Canadian Rumour Mill – February 10, 2014

(photo: Rob Trudeau)

(photo: Rob Trudeau)

Let’s start this week off with a big shout out to Paul Pisko! Paul used to cover the odd Lethbridge MMA event for us here at TMN. He has had some problems with his leg and eventually the decision was made to amputate it. Since the procedure, Paul plays hockey (he is going to try out for a Canadian National team), BJJ and still teaches at the PFA gym in Lethbridge. Paul is quite the inspiration! Keep givener, Paul!

  • Havoc FC 5 will once again stream live and free on Some fight rumours I’m hearing:
    • Malcolm Gordon will most likely be back and defend his 125lbs belt,
    • Jeff Larkin will give Jason Gorny a rematch (Gorny injured his knee in their first encounter),
    • Curtis Duchene will fight at Featherweight, and
    • Stephanie Essensa would like to take on Lynell House if House agrees to a bout at 115lbs!
    • Great start to a card for Red Deer, now let’s get at least a Machan, a Davis and a few others and it’ll be a good card!
  • Remy Bussieres will take his undefeated record (3-0) back to Bellator and compete on their May 9th Ontario card! No word yet on whom “The Titan” will face.
  • Big congrats to Coach Frenchy (Rene Grenon) from Independent MMA on the birth of his twin boys last Tuesday!
  • Darn, Hard Knocks is adding big fights to their shows … this time we got Roger Hollett vs Rodney Wallace at Hard Knocks 35 on April 25th in Calgary!
  • Gagan Gill (7-1 amateur) defended his Cage Games MMA Amateur Featherweight Title by defeating Armando Best via 1st round armbar (1 minute) at “Battle at the Bay 6” at Swinomish Casino & Lodge in Anacortes, WA in the US on February 8th! “The Black Mamba” Kultar Gill must be proud of his Mamba MMA student.
  • And now a not so big fight at Hard Knocks rumour. It sounds like MMA embarrassment Bobby Kalmakoff (3-14) is fighting on the Hard Knocks show in Fort St. John. Oh, Logan Jarrell (0-4) is also on the card, could they go at it? I’ve see Jarrell fight a few times and he’s much better than Kalmakoff. My issue with this possible fight is not Jarrell, but Kalmakoff!
  • Those boys at WSOF Canada aren’t just hunky stud muffins, their smart young men as well. What would you do: accept a substantial offer from NBC Sports who want to show your card on one week tape delay because they have no room on their Feb 21 TV lineup or post your event live on the internet and forget about NBC? I’d say that WSOF Canada made the correct call and took NBC’s offer!
  • The TV schedule in the States is packed full of MMA goodness! Bellator, Titan FC and WSOF Canada (tape delay) are all on February 28th. Gimme gimme!
  • This guy called “The Hard-Hitting Hillbilly” Kevin Croom (13-4) is fighting Anthony Birchak at MFC 40 for Birchak’s 135lbs belt. Here’s hoping the Hillbilly from Missouri wins his fight against Bryan Goldsby (17-15) on February 28th at Titan FC 27, cuz it sure wouldn’t be good for Croom and the MFC to have a guy off a loss for Birchak for the belt. The title match would probably be scrapped and some new guy would have to step in. Oh, and by the way, this Goldsby guy isn’t that bad. He holds a win over Jeff Curran in Bellator and most of his losses are to guys that are more accomplished than Kevin Croom. #possibledisasterwaitingtohappen
  • Ok so Victor Valimaki and the MFC both say he’s fighting on MFC 40. I say I’ll believe that when he actually walks into the MFC ring, ready to go with an opponent and has his name announced, and starts to throw down. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me a whole shitload of times, shame on who?

  • From the someone will probably get knocked out files, Aaron Gallant will step up in competition and take on Marcus Edwards in a Lightweight slugfest at MFC 40!
  • Cheryl “Kid Chaos” Chan was defeated at Cage Sport 29 in Tacoma, WA, USA on February 8th by Reagen Benedetti via arm triangle choke at 2:32 of the 2nd round. Chan drops to 0-3 as a pro after going an impressive 6-2 (6 finishes) as an amateur competitor.
  • Former WEC Featherweight Title contender, Jeff Curran and his team are training at Adrenaline Training Center in London, Ontario!
  • I see Steve Bosse is training with Kru Ash and Patrick Cote. Could this be a hint that we may see “The Boss” finally make his UFC debut and appear on the TUF Nations Finale show? Here’s hoping he gets his well deserved shot!
  • Rumble in the Cage will hold a show on April 4th in Lethbridge, sounds like former CIS wrestler Paul Grebinski (1-1) will compete on the card!  Derek Boyle also wants to get on this one.
  • I was a big Nancy Drew fan growing up so follow my train of thought here: Chad Laprise won his first bout on TUF Nations to get to the semi-finals. There is a very good chance that all four semi-finalists fight on the TUF Nations Finale card. In the past, Chad Laprise has been going to Tristar for fight camps. This year, Laprise has stayed at Adrenaline. The educated guess says that Laprise will be facing Tristar’s Kajan Johnson or Olivier Aubin-Mercier on the TUF Nations Finale card in either the Welterweight Final or on an undercard! Otherwise, Laprise would have gone to Tristar by now.
  • Jeff Black (2-11 MMA & 0-3 Boxing) is taking on Chris Muise (0-0) in a boxing match up on March 8th at the Lions Arena in Spryfield, Nova Scotia. Black has not won a professional bout in either boxing or mma since November of 2008 and has lost 12 fights in those 2 disciplines since then.
  • It has come to light that Tyler Manawaroa of Team Australia on TUF Nations has been recently exposed of posting a racist picture on Instagram about 18 months ago. To view the picture click on this link ( Totally unacceptable, hopefully the UFC will take the correct measures and release the fighter.

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66 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – February 10, 2014 ”

  1. Donald Duck says:

    I see him sort of half slumped over the front of the treadmill after an exhausting 3 min session.

    The sweat is dripping down onto the large orange swim flippers he’s wearing.

    He tries to lift the snorkel and mark but it is held in place by duct tape.

    He makes a grunting noise and spits out the snorkel mouth guard as his Ninja Master sprays water on him and replaces the mouth piece.

    How can this not be comical?

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

  2. Old School Jake says:

    Some great posts by Robin, I’m sitting here blown away about how knowledgeable he is in this business. Not because I don’t think you’re smart, but to come into this business that late in the game and immerse yourself the way you have, is nothing short of amazing. Proud of you brother.

    Also Donnie, holy fuck that visual is hilarious.

    As for sponsors and WSOF, I think the sponsor industry is hurting all around, not just for live/tape delayed fights. I know a lot of sponsors that I’ve worked with in the past, will even throw down more money if they know the fight card will be possibly played more than once. So not really even caring if it was played live or not.

    I think WSOF is doing a great job for being so young in the game for Canada. What’s even more cool is that they’re moving across the country and putting on shows. I don’t think Bellator has even been out west (Canada) before. They’re putting on an exciting card coming up here and if it takes a week to watch it, so be it. Sure, I’d love a stream to watch too, but I honestly can’t find it in me to bitch over something like that.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  3. terry robertson says:

    I think I would have to question the methods of any management team who couldn’t sell advertising for events airing on television.

    I don’t mean this disrespectfully at all because I am not around the inner workings of MMA sponsorship but it seems that it should be sold more as an advertising opportunity and less a sponsorship opportunity.

    I grew up in a family that put food on the table selling advertising and it is a skill for sure but if you can’t sell some cheap ad space on TSN/NBC sports for your fighter you should find someone who can, there are people who would have no problem selling that kind of exposure.

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Thanks Jake. Kind of you big man.

    I learn a lot from you in this biz, thanks for the kind words my friend.

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  5. Donald Duck says:


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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Just wondering… does the track record of how a fighter finishes fights have any effect on who sponsors would rather sponsor?

    Do they prefer an exciting fighter who finishes by KO or Submission inside one round so the viewer associates their product with excitement or do they want someone who’s gonna be on the screen longer and goes to decision more often so their logo is out there longer? Or do they just not care or think about it?

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  7. Old School Jake says:

    @Cody that’s a great question, it hasn’t really come up other one time and man do I hate using this example…hahahaha.

    I love Nathan Gunn but when he got KO’d by Pete Spratt and slid face first across the matt with his ass in the air, Full Tilt Poker emailed me saying they were sorry he lost but they got the most air play off that it was unreal.

    Too bad they didn’t kick down more money!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  8. Gunner says:

    I feel shame :( but thankfully I have a sexy ass and full tilts contributions only carried me through half of the night of drinking my sorrows away so it was not enough

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  9. mmafan says:

    Yeah Robin 94000 does sound like alot when you put it that way. but considering its in 80 million homes about 0.001% tuned in which is probably why its on tape delay this time around. That being said 94000 is alot of exposer for the fighters and thats great, but it seems like wsof canada is more worried about their views in the U.S then they are there Candian fans. To0 tell you the truth I dont even know what im rambling on about anymore, all I know is it frustrating when one of my friends has probably the biggest fight of his life on the 21st on one of the best cards in canadian mma history, and instead of getting to watch it live ill be on the top mma news play by play hitting refresh every 30 seconds

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  10. Graham Weenk says:

    We have dealt with 3 different managers/management teams all experienced and fairly well known (who have worked to get my guys sponsors) and all found that live tv has been the single biggest factor between getting nothing at all for no live tv to at best a couple grand for live tv fight.

    None of my fighters have been paid great money in sponsors but the live tv ones at least get something notable.

    I’m sure local fighters backed by local businesses fair a little better in non televised or tape delay situation.

    My point is live tv does help fighters allot. And the sponsorship thing is no gravy train.

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  11. Ryan D says:

    Im really curious to why TSN hasnt made a bigger splash in the mma market. MFC on tsn 2 months later dont count.

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  12. RickRoll says:

    Is it safe to say nobody cares that Valimaki is fighting anymore? We are talking about a guy who pulled out of like 12 fights but even when he does fight he misses weight. It is officially a circus with this guy. Im not sure why MFC wants anything to do with him at this point. Pavelich is better off spending his money to get up and coming talent who actually want to fight and can make weight.

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  13. RNC says:

    Steve Bosse? I think he needs to fight a Hollett or Starnes or Loiseau before he gets a shot at the big leagues here considering most of his opponents are under .500 or barely above and his last win was almost a year ago against Caleb Grummett.

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  14. Chevy C says:

    Rumour has it Bosse is already going to get his shot at the big leagues, so no need to fight these guys.
    Valimaki is done as a mma fighter. He looked horrible against Desilets in those fights years ago, Chemelli is low level and got beat by a guy coming off the couch. All valimaki has going for him is being an ex UFC fighter

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  15. eastcoastmma says:

    If WSOF is not exclusive with TSN, and Canadians dont get NBC sports why is there no live feed in Canada? too much effort to set up? Which partner wont let you have a live feed? It was comicall hearing Fader on Morency saying how ufc sort of drop the ball not marketing country vs country like them. When they dont have a promo vid or a website

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  16. Etown Beatdown says: dont hate eastcoast, this is the best card ever in Etown. Ford brining home the strap GDUP all night!

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