WSOF Canada: Ford vs Powell Play-by-Play – Ford Wins Title

(photo: Rob Trudeau)

(photo: Rob Trudeau)

Top MMA News is cage side at World Series of Fighting Canada’s debut show in Edmonton, Alberta.  Tonight, WSOF Canada will decide who their Welterweight champion will be as Ryan Ford takes on Joel Powell.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Knockout of the Night: Ryan Ford. (Watch it HERE)
  • Submission of the Night: Brandt Dewsbery
  • Fight of the Night: Ryan Dickson vs Michael Hill

Main Card

Ryan Ford KO

Ryan Ford vs Joel Powell
Inside leg kick by Ford is answered with a leg kick by Powell. Right head kick to the face CRUSHES Powell who Nestea Plunges back onto the mat! Ford immediately smells blood and crushes Powell with a right hammer fist. Ford puts Powell out!
Ryan Ford defeats Joel Powell by KO in Round 1, 0:53

Watch the KO in this video:

Steve Mocco vs Smealinho Rama
R1. Front kick to the face misses for Rama. Shot by Mocco, Rama down and right back up. Mocco grabs leg and hits his famous leg trip. Rama up again. Another takedown from the relentless Mocco has Rama down. Mocco landing lefts from inside Rama’s half guard. Mocco trying to improve position and Rama explodes and turns the page on Mocco. Has Mocco down, tries for a choke but no luck. Rama tries to lift Mocco – nope, not happening. Then tries a trip, nope again. They break. Leg kick by Rama and Mocco counters with a successful double leg take down. Mocco has Rama down near the centre of the cage. Ref stands them up. Uppercut by Rama lands. Mocco misses a spinning back kick. Round is over.
Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 Mocco

R2. Leg kick by Mocco. Right by Rama. Another right and Rama stuffs a weak takedown attempt. Steady diet of rights by Rama. Rama fights off a takedown. Leg kick by Rama. Inside leg kick and head kick by Rama. Mocco attempts takedown, no luck. Inside leg kick by Rama. Rama circles away from a Mocco advance. Mocco double legs Rama down to the mat. He moves to side control and steps into full mount. Rama just gave him that, was laying flat on his back. Mocco lands two sharp left elbows. Sweep attempt by Rama is almost good, but Mocco defends. Mocco now in Rama’s guard. Crowd boos and a few seconds later the ref stands the inactive combatants up.
Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 Mocco

R3.Rama probably needs a finish here. Inside let kick by Rama. Rama firing up his right again. Right left right left by Rama. Mocco backing up, decides to bum rush Rama and pins him against the cage. They break, Rama is getting the better of exchanges. Mocco throws some lazy spinning kick, he’s tired, Rama not so much. Rama hurts Mocco with a solid shot and backs him up. A combo drops Mocco and Rama works for the finish. Multiple solid shots land. Mocco digs deep and reverses position. They stand, Mocco is tired. Hooks and overhands land on the exhausted Mocco. Mocco in trouble as Rama pours it on. Rama landing at will as Mocco needs an oxygen tank. Rama lifts his hands up in the air seconds before the end of the round and is out of position as Mocco takes him down right at the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Rama
Top MMA Newes scores the fight 29-28 Mocco
Smealinho Rama defeats Steve Mocco by Unanimous Decision (29-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Mocco’s gas tank cost him that fight

Ryan Dickson vs Mike Hill
R1. Leg kick by hill. Hill steps in to strike and Dickson lands a sweet shot and takes him down. Dickson quickly to mount and has Hill’s legs locked up. Quick scramble and Dickson back in Hill’s half guard. Now Dickson tries to get to side control. Heavy shoulder pressure by Dickson. Light GNP by Dickson. Dickson seems happy just sitting in a good position. Dickson looks to improve and Hill scrambles up. Two leg kicks by Hill. 1-2 by Dickson. Upper cut followed by a right by Hill. Leg kick by Hill. Takedown attempt by Dickson stuffed. Big overhand right lands by Hill. Dickson seems a bit stunned. Another one lands as Dickson backs out looking to get out of danger. Unfortunately for Hill the round ends before he can do more damage.
Top MMA News scores the close round 10-9 Hill

R2. Both guys look fresh. Stuff left by Dickson. Hard head kick lands by Dickson. Hill pays homage to Team Canada and hockey fights Dickson hard, cuts him open over his left eye with a barrage of rights. Sharp straight left by Hill drops Dickson to his knee. Dickson up and eats another solid one to the face. Crisp striking from Hill. Another piston like left drops Dickson, this time a bit heavier. Hill hits him with an uppercut as he attempts to get up. Dickson desperately grabs a hold of Hill’s leg and is punished with a series of punches which have the ref jumping in nearly stopping the fight then changing his mind. Dickson up and has Hill pinned against the cage. Some wall and stall and they separate. A good combo ending with a left lands for Dickson. Round ends with both guys swinging.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hill

R3. Dickson with a right hook. Low blow by Dickson leads to a quick break. We are back at it. Dickson bleeding but lands a good left. Dickson works in and tries to jump on Hill’s back. Hill defends well but is pinned against the cage. Hill lands a couple of knees . Dickson working for a take down. Hill reverses position but is spun back into the cage and spins back out. They’re separated, Hill with a leg kick and both guys land nice blows to the head. Dickson shoots in deep under a Hill punch, but Hill defends and throws a flurry of elbows. Dickson has Hill against the cage, trying the take down. Hill lands a couple of punches to Dickson as he is defending. They separate. Leg kick followed by a head kick into a shot that pins Hill against the cage and the round ends. Dickson unable to secure takedowns will hurt him.
Top MMA News scores the close round 10-9 Dickson.
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 Hill Good blood, good action, good fight.
Mike Hill defeats Ryan Dickson by Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)

Adam Lorenz vs Josh Machan
R1. Big leg kick by Machan. Head kick blocked by Lorenz. Another one blocked. Body kick by Lorenz. Nice body shot by Lorenz. Left hook by Machan. Machan slips and Lorenz waves him up. Nice right to the body by Machan. Huge overhand left misses by Machan. Machan lands a leg kick. Lorenz lands a head kick. Machan answers with an overhand that misses. Another one and Lorenz ducks under. Very even. Left hook by Machan is blocked. Left hook to the body by Lorenz is countered by a left to the head by Machan. Machan lands a solid shot that has Lorenz fall back. Spinning back fist by Machan staggers Lorenz. Machan throws head kick and looks to take a low blow. Quick break and they’re back at it. Quick spinning fist by Machan misses. Inside leg kick by Lorenz. Machan with another spinning attack and is kicked in back by Lorenz.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Machan

R2. Leg kick by Lorenz. Body kick by Lorenz. Right by Machan lands. Body shot by Machan. Machan with two lefts. Both fighters trying to land one big punch. Body kick by Lorenz. Machan throws the same on Lorenz who stumbles. Spinning back fist is blocked by Lorenz. Right handed body shot now by Lorenz. Machan taunting Lorenz in. Machan tries a quick shot and Lorenz immediately flops back and tries guillotine. Machan escapes and moves to half guard. Lorenz gets his full guard back. Lorenz trying to sneak leg up, Machan notices and gets compact. Quick armbar by Lorenz doesn’t do nothing. Ref stands them up. Head kick by Lorenz blocked. Both exchange punches and kicks but all blows are defended. Lorenz with body kick. Machan hits Lorenz with a stiff jab. Solid knee by Lorenz. Machan with a capoeira kick just as the round closes.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Lorenz. Very close round.

R3. Lorenz with leg kick, eats a knee by Machan. Lorenz ducks under another spinning back fist. Machan with a single leg, Lorenz hits a solid guillotine on the way down. Machan posturing up and defending as Lorenz tries to reposition and get the choke in. Still holding on to the head trying to break Machan down. Arms must be burning, hopefully Lorenz flexed in front of the mirror often and built up his arms. Still tying to choke out Machan with the arm in guillotine. Looks tighter now as he once again repositions. Manages to get Machan’s arm out, and now it’s really on. Test of strength here! Machan has steel rods in his neck! Ref, Kyle Cardinal knows his BJJ and is letting Lorenz just squeeze like boa constrictor looking for its last supper!
The round ends with around 4 minutes of neck chokage!
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Lorenz
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 Lorenz 2nd round very close!
Josh Machan defeats Adam Lorenz by Split Decision (29-28×2, 28-29)

Machan mentions he broke his hand in the first round.

Brandt Dewsbery vs. Mark Drummond
Left by Dewsbery. Left kick by Dewsbery and another left. Left kick by Dewsbery. Solid short left by Drummond. Dewsbery uses body shots to get an underhook against the cage. Stalling against cage. Attempted throw by Dewsbery, no good. Dewsbery takes opponent’s back, while standing. Drummond slips out and has Dewsbery against cage. Scramble and Dewsbery gets on top of Drummond. A couple of solid GNP shots by Dewsbery are answered with a heel hook attempt by Drummond. Dewsbery out and takes Drummond’s back with hooks in. Working for RNC. It’s deep with Drummond belly down and flattened out. Dewsbery gives up the choke and lands heavy shots to the head of Drummond. Back with the choke attempt. This time there is no escape, Drummond taps.
Brandt Dewsbery submits Mark Drummond by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:31

Lenny Wheeler vs. Will Romero
R1. Solid right lands by Wheeler. They break but another right lands. Centre of cage with Wheeler telegraphing a take down. They break and Wheeler rushes in but he’s hit with a crisp left. Big left lands on Wheeler that nearly puts him out. Wheeler frozen but Romero doesn’t follow up quickly enough. Wheeler recovers and lands a combo that drops and hurts Romero. Romero up and they exchange multiple great back and forth punches with Wheeler slightly getting the better of Romero. Romero doesn’t look to have recovered 100%. Wheeler’s right finding a home on the left side of Romero’s face. Another good exchange against the cage. Wheeler landing a steady diet of 1-2s with Romero answering back. Romero stuns Wheeler but Wheeler fights through it. Wheeler follows Romero around the cage and hammers him with a big right and follows it up with a head kick. Romero is dazed and eats 2 serious upper cuts. Somehow he survives. What a fight! They’re back at it and Romero hits a power shot to the skull of Wheeler and drops him now. Romero parachutes down on Wheeler from behind with a barrage of shots. It looks like one definitely and possibly a second land to the back of Wheeler’s head. A couple other shots seem to just miss. Vern Gorman jumps in and calls time out. Romero think he’s won and starts to celebrate but is told that’s not the case. Wheeler complains about the shots to the back of the head, stands up takes a couple of steps towards Romero and flops backwards. Then gets up and collapses again. The doctors check on Wheeler as Romero is begging Wheeler to continue, pleading “come on man”. Wheeler is not in good shape and it’s ruled he can’t continue.

Unfortunate end to an incredible stand up affair.
Lenny Wheeler vs Will Romero ends in No Contest due to Unintentional Illegal Blows to Back of the Head


Matt Baker vs Mike Kent
R1. Leg kick by Kent has Baker shoot in and take Kent down. Baker using some of that team Minotauro jits and hits the omoplata and uses it to transition into a triangle attempt. Kent slips his head out. Baker powers on a rear naked choke attempt but Kent escapes. Full mount for Baker. Kent scrambles and attempts a single leg. Baker breaks off and takes back. Heavy rights by Baker with Kent attempting to block. Baker moves to a side/back position. Working the left hands in on Kent’s head. Heavy knee by Baker. Inverted triangle attempt by Baker, Kent scrambles and Baker is back to the back. Kent scrambles up and they’re standing. They exchange ineffective strikes. Knee attempt by Kent is met with a power shot that gets Kent down to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Baker

R2. A couple of solid leg kicks by Kent to start the 2nd rd. Another good 2 kicks.  Baker catches the last one and throws Kent down.  Sakuraba takes over Baker’s body as he cartwheel guard passes Kent and lands in north south. Wow! They stand and Baker with another takedown. Baker with multiple hard punches that land on Kent who’s on his knees. Baker goes for a guillotine, looks good but Kent is out. Baker goes for back control. Inactivity leads to the ref standing them up. Kent lands a hard flurry that backs up Baker.  Baker against the cage eating shots from Kent. Kent continues his attack and Baker seems somewhat hurt.  Baker shoots but Kent has top position.  Kent in full mount with a heavy GNP onslaught as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Kent

R3. Kent left hook right straight to start. Baker looks tired.  Kent clearly the fresher of the two. Leg kick by Kent.  Stiff right by Kent.  Baker’s punches don’t have the oomph they had the first two rounds. Good right hook by Baker as Kent stepped in. 1-2 by Kent misses. Right body kick by Kent, then leg kick. Kent is more active. Baker misses on a hook kick.  Nice right by Kent. Leg kick by Kent. Both guys tired but giving a good effort. Body head combo by Baker. Double jab by Baker snaps Kent’s head back.  Overhand right by Baker. 1-2 by Kent again. Baker punches his way in and tries a takedown, no dice. Knee to the body by Baker. Scramble near the end has Baker take down Kent with seconds left. A seemingly inadvertent illegal knee by Baker lands to the head of Kent a second before the round ends. Kent is fine.
Top MMA News scores the close round 10-9 Kent
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 Kent Very close fight though.
Mike Kent defeats Matt Baker by Split Decision (29-28×2, 28-29)

Tim Hague vs Lee Mein
Warm hug pre fight between Hague and Mein.

Mein gives out a chuckle as the always excellent Don Andrews announces him as the “Grampanator”

R1. Monster brawl to start. Mein in gang busters mode to start. Throwing right and left hooks from Lethbridge. Mein backs up Hague. Hague answers back with 1 of his own for every 3-4 of Mein’s. Hague backs up and covers up as Mein lands a knee to the head followed by 2 more. More brawling with Mein being the initiator. If one of these guys land clean, it’s big trouble. Hague lands a solid uppercut right to the groin of Mein. Stop. Mein takes his time to recover and he’s ready to go. Restart. Right hooks by Mein. Right left backs up Hague, Mein has Hague against cage. Knees to the leg by Mein. Mein lands a couple good strikes as Hague tries to bob and weave. Hugging it out against the cage. Hague lands monster shots that rock Mein. Mein is seemingly out on his feet and Hague uses his head as a punching bag. Left right left right and down goes Mein. Hague lift his hands in premature celebration as he stands over Mein thinking it’s over. It’s not and Hague steps into Mein’s open guard and works for a choke. Mein has some fight left in him and rolls Hague over his head and escapes. Hague scrambles and Mein flops guard, still obviously stunned. Hague goes back to work manages to lands some solid GNP as Mein covers up forcing John Braack to step in an end the fight.

Post fight camaraderie by the 2 big boys who banged it out much to the appreciation of the fans
Tim Hague defeats Lee Mein by TKO in Round 1, 4:21

Owen Carr vs. Maged Hammo
Leg kick by Carr starts things off. Carr rushing in with jabs but starting from too far back to land anything. Carr once again rushes in and slips as Hammo throws a hook. Hammo with guillotine attempt but nothing comes of it. Left hook by Hammo lands. Carr scrambles and goes for takedown, but Hammo defends well. Carr trying for a takedown and grapevines Hammo’s leg. Let’s go and attempts an upper body take down against the cage. Carr hoots lower and gets a takedown on Hammo, despite Hammo grabbing cage. Carr nearly takes Hammo’s back , now in side then to north south. Carr attempting to step over Hammo’s head. Elbows from Carr. Hammo manages to re-establish his guard, had Carr in full guard. Some GNP and a futile triangle attempt from Hammo as the round ends
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Carr

R2. Wide left hook from Hammo misses. Solid left body kick by Carr, then throws a right body kick which is caught. Hammo throws Carr against the cage. Carr gets up and takes down Hammo. Hammo scrambles and gets top position. Another scramble leads to Carr on top. Too much stalling and ref Vern Gorman stands them up. Carr shoots from quite a ways out, manages to grab Hammo’s leg and takes him down. Elbows to his opponent’s head opens an opportunity for a guillotine which Carr attempts. No luck. Heavy elbows by Carr. Fighters stand and Carr feeds a solid knee to Hammo from the clinch. Carr slips and Hammo temporarily manages an advantageous position, but Carr works his way into a better spot. Fighters stand, with Carr rushing in and pinning Hammo against the cage at the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 10-9 Carr

R3. Hammo needs a finish. Good left body kick by Carr. Solid knee to the body of Hammo followed by a leg kick. Carr pins Hammo against the cage, working for the takedown. Carr with the takedown, now in half guard of Hammo’s. Trying to work towards mount, manages to get side. Hammo tries to get up but Carr has him controlled well with head control. They roll and Hammo ends up on top. Hammo trying to work from within Carr’s guard but is unsuccessful with Carr being the more active guy. The ref stands them up. Carr misses a wheel kick. Hammo tries to answer with a spinning back fist. Hammo has Carr in a headlock and, once again, Carr takes dominant position just before the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Carr
Top MMA News scores the fight 30-27 Carr
Owen Carr defeats Maged Hammo by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

Behrang Yousefi vs. Hakeem Dawodu
R1. Leg kick by Yousefi. Heavy leg kick by Dawodu. Yousefi rushes in and lands a few light shots and misses a head kick. They square up. Yousefi steps in and is met with a sneaky left hook followed by brick of a right cross that drops him “cro cop over his collapsed leg” style. Dawodu lands one blow to a dazed Yousefi before the referee Kyle Cardinal steps in to save Yousefi from further punishment.
Hakeem Dawodu defeats Behrang Yousefi by KO (Punch) in Round 1, 1:07

Roger Alves vs Jemark Brady
R1. Alves lands right hook that backs up Brady. Picks up Brady and slams him on his side in the centre of the cage. Alves working from behind Brady with his hands clasped around Brady. Right hooks to Brady’s head. Total body control by Alves, basically wrestling him with right hooks. Bray attempts to get up and Alves throws him back down. More control from behind by Alves. Knee to the midsection followed by a right hook. Brady again attempts to stand and Alves just throws him back down. Multiple lefts followed by rights land for Alves. Alves happy just punishing Brady from behind. Alves now sinks in both hooks and flattens out his opponent. Riding Brady’s back Alves punishes him with shots at the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Alves

R2. Leg kick by Alves.  Brady rushes in and is fed a right hook. Alves shoots and is caught in a headlock.  Alves lifts his opponent over his head and throws him down with a MASSIVE suplex. Brady keeps hold of the head so Alves gets up and slams him down with an even BIGGER single leg suplex. Brady let’s go and Alves is in his guard. Alves passes to side and starts to work some light GNP. Alves seems very heavy on top as Brady is having much difficulty moving.  Total control by Alves as he traps his opponent’s left arm and lands a few rights.  Brady gets his arm back. Alves switches from head control and slides around the back of Brady as the 2nd round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Alves

R3. Both fighters shoot in and Alves wins control, secures head and takes back. Alves throws rights to Brady who’s defending his back off his knees. Alves keeps dragging Brady down with a bodylock and lands a bunch of lefts. Brady tries to get back up but again is thrown down. This is a wrestling clinic! Brady is attempting to time his attempts to stand with he hooks Alves throws. Multiple rights land from Alves, who once again slams Brady. Left hook followed by a right to his downed opponent, and Alves simply doesn’t let go of his body lock. Alves takes the back with hooks in and stretches Brady out. Back to standing behind his opponent and drags him down again. Alves about to go for another suplex as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Alves
Top MMA News scores the fight 30-24 Alves
Roger Alves defeats Jemark Brady by Unanimous Decision (30×27 30×26, 30×25)

Absolute total domination. Don’t think Brady landed a single significant blow the entire bout. Unfortunately, Alves seemed happy giving a wrestling clinic.

Justin Evans vs. Stuart Fontaine
Round 1: Evans leg kick checked by Fontaine followed by a solid right combo. Fontaine lands low blow and referee Kyle Cardinal calls for the pause. Evans connects and Fontaine lands some leg kicks. They trade shots and Fontaine lands and head kick and followed by a combo. Fontaine gets the takedown but Evans works back up to his feet. They tie up and Fontaine defends the takedown against the cage. Fontaine lands a leg kick and drops Evans finishing him off with a barrage of rights.
Stuart Fontaine defeats Justin Evans by TKO (punches) in Round 1, 2:11

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    Damn did Lee Mein have a killer tan!

    Loved seeing The Rock dominate! RGA!

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    Hague punched mein in the balls. What a pussy.

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    Nice work Mike;)

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    Where are you guys watching this?

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  9. Only place to watch is in Edmonton.

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    Well ain’t that some bullshit!!!

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  11. Will be replayed on NBC and TSN next week .

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    Way to go Mike Kent! Good to see him pick up a hard fought win after a rather rough 2013 campaign

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    oh man I am soooo nervous about the Dickson fight. I really feel Hill is outmatched if Ryan fights a smart fight

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    I mean this honestly. Do you think that anyone in the industry counts the Mein win as a step forward for Hague? had him outweighed by quite a few right??

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    No shock John Braak didn’t recognize an unconscious athlete.

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    To bad for Romero.

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    Damn. That was a big fight for Will. Sorry to hear the most exciting fight ended that way. Those there….did Wheeler embellish at all?

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    Wheeler vs Romero sounded like a war too!

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    I think if wheeler could get medical clearance…WSOF canada should do an immediate rematch…in April in Hamilton!

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    Way to go , Mike! Hope this is a beginning to a winning streak.

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    Big win for Hill, the guy is a beast.

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    Way to go Mike Hill Dickson one tough mudder fudder but you tuffer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Fack! Rough night for Ontario. Romero and Dickson take a cpl weeks off then get back in the gym ready for april 19th in hamilton!!!

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    Huge win for Rama boy has one hell of a future

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    Where the hell is the 3rd rd

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    WaY to go Smeal!!!

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    Ko of the year, greatest ko of mma history. Say what the real deal RYAN FORD

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    At what time I the first round was it stoped?

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    Ford collects another belt. Will the curse continue & the company go out of business?…

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    Great job Smealinho.

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    Hey george –
    Aggression mma never wet out of business they merged ad Troy lepage the owner of aggression in now co owner of wsof.
    Dumb ass

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    George must be another one of mark paviliches aliases,
    Guys got more faces them a Bangkok whore.

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  35. Its a good thing Rama listened to his camp instead of that know it all so called mma promoter that time to time indulges us with his douchie comments, hey kyle stolz are sick to your stomach now? lol IL bet you were sick to your stomach when it was announced westcott was to fight the Aussie wrestler and then destroyed him in under around!!

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  37. Ryan D says:

    HOME TOWN DESICION F##K OFF RAMA ONE 2 AND 3 MAYBE 10-8 3rd round you can not hate after that fight. If you do you are f##ked. Same for Ryan that ko was out of this world. If you hate on those 2 now you will never be impressed. Best mma card to ever hit Edmonton.

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  38. kong says:

    @Unqualified commission
    Well I guess you know what you have to do then.
    You should become head of the Edmonton commish and set thing’s strait YEAH! … or you could just yell and stomp your feet some more on an M.M.A. post

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  39. RickRoll says:

    Ok so Rama got a hometown decision but it is what it is. Hague won by didn’t even make weight which is very bad.

    Lets have Hague vs Rama for the next WSOF Canada show. My prediction Hague takes Rama out to eat on a date again and says they can’t fight. Hague won’t fight anyone he thinks can beat him. He tries to be buddy buddy with them.

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    Give Hague a fight with Rama because he beat the Grampinator?

    Your kidding right?

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  41. Robin Black says:

    Very happy for Rama. That was a ridiculously tough fight, a ridiculously dangerous fight, and he willed it to go his way.

    That is as legitimate a heavyweight win as you can get right now outside of the UFC.

    Young man, if you fight with that kind of confidence and belief, you can go all the way.

    Its exciting to watch you progress man. Congrats to you and your whole team.

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    Hey douche bag commission… or Pav which ever the fuck you wanna be now…go fuck yourself…that is all!!!

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  43. I don’t think there were any controversies. There just seemed to be one round in a lot of fights with decisions that were very close and could have went either way.

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  44. Darren Owen says:

    No way Rama got a home town decision. First round was close and he dominated rounds 2 and 3. Almost finished Mocco both rounds. The kid looked great, standing and on the ground. Mocco had some crazy wrestling but Rama was explosive in getting off his back. Very impressive.

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  45. Andrew says:

    I agree kieth. I had rama winning 2-3 I thought Dickson hill was going to be a split dec. Also had machan winning rounds 1-2. Lots of very evenly matched fights. I wish Romero and wheeler went a couple more rounds too that was a real sick fight

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  46. Andrew says:

    Baker vs kent could have went either way as well

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  47. Bdc says:

    Looking forward too watching the replay

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  48. Jared McComb says:

    Do you think Rama gets a call to the big show after that fight? Or does he need to put a couple more wins together?

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