TUF Nations: Episode 5 Recap – DesRoches vs Walsh


TUF Nations 2Australia got on the board last week when Tyler Manawaroa defeated Nordine Taleb in sudden victory to make it 3-1 Canada. This week, Matt DesRoches takes on Richard Walsh in a Welterweight matchup. Does Walsh build on Australia’s momentum or will DesRoches steal it back for Canada? Let’s find out.

Following the episode 4 recap, this show starts off with Luke Harris saying they thought “Nordine would walk through Tyler….A loss like that feels like we all lost as a team.”

Brendan O’Reilly says the win really lifted up Team Australia.

The Aussies are throwing snow balls at each other.  Elias Theodorou comes out and takes on the Australian team.

Nordine Taleb confirms that he has a fractured foot.

Tyler Manawaroa and Nordine Taleb start doing shots of cognac.

Dan Kelly says that as long as Manawaroa keeps training, he is going to be fantastic as Tyler is only 19.

Taleb says he is going to be as positive as he can for Team Canada.

Matt DesRoches loves how “tranquil and positive” the TUF House is.  It is a very positive experience for the maritimer.

Manawaroa wakes up with his head hurting.

At training, Patrick Cote is saying you have to train in bad spots so you don’t have to worry when you are in those bad spots in the fight.  Cote says everyone is going to work together to get the win.

DesRoches says he had a lot of anger being a black kid in a white community.  Training cleaned up his act.  DesRoches is coming off with a fantastic attitude!

Cote tells DesRoches that he has quick footwork, is very strong, and has good hands.  Cote says Matthew is believing more and more in himself.  He says Matt needs quiet time after training.

“Filthy Rich” Walsh was introduced to MMA by watching UFC Knockouts 1 & 2.  His first MMA fight he had hair, he came out to Highway to the Danger Zone and he won by choke.

Israel Martinez says they are better strikers than the Canadians but they are resting and the Canucks take advantage of that.  He says Walsh has great boxing and they want to keep the fight standing.

Walsh, 24, says it is experience versus youth and DesRoches is only 21.  Walsh says he has made many sacrifices to get into the UFC.

Weigh-Ins: Matt DesRoches (170) vs Richard Walsh (170)

Kajan Johnson says DesRoches is physically gifted, a long reach, and a powerful striker.  Harris says they have to watch for takedowns.  Harris predicts a KO.  Johnson thinks Walsh could grind out a lay ‘n pray decision.

Dan Kelly wanted to fight last episode.  He says he wants to go next.  He “is chomping at the bit”, says Noke.  They tell Kelly to take a rest.  Kelly has been to four Olympics, says Martinez.  (Kind of weird how they switched focus to a fighter who was not fighting this episode).

Taleb heads out to the cage to help the team out.  He is yelling instructions to Olvier Aubin-Mercier and then shows technique to Kajan Johnson.  Johnson says that Taleb is still the team captain, the fifth coach, even though he lost.  Johnson says no one wants to let Taleb down.

Sheldon Westcott hurt his knee.  His knee popped when Elias Theodorou and him got tangled up.  They need to win the next fight because Westcott is not fit to fight yet.  They need Luke Harris to fight next.  Westcott says he will fight regardless of the injury.  “Nothing would stop me,” says Westcott.

DesRoches says he doesn’t like to swing it out but he can take a punch.  DesRoches tells Johnson that Walsh seems nervous.

Walsh says he will test him on his feet.  At some point, he will pressure him against the cage.  If DesRoches is touching him up, he will take him down.

Brendan O’Reilly is cutting up a water jug to use as a horn to yell at Walsh during the fight.

Walsh expects DesRoches to swing big shots and Walsh will move in and out all fight.

Matt DesRoches vs Richard Walsh
R1. Front kick caught by Walsh and pushes DesRoches to the fence. Reverse by DesRoches but Walsh lands a few knees.  DesRoches returns the knees and lands an elbow from the clinch.  Knees exchanged many times.  DesRoches with his back to the cage and Walsh is landing more knees.  Walsh controlling position against the fence and landing more.  They break apart.  DesRoches misses a few big punches.  Right lands by Walsh.  Front kick by DesRoches lands. Left hook by DesRoches lands and they exchange jabs.  More exchanges and Walsh grabs a single. DesRoches fights out of it.  Minute left.  Jab by Walsh finds its mark as DesRoches throws heavy punches.  Front kick by DesRoches and then a right.  Mouthpiece falls out. Restart. Right hurts DesRoches with seconds left and he wobbles a bit.
Top MMA News scores the best round of the season so far 10-9 Walsh

R2. Straight right by DesRoches finds its mark.  Walsh rushes in.  DesRoches with a knee.  Elbow by DesRoches. Shot by Walsh but DesRoches fights it off again.  He can’t get DesRoches down this fight.  Another single fought off by DesRoches.  Knee by Walsh who is pushing DesRoches against the fence.  Right by DesRoches.  Kick lands by DesRoches but not hard.  Jab by Walsh knocks DesRoches down but he rolls away and back on his feet. Combo by DesRoches.  Right by DesRoches.  Jab by Walsh. Again.  Walsh pushes DesRoches against the cage.  He takes DesRoches down.  DesRoches with an elbow.  Walsh gets his back. Back to their feet and Walsh shoots again.  Minute left.  Break by the ref. Jabs by both. Right by DesRoches.  Right by Walsh and left by DesRoches land. Right by DesRoches.  The do some short punches from a clinch to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Walsh
Richard Walsh defeats Matt DesRoches by Decision

DesRoches says he was getting frustrated being pushed against the cage. Cote says that DesRoches never found his range. Matt DesRoches is a humble guy. He says he is blessed to be around his teammates.

Fight Announcement: Dan Kelly vs Sheldon Westcott That also means we will see Luke Harris take on Vik Grujic in the last Middleweight bout.

Kelly, a Judo Olympian, says he can’t get into the staredowns.

Next Episode: Jake Matthews and Elias Theodorou go streaking and Kelly faces Westcott.

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