning to MMA in sight, Hackert will drop off this list next time Heavyweights are ranked.  Next Fight: TBD

3. Kalib Starnes (16-8) – Previous Rank (NR) – Kalib Starnes continues the trend of formerly ranked Middleweights finding success at the Heavyweight level.  Like Hackert, Starnes picked Tim Hague apart using his speed and accuracy to become ranked in the division.  Starnes also found success in 2013 at 205 lbs.  Who wants to see a Starnes vs Hackert fight?  Next Fight: TBD

4. Tim Hague (16-8) – Previous Rank (3) – Since the last ranks, the Thrashing Machine actually went 2-1 with wins over Jordan Tracey and Lee Mein, while suffering a loss to Kalib Starnes.  Tim Hague is no longer the dominant Canadian Heavyweight but any opponent should remain cautious – if Hague gets you lined up in his sights, you’ll end up staring at the lights.  He may have slowed down, but he still has power in those fists of his!  Just ask Mein and Tracey. Next Fight: TBD

5. Craig Hudson (4-3) – Previous Rank (NR) – 2013 was a breakout year for the War Dog!  Following back to back losses against Hague and Rama in 2012, Craig Hudson took on the previously ranked Ryan Fortin for the Five Star Fight League title.  Hudson came in with speed and a great strategy and ended up finishing the Vanilla Gorilla in the fourth round.  Next, Hudson finished Gary Peck in his first title fence.  What is next for War Dog?  He was going to fight Tim Hague again, but Five Star graciously allowed their champion to fight in Bellator in May.  Next Fight: vs Stuart Austin at Bellator 119 on May 9.

Fighters who dropped out of the Top 5:  Ryan Fortin (was 4th), Paul Cheng (was 5th)

Outside the Top 5:

Ryan Fortin (6-5)
Paul Cheng (4-1)
Jordan Tracey (3-3)
Tanner Boser (4-0)

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11 Responses to “ Canadian Heavyweight Rankings – February 2014 ”

  1. Just Sayin says:

    I don’t get Hackery still being in the rankings.
    He has been inactive for over a year and we I saw a post on here once from Nathan Swayze that Hackert wouldn’t return to the HW Div.

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  2. RickRoll says:

    Hague vs Rama needs to happen! If Rama is going to be the top dog in Canada he needs the Hague fight to add to his resume. Put the friendship aside and throw some leather boys!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 0

  3. RickRoll says:

    Would love to see Starnes vs Hackert at 205 lbs! Somebody make that fight happen!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

  4. RNC says:

    Rama beat Mocco who is basically a poor man’s Pat Cummins. Never saw the fight apparently was close. I’d like to see him fight Hague or Starnes next at WSOF or FFL in April to really see who is Canada’s top heavyweight. I also agree with just saying Hackert said he was done at heavyweight and also hasn’t fought in this division in about a year so I don’t think he should be included in the rankings. I’d put Paul Cheng in one of those bottom two spots and move the other guys up.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 3

  5. RickRoll says:

    Alright how about Paul Cheng fights Tim Hague because I don’t know much about Cheng. Hague seems to be the gatekeeper at this point so it makes sense.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Paul Cheng is with OneFC, I doubt him and Hague would fight.

    I agree that Hackert should be removed.

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  7. Jeremy says:

    Why would it make sense for Rama to fight Hague? You just fought a guy like mocco and won. No offence to Hague, I really like him but fight a higher ranked fighter who is not your buddy and who is not ranked below you.

    Promoters would like a local match which keeps costs down but that makes no sense for Rama

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  8. R*pe Choke says:

    I’d pay big money to see Rama vs. Starnes. It’s a big step up but that kind of name on your resume would be huge.

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  9. Rick Roll says:

    Jeremy, it makes sense because Hague used to be the #1 HWT, he is still top 5 in Canada, a UFC vet and coming off a win over an always game Lee Mein.

    I repeat, Rama vs Hague needs to happen. It is a good test for Rama as he is young and has room to grow. It is a big fight for Canadian HWT MMA.

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  10. TB says:

    Rick roll,

    I repeat: Why would it make sense for Rama to fight Hague? He just fought a guy like mocco and won. Now to take a big step backwards? And against your buddy? Makes no sense unless your the promoter.

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  11. Larry says:

    Well they both beat up the Grandpanator (who hasn’t in the HW div) so that’s a non factor.

    Would be a good scrap but can’t see Rama losing it.

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