Hard Knocks 36 – Fort St. John – May 10


Date: May 10, 2014
Venue: North Peace Arena in Fort St. John, BC
TV: Internet PPV
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Pro Fights:
205lbs- Rodney Wallace (19-8) vs. Ariel Gandulla (7-7)
205lbs- Anton Tokarchuk (1-0) vs. TBA
265lbs- William Hatch (1-2) vs. Logan Jarrell (0-4)
170lbs- Warren Anderson (1-2-1) vs. Matt Heim (1-5)
135lbs- Jason Rodick (0-0) vs. TBA
155lbs- Cody Isaacson (1-0) vs. Brendan Frost (2-5)
155lbs- George Gomes (0-1) vs. Gord Pack (0-2)

Amateur Fights:
265lbs- Kyle Francotti (3-2) vs. Cody Clarke (2-1)
170lbs- Chris Kaminesky (0-0) vs. Damien Dimarco (0-0)
205lbs- Ryan Niddery (1-1) vs. Brent Auger (0-1)
155lbs- Nigel Drapeau (0-1) vs. Hamza Azizi (0-0)
145lbs- Gordon Hanson (1-1) vs. Blake Sigvaldson (0-3)
155lbs- Dauda Keita (5-0) vs. Nick Martin (2-2)
265lbs- Steven Arens (4-1) vs. Rudy Schaffroth (1-2)

108 Responses to “ Hard Knocks 36 – Fort St. John – May 10 ”

  1. PUCK says:

    Thanks for the help. I will look some of these guys up.

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  2. mike kaminesky says:

    Fuck the haters lol duh hkf ain’t the UFC fools lmfao get a life trolls if your to poor to pay 14.99 for some fights that’s your problem .

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  3. codymcconnell says:

    why is everybody so hostile wether or not warren the enemy Anderson has a black belt or not he is still on the cards wich must say something good luck to all the fighters at hard knocks 36!!!!!

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  4. Ice Cold says:

    Hmm, interesting how Warren the ailment Anderson WASN’T on the card? Yet strutting around like a big deal. What a douche.

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  5. Charles F says:

    Well this event went off about exactly as everyone on this feed predicted, about 500 or less people attending what to me looked like the smallest crowd in mma history across BC.
    A couple good amateur fights but aside from that a very mundane card and audience.
    Hope hard knocks learned they’re lesson

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  6. Fight Fan says:

    I was actually at this card and the card itself was fairly solid. It was a very small crowd, but the event was better than I expected, if HK comes back in the future hopefully they will get some more local guys on the card and pick a better time than a couple weeks after another big show to do it,

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  7. Nate the great says:

    was glad i got to attend both hard knocks and fivestars card, really no comparison in the two, fivestar had at least triple the amount of fans in attendance along with over a dozen local guys while hard knocks was a real scarce crowd with a couple locals. I would agree that hard knocks had a few decent fights but no comparison top to bottom on the two cards

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  8. PUCK says:

    I kinda agree…Both cards were great to have up here but I was quite shocked at the HK main event as I really don’t think anyone in North BC knows who they were and it was a very boring fight? The main part of the 5 star card was night and day better. It only cost 65 bucks for the 5Star and 80 for HK? (basic seating)And the HK crowd was much smaller, I would say half the poeple as the last card (5 star) 2 weeks ago? Plus the Stewart vs Krahn fight was epic back and forth fight that finished the show great!

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