Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – February 24, 2014

photo: Rob Trudeau

photo: Rob Trudeau

I love this time of year as MMA is really heating up in Canada. WSOF Canada had a great show, Ontario and Quebec have events coming up, and TUF Nations is nearing the semi-final round in two more episodes with Canada looking solid. It is good to be a Canadian fight fan!

  • ECC 20 will be held on April 5th at the Halifax Forum. One of the fights that is confirmed is between two of the better prospects on the east coast with Morgan Rhynes (3-0) taking on Michael Spoenlein (2-0)!
  • I’m hearing that Mark Drummond (5-2) versus Rocky Biggs (5-0) has been moved off the Unified MMA 18 card in March and moved to Unified MMA 19 in May.
  • Unified MMA 20 will be held on July 4th in Edmonton, AB!
  • Charmaine Tweet (4-4) might fight Veronica Rothenhausler (1-0) of Team Alpha Male at 155lbs at Invicta FC 8.  If they do, they would be the first Invicta Lightweight bout ever!
  • Want Mark Coleman’s Pride 2000 Grand Prix trophy and big ass cheque?  You can bid on it on e-bay HERE.  A real bargain at $24.5K!
  • Sometimes it does not pay to train at Tristar! Let’s say you and your coach’s brother fight at the same weight class and are fighting on the same card. All the sudden, the coach’s brother has his opponent pull out. If you are at Tristar, your opponent is pulled from you and booked to fight your coach’s brother. That is just what happened with James Mancini (1-1) and Aiemann Zahabi (1-0)! Phil Deschambeault was Mancini’s opponent until Zahabi’s (Benny Delgado) pulled out. Now Zahabi is fighting Deschambeault (4-6) and you are scrambling for an opponent!
  • Adam Lorenz fought his WSOF Canada bout against Josh Machan with a torn meniscus. Here’s hoping he heals up quickly! Also, here’s hoping that Josh Machan’s broken hand isn’t the same issue he had to deal with when he had to pull out of his WSOF bout with Shawn Albrecht!

  • Battle for the Border 3 will be held in Cranbrook, BC on April 12th!
  • The Randa Markos vs Lynell House bout at PFC 2 has been upgraded to a title fight and will now be for the Provincial Fighting Championship Women’s Flyweight Title!
  • Congrats to ‘Bonesaw’ Brad Cardinal for opening his Cardinal MMA gym. Check out the Wreck MMA Lightweight champion’s gym at 6029 Centre Street SW in Calgary and all their programs HERE!
  • So… the same night as WSOF Canada is going down in Edmonton, “supposed” WSOF Canada co-owner (as per his facebook page) Troy Lepage is in Arizona attending a KOTC show with Ken Kupsch and Terry Trebilcock… something doesn’t seem right here! :)
  • Joslin’s MMA went .500 in Kentucky at the Bluegrass Brawl this weekend.  In the win column, Johnny Sanguinetti took home a Bluegrass amateur title with a Rear Naked and David Looker also won an ammy fight by RNC.  On the losing side, Chris Watson was KO’d in his pro fight, while Marc Gillespie lost a decision in his amateur contest.
  • If you are David Hale, you just can’t catch a break.  His pro fight was pulled the night of the fight when his opponent got a case of Chicken Flu and did not show up.  UPDATE: Provincial Fighting Championships just added a Hale vs Patrick Lafleur fight to their card.
  • Shane “Shaolin” Campbell came up short in his K-1 World MAX Final Four bout to Enriko Kehl, losing by unanimous decision in Baku, Azerbaijan on Sunday.
  • Kickboxing stud “Bazooka” Joe Valtellini will appear as a guest coach on the new MMA reality series, Combat Americas, which is shown on the TV channel mun2. The TV station mun2 as well as Combat Americas are orientated towards a Hispanic audience. The show premiered on Sunday, February 23rd and is in Spanish with English subtitles!
  • Well done Dale Kliparchuk! The Alberta commissioner has made a few positive lifestyle changes and has lost a significant amount of weight and looks great!
  • There was a little altercation at WSOF Canada. From what it sounds like and details are a bit sketchy, Steve “Big Bad” Beaumont (7-2) was trying to get into the inaugural WSOF Canada show on Friday without buying a ticket, feeling as he was a WSOF Canada fighter ( he should be able to enter the event for free. Well WSOF Canada CFO, Steve Fader, didn’t appreciate Beaumont wanting free entry and confronted him. Eventually, the onsite police at the event were called to get into the action. Beaumont didn’t appreciate that and when he got home, he laid down a challenge to his “boss” to a fight on the next WSOF show. Big heat here!

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30 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – February 24, 2014 ”

  1. james says:

    pretty sad he wouldn’t let him in, i know its business but come on. beaumont should probabley called in advance to ask him.

    num nuts should have gaven the kid a ticket once he got there.

    beaumont was probabley feeling pretty good and num nuts told him to get bent. what do you think is going to happen? sad to treat a fighter that way and cause a scene.

    harvey and moin would have never done that no matter if they had money or not.

    10 bucks num nuts laughed at the guy to make it worst.

    mark p would have gave him a ticket and ken would have to i bet because beaumont sells tons.

    i remember moin saying beaumonts sold more tickets than ford did. not bad for a no body.

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  2. mma says:

    hah ayeah set it up fader vs beaumont haha. You guys think if an event isnt sold out the fighters should get in free? or just leave the seat empty? When I went to a UFC card in Vegas there were tons of fighters in the crowd interacting with fans and signing autographs, it was pretty sick, not to mention good marketing. only the second card and the chief finacial officers already pinching his pennies.

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  3. mma says:

    Deos fader have a backround in accounting or anything?

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  4. Just Sayin says:

    I’m not saying it was the right thing or the wrong thing of Fader to do.

    But I am saying it was wrong of Beaumont to show up and just expect to get in.

    I’m sure if he had msg Darren or Steve previously and asked, this wouldn’t be on the rumor mill or even an issue.

    Just Sayin!

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  5. Just Sayin says:

    Also, supporting local mma doesn’t mean having things handed to you or expecting things for free!

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  6. mma says:

    yeah but when you step in a cage and give blood sweat and tears you think your employer would let you sit in an empty seat. Instead of power tripping and calling the cops over

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  7. mma says:

    he obviouly should have asked ahead of time tho i get your point

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  8. Brian Shute says:

    Not the first time Beaumont ruffled some feathers at or after an AFC/WSOF event. Bit of a hot-head. Should he probably have been invited? Sure. Was it stupid of him to show up and expect it. Yep. Call ahead next time to tell someone you’re coming instead of acting like an entitled brat.

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  9. BOOBOO says:


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  10. DeepEnd says:

    Was Beaumont trying to get 1 ticket or was he looking to get a dozen free last minute tickets for him and his fanboy entourage?
    I’ve never seen pro fighters of an organiapzation/company not be given ticket to an event they were not fighting in
    Obviously, they are a few factors missing from this story, but to end up being turned away, means Mr. Big Bad acted like an arrogant douche and telling anybody ‘I’m a pro fighter’, doesn’t mean shit, doesn’t intimidate anyone and soon enough will be asking people ‘if they would like fries with that’.
    Forget about challenging your boss Faber. After these shameful and embarrassing actions, the line up is even bigger now to beat him up
    I do hope Beaumont lets us know what he thought if the fights, when he watches them a week from now

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  11. Robin Black says:

    If 40 fighters under contract each wanted 2 free tickets that would cost a show 7 or 8 thousand dollars.

    That would pay for a really really good main card fight.

    If a show gives away that many tickets that will cause them to have one less good fight. That takes money and a good opportunity right out from underneath 2 good athletes.

    Its rude and arrogant to think you automatically get in free when you have the night off and can have a beer and watch fights but everyone else should pay when you fight.

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  12. Andrew says:

    If he wanted in free should have volunteered. Ive been to lots of cards where fighters are helping with security/cage doors/cleaning blood. Ive never had anything handed to me and I don’t expect anything to be. I hope for beaumonts sake there is more to this story then the tantrum rumor.

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  13. Donald Duck says:

    No Bobby “The Snorkle” Kalmakoff updates?!?


    PS – I remember running into MP the afternoon of a show in the outdoor tent. We chatted a bit and he asked if I was coming to the fights and offered up a couple of standing room spots if I didn’t already have tickets.

    First Rule of Business – Don’t discount your prime product but always be flexible with options.

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  14. Big bad steve beaumont must of had an identity crisis and thought he was G.S.P or Anderson Silva, the correct protocol and keeping up with proper ethics would have been for steve beaumont to get hold of the promoter (Fader) ahead of time and I am sure him being a reasonable and congenial person he would have put him on on guest list just like he does with fighters, those working corners, commision personal etc. so that when beaumont approached the front ticket takers who are only doing their job they would have checked him off the list and with no drama granted him free passage, rather than blowing up with his childish false sense of entitlement!!

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  15. Graham Weenk says:

    in all fairness, bobby k has only been wearing his snorkle to perfect his “diving” technique, very important part to his game

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  16. mmafan says:

    What time are the fights being shown on tsn or tsn2 on friday? I cant frind it on the guide it says they have lacross and basketball on WTF!!

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  17. Ryan D says:

    I hearing only NBC sports network which is not offered in contacts.

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  18. mmafan says:

    shitty deal, bellator it is

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  19. DeepEnd says:

    WSOF Canada tries to say and act that they are the 2nd biggest organization in North America(they aren’t even #2 in Canada and won’t be until established, in a couple years), but Canadians can’t even watch the a Canadian event a week after even with a supposed national tv deal? Events been telecasted weeks after is something from 10 years ago.
    It’s clear those running the Canada branch of WSOF have no say in what goes on with this organizations dealings and unfortunately, Canadian mma fans are the ones getting the short end. It has been nothing but BS coming from the WSOF head office from the beginning. Either this branch of WSOF will cease operations or for the sake of Canadian mma fighters and fans, change those in charge because obviously these guys don’t know how to get things done…but I’m sure they are all getting paid

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  20. Mike Russell says:

    Hoping there is at least a stream to watch. Titan FC is also on CBS Sports if you get it.

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  21. mmafan says:

    @deepend I agree the marketing towards candians is sub par at best. Owen will come on here and tell you his cards are viewed by and average of 1.1 million, but yet on twitter you dont even have 700 followers. ‘then when you get mad about the event not being live he says no wait wait youll get to see it in a week. A week rolls around and you dont get to watch fck all. Quit talking out of the side of your mouth!!!

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  22. mmafan says:

    He’ll say oh no we can’t live stream the undercard nbc wont allow it, but the wsof streams their undercard on their website? How does that work? They had one organization ran it into the ground, so 3 merge and make AFC they run that one into the ground, so they merge into the wsof Canada, and are on the same path, if sefo was smart he would get someone in there with some educatipon in accounting and marketing, These ex fighters pretending to be Dana White just isnt gonna work out

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  23. mmafan says:

    WSOF is selling them Wolf tickets!!

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  24. TB says:

    All this talk coming from guys who have never done anything in their life.

    Good for you, use the internet to share your intelligent thoughts.

    Hearing you guys reminds me of a comment I heard last night on facebook. Trade gagner and two first round picks for Crosby.


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  25. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Actually Haters is streaming the fights at 9:30 eastern time…so grow up

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  26. Ryan D says: just make sure u click the x off first and dont hit play just clear the x and it works WSOF CANADA STREAM

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  27. LOL says:

    I’m watching it right now

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  28. DeepEnd says:

    So kiss asses, it’s not being shown nationally on TSN2 the week after the event, as previously stated, again and again.

    Some people so full of sh*t make great buddies. You guys are made for each other. If they told me the sky was blue, I’d look up to be sure

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  29. Ryan D says:

    Should have used the link above re playing again now!

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  30. Ryan D says:

    It does suck for the sponsors that were banking on it being on TSN2 though.

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