Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – Olympics 2014 Edition


Gossip Queen WSOF2Here’s the “better late than never, I was too busy watching the Olympics” edition of our Canadian Rumour Mill.

  • MFC is looking for partners and relationships in the US. Maximum Fighting has stated that they are looking to head south of the border but will need a casino partner to make it happen. Let’s hope the MFC does finally venture south, as they promised American, Carribean, and non-Edmonton Canadian shows multiple times in the past and nothing has come of those statements except for a single Ontario event! 
  • Like old school MFC, check out MFC “Classic” on Fight Network. Brad Zazaluk is in the main event of MFC 14 this week.  There was quite a bit of controversy when Brad Zazaluk vs Shonie Carter was announced, due to the difference in their fight records and quality of opponents/credentials. Tune in to see how that played out! Ryan Jimmo, Ryan Ford, Dwayne Lewis are also on this card. 
  • Strong rumours of Kalib Starnes and Vinny Magalhaes battling it out at Titan FC this April! I see this as a great fight for Kalib and would further help him work his way back in the mix! 
  • Unified Combat League (UCL) has inked a television deal with United Fighting Alliance (UFA) and will have UCL 20 “Acension” broadcast in the US. HERE is the list of TV broadcasters that have deals with the United Fighting Alliance.
  • Sean Pierson is heading down to 155?  Amidst a three fight UFC win streak, that is exactly what the Punisher told Gabriel Morency.  Pierson will be doing a test cut first. 
  • Advin Omic was guillotined in 57 seconds by Andrew Buckland at Pure FC 6 in December of 2010.  “The Bosnian Bad Boy” will now get a chance to avenge his defeat when he gets his rematch at Havoc FC 5! 
  • Speaking of Havoc, Havoc FC 6 will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Red Deer on September 5th. 
  • King of the Cage Canada will once again be holding a show in Cold Lake, at the Energy Centre on June 6. Tim Chemelli will main event in his home town and look for Elmer Waterhen to “un-retire” from his not so long retirement and defend his MW strap in the co-main event spot on the show! 

  • HOT FIGHT ALERT! Guillaume De Lorenzi may be on the Bellator card on May 9th as well.  There is a chance that “Il Toro” will face John Alessio in a great all-Canadian Lightweight battle.  Put this rumour at 40% (this is the OAC we are talking about)
  • Jason Meisel will be Remy Bussieres‘ opponent on the Bellator show at Casino Rama!  This will be Meisel’s Bellator debut! 
  • Claude Patrick told MMAJunkie that he’s all healthy now and is looking at making a return at UFC 174 in Vancouver! Patrick is one of Canada’s best, glad to hear that he’s ready to go! 
  • Check out the first episode of Ryan Ford’s “Built From The Ground Up”  video series. Some real well done production quality! #realrecognizesreal 
  • Has Joel Powell lost his shirt sponsor due to Ryan Ford and Tim Hague publicly ragging on Failed Youth Clothing for working with someone who is not from Edmonton? (You can check out some of the drama on Facebook, go find it if you’re interested). I hope not, that would be very unfortunate! Here’s hoping Failed Youth sticks around and supports fighters! 
  • Want an MMA Scholarship from Team Bushido MMA Fitness Center?  Apply HERE.  Five applicants will receive  receive training in all of the gym’s programs needed to become a top level MMA fighter, MMA gear, and private lessons with Firas Zahabi.
  • MFC Middleweight champion Sam Alvey came up victorious in a Muay Thai fight on Saturday. He defeated Sergio Pique via 3rd round TKO at WCK “Matter of Pride” in Pechanga Casino and Resort in Temecula, California. 
  • Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus continued his incredible undefeated streak in Muay Thai winning the four man tournament at Kunlan Fight 2 in China this last weekend! He first defeated Israel Adesanya of New Zealand via extra round decision, then defeated Thailand’s Vehas TopKing via 1st round TKO in the final! 
  • Cody Ries (1-0 boxing, 3-2 MMA) will box Matt Jelly (0-1 boxing, 3-3 MMA)and making his pro boxing debut will be Eric Huang (1-1 amateur MMA) who will take on Jama Gaiye Mohamad (2-1 boxing) on the March 1st KO Boxing card in Edmonton. 
  • Justin Bourgeois (6-5 MMA) will make his boxing debut when he takes on Marcel Maillet Jr. (3-6-1 boxing) on March 8th at Casino New Brunswick in Moncton, NB. 
  • Donald Duck and that “little pygmy f***” Sean Quinn are different people. Donnie can ride the upside down boat, big boy bumper cars and real rollercoasters, while Quinn has issues with the height requirements on certain rides and is left with the kiddie bumper cars, little dragon roller coasters, and the regular halfway up boat.

47 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – Olympics 2014 Edition ”

  1. Johnny Q Public says:

    Vinny Magalhaes is supposedly fighting Jason Brilz.

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  2. Ryan D says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  3. Just Sayin says:

    I personally think its pathetic that this has happened.
    Its a sad day when a fighters sponsor pulls out of sponsorship because of fear of reprisal from fans and other fighters.

    This kind of bullying is bad for mma business as sponsorship for fighters is dwindling and hard enough to get as it is.

    I understand getting behind local fighters, but when the local fighter in the main event already has a clothing sponsor.I to would choose to sponsor the opponent in the main event and get more coverage of my apparel.

    Its just good business.

    But this is just sad!

    Its another black mark on the eyes of the everyday public!
    And make no mistake we need the acceptance of the everyday public to further the sport of mma!

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  4. Mike Russell says:

    Pretty sure the name “Failed Youth” is meant to be ironic, as in judging books by their cover like many people from the older generations tend to do with people with tattoos, piercings, wild hair styles, etc.

    Way to jump to conclusions.

    And Joel will be fine on the plane ride home. He’ll ask the stewardess for some ice for his bruised knuckles. Not sure what the doc will prescribe for your bruised egos, though. Maybe a rematch with the champ, or a shot at the lightweight strap?

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  5. Ryan D says:

    More thumbs down than a Kalmakoff post.. OUCH……………

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  6. harry balls says:

    And well deserved. Lose the CAPS LOCK YOU FUCKING DOUCHE.

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  7. And to add fuel to the fire its this thug image persona thats preventing certain fighters from expanding their horizons beyond their little fish bowl surroundings, and rightly so!!

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  8. harry balls says:

    Just read the nonsense and let me say this: I am completely embarrassed for Ryan Ford. The amount of rock-stick-stone dumb fucking comments by ‘fans’ pretty much reenforces the thug bullshit that I would hope he is trying to distance himself from; I know it sure as hell doesn’t help the image of the sport. Go read that shit; you’ve got grown-ass men arguing over shirts. What’s next? Purses? Those shoes soooooooooooooooo don’t go with that cocktail dress!
    While I personally don’t give a fuck about clothing brands (protip: busting on someone for not wearing the right clothing label is for teenage girls who like to bully other girls and gay drama queens, sorry rappers!), it’s pretty obvious the guy running this is just trying to put bread on the table. The guy isn’t even from fucking Edmonton. That doesn’t matter now, because the retarded hyenas have smelled blood. Who gives a shit about stupid stuff like ‘facts’.
    Add to that the abysmal amount of money fighters earn: Why the FUCK do you care if a guy is trying to supplement his income from a sponsor?

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  9. harry balls says:

    My other comment is being moderated (go ahead and downvote the shit out of it) so I’ll just post this for now because it’s sensible.

    “Darren Owen: I’m guessing Powell’s manager didn’t call this company and say “Hey wanna sponsor Ryan Ford opponent?” I’m guessing he left that part out and sold it based on Powell being in the main event on a huge card that has huge TV coverage. This company after receiving threats has pulled out and unfortunately for Mr. Powell he is out some money.”

    Awesome. Nice going.

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  10. Cody Krahn says:

    Omic/Buckland 2 should be a good one. I see Omic evening the score.

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  11. VDB says:

    Ford doesn’t do himself any favors. He’s like the War Machine of Canadian M.M.A.

    He was involved in a violent armed home invasion and he cut a guys gingers off and his shirts have a dude wearing a belaclava and making the hand sign for holding a pistol. Seems like he’s made positive changes. I was at a house party in the summer with a buddy of my cousin (who I won’t name but he’s a well known fighter out east) who stayed at tri-star for a week who said Ford posted a sign at the dorms saying he’d cut the fingers off of anyone who woke him up and that he bragged about his criminal passed. Doesn’t seem too sorry when the cameras ain’t rolling.

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  12. VDB says:

    Fingers not gingers. Haha.

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  13. Ryan D says:

    Buddy of a cousin i wont name. SOUNDS CREDIBLE. BLOW ME HARRY

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  14. VDB says:

    Like I want him getting his fingers chopped off. Look what you goofs threatened to do to that sponsor.

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  15. VDB says:

    Is you’re name Ryan’s D because you hang from it?

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  16. Ryan D says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  17. terry robertson says:

    Ahh geez the whole “GOOF” insult is sooooo silly when used by grown men.

    I’ve seen Tim Hague on here calling people goofs and other fighters and their hangers on as well.

    Calling someone a goof is just a prison insult. In the criminal world it actually is the lowest insult meaning the person is either a rat or a pedo.

    Everyone wants to talk and act so hard nowadays, it is really disturbing to see.

    Unless you are actively involved in the prison/criminal lifestyle throwing out the “goof” insult is just plain dumb and a sorry attempt at wannabe gangsterism.

    Look up the word goof in the dictionary, I am goofy, my kids are definitely goofy, just a plain old bunch of fun loving goofs here.

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  18. Chevy C says:

    It is too bad ford made such stupid thug life decisions previously and because of that he will never fight outside of Canada or for the UFC. What country want violent criminals who are only getting tougher in their counties with hard working law abiding citizens with families. I sure wouldn’t no matter what internet nobodies think

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  19. Mike Russell says:

    We’ll that escalated quickly. Hopefully these passionate fans can keep things civil this week and we can see this sorted in the cage once and for all. I’m expecting a clash of titans.

    For the record, Failed Youth is still sponsoring Joel. It was iffy on The weekend when some of the ford faithful we’re threatening to tear the shirts off of anyone they saw wearing FY in Edmonton, and other assorted threats, but they’re still in.

    It was pretty weak to try to drive away a sponsor from the sport before he started, and to try to take money out of a fighter’s pocket, IMO.

    I’m with a Terry. Is goof supposed to be an insult? Reminds me of elementary school, but so does bullying people over their clothing.

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  20. ken kupsch says:

    Wow, my mail boxes are full today, thanks guys!

    To get on King of the Cage, Cold Lake, please message Sunny Sareen from Unified. We are doing another show together and he will be looking after fighters.

    I didn’t book an Edmonton spring date yet but will post here when I do.

    Just an update on last Novembers Cold Lake show, it will air on MAV TV in the next few weeks. King of the Cage has a new 2 hour show every week on MAV and it’s just a matter of when they can get it in.

    MAV TV is in 57 million homes right now and has plans to expand into Canada soon. I may know more on that this weekend. Thanks!

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  21. Just Sayin says:

    Its good to see that Failed Youth is still sponsoring Powell!
    Kudos for not giving in to the harassment from certain individuals!

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  22. Donald Duck says:

    Man I feel old on here some days.

    Back in my day people just agreed to show up and fight and then showed up and fought.

    Back in my day people didn’t act like adults and drop the f-bomb like it was a coma.

    Ryan Dick – you’re acting like a Grade A piece of trash and remind me of why I stopped going to shows. Edmonton was always a tough city to fight in cause you were always the underdog if you weren’t from there. That said back in the day people also showed up to watch a fight not look for drama in the stands.

    Also I hope the mods on this site clean this thread up cause this is exactly the kind of inflammatory garbage that makes us all look bad. Like Harold said, I’m embarrassed.

    Later skaters,


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  23. B2J says:

    Looking forward to the Omic/Buckland rematch. should be a good fight.

    Congrats to Josh on his submission win at the Submission Ace Championship.

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  24. Ryan D says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  25. Donald Duck says:

    Damn man, thanks for making my point.

    I didn’t mention violence once outside of two consenting professionals in the ring and yet you found it.

    Enjoy the fights homie.


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  26. Ryan D says:

    I dont know why i am getting so bent out of shape about this. Its stupid havin a bad week i suppose. I actual enjoy most of your post Duck. Well on a positive note Peirson at 155lbs shit he would a big strong 155er. Hes on a 3 week wonder why the change? Anybody no what hid normal walk around weight is. Adding another 15lbs to cut thats huge. Cant imagine the dedication to training and eating properly that must go into this. Also anybody hear annything about UFC thinking of introducing uniforms for fighters? It dosnt seem like the fighters are paid fairly as is and now they want to limit sponsorship money. Its no wonder guy like Gilbert Melendez are taking there talents else where.

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  27. Marv says:

    Terry R, I wish I could like that post 10 times! The word goof is the dumbest sounding insult I’ve ever heard. It’s also only ever used by suburban dwelling, white wannabe gangsters. Lotsa that goin around Edmonton these days….keep using that word and you may as well buy an ed hardy shirt, white sunglasses, get a tribal neck tattoo and move to surrey. If anyone ever called me a goof I would assume they would be referring to my crazy and outgoing demeanour but if it was an insult I would laugh and respond by calling the a “bitch” or a “pussy” these too words have more snap and are used by more people including my parents. Not just a word made up by some wannabe bitches that went to jail

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  28. Jailbird says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  29. Jamon says:

    Would ford like it if everyone Lon tied NBC not to have him in a main cause of past,? Taking money out of a fighters mouth stay classy you two

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  30. Jamon says:

    Lobbied not Lon tied wow auto correct making shit up

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  31. PUCK says:

    Ya I thnik what Tim and Ford did was in very bad taste. Just cause you are from somewhere don’t mean poeple havce to like you??? Or help you??? Or support you??? Make it worth their wild to do so? If I was sponcering them 2 and they were giveing press to another sponcer about ‘why they didn’t help them’ I would drop them quick. Just saying…..Forget the fact that legally, ‘slandering’ a company publicly can turn into a big deal if they want it to be….

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  32. Marv says:

    @jailbird- describe to me how I’m a poser. This isn’t a punk rock emo scene that I’m trying to fit into. I’m an mma fan, among basically every other spectator sport. Why someone would pretend to be an mma fan I dunno.. And yes Im the goof and poser because I’m the one posting under a name like JAILBIRD on an mma forum……oh wait…..

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  33. Jailbird says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  34. Marv says:

    Back it up here. I’m glad to see you know me so well so I’ll clear a couple of things up since the epitome of intellect has spoken.. I own no affliction or tapout shirts. I know one mma fighter personally who will remain nameless. I played hockey and football growing up and never knew mma was so big locally until I started working with said fighter which is how I became interested in the sport outside of the UFC. What else umm Ohh looking tough…my names Marv…..your names JAILBIRD …….who sounds like the “poser who’s trying to look tough”? Oh and little man complex hahaha I’m 6’4 290 so that’s not there haha I’ve been over 6’0 since I was 14 years old. And if I’m this “poser fanboy” please enlighten me on how YOU are soooo much better than me and all the other people who are nothing more than fans. Glad too see you did you’re homework on me you baby dicked bitch

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  35. Marv says:


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  36. Jailbird says:

    BS. Where’d you copy and paste such a lame story phoney pussy, Marvin. Were you an alternate for UFC 1 too, loser. Keep working hard for those pennies. You can only wish to be me, even for a day.


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  37. Jailbird says:

    You poser pedophile marv

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  38. Chase Degenhardt says:

    Been a while since I posted on here. Good to see all of you are still keeping things classy.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 3

  39. Cody Krahn says:

    Oh the irony of using a screen name and calling someone else a pussy over the internet.

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  40. Marv says:

    Wow a pedophile? That’s a pretty heavy accusation

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  41. PUCK says:


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  42. Marv says:

    I know eh? That’s pretty personal considering he knows nothing about me. All I did was make fun of people who use the word goof haha

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  43. Donald Duck says:

    I love lamp.

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  44. Jamie Locke says:

    Omic vs Buckland rematch is awesome

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  45. lol says:

    Anybody who uses the word goof as an insult is a real fucking GOOF

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  46. Bdc says:

    Hey fellas do you know of anywhere to watch the episodes of tuf canada vs aus?

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