TUF Nations: Episode 4 Recap – Taleb vs Manawaroa


TUF Nations 2In Episode three last week, Ontario’s Chad Laprise showed great standup technique and footwork en route to a decision victory over Chris Indich to give Canada a 3-0 lead in The Ultimate Fighter Nations. Can Nordine Taleb extend the Canadian winning streak or will Tyler Manawaroa stop it Taleb in his tracks in Episode 4? Let’s find out:

Episode four starts off with Chris Indich telling Nordine Taleb that he can tell Sheldon that he take a punch. He also confirms with Taleb that Taleb said that Canada would win 8-0. Nordine says Canada respects Indich more than anyone else on Australia. Indich wants Taleb to know that at night, everyone can hear everything that is said.

Chad Laprise tucks into a victory cheesecake, but he first gives a piece to Chris Indich.

Indich and Laprise both comment that they thought the other would have tried to take them down. Laprise admits that he does not train in the gi very much and Indich says that he should have taken Laprise down. “Business is done” and Laprise and Indich are close now.

The Autralians play in the snow. Manawaroa says it was his first time and stated that snow can be soft and it can be hard.

Back in the gym, Noke says Manawaroa just loves fighting. Manawaroa, 19, got into MMA at age 15. He started in BJJ. Vik Grujic calls Manawaroa a mad man. Noke said Manawaroa has great head movement. Sounds like a well-rounded fighter.

Nordine Taleb is open to learn things, says Cote. Manawaroa says that Canada calls Taleb a “weapon.” Laprise says Taleb is going to “blow a gasket.” Cote says it is going to be one of the “bloodiest fights you’ve ever seen. Don’t blink!”

Weigh-Ins: Nordine Taleb (185) vs Tyler Manawaroa (185.5) Intense stare down. The unbeaten Manawaroa does not look scared of Taleb.

Laprise and Luke Harris, with a shiner, think it will be a good fight.

Dan Kelly says Manawaroa is ready to go.

Sheldon Westcott says that where Manawaroa is good, Taleb is “exceptional.”

Taleb says Manawaroa has never fought a guy as experienced as him. He says that Manawaroa had fought easy fights to get his record. Manawaroa says Taleb has muscles, but that is it. Manawaroa wants to shut the Canadians up. Richard Walsh says “when Manawaroa swings, people fall down.”

Cote is telling Taleb that he does not have to KO Manawaroa. Just do what you do best and he will win.

Manawaroa is confident and is going right at Taleb. Taleb says he will push the fight.

Nordine Taleb vs Tyler Manawaroa
R1. Manawaroa has height and reach advantage in this one. Leg kick Taleb. Again. Again. Manawaroa rushes but nothing lands. Jab Manawaroa. Right lands by Manawaroa. In the clinch, Taleb lands a few knees. Leg kick Taleb and a right from Manawaroa lands. Jab left knocks Taleb off balance a bit. They clinch. Knees by Taleb and Manawaroa. Manawaroa goes for a throw. Does not get it. Several knees by Taleb from the clinch. Manawaroa returns with a few of his own. Taleb shakes him off. Leg kick Taleb. Knees by Taleb and an uppercut from Manawaroa. Taleb lands a punch. A Taleb left lands. Knee by Manawaroa and they exchange knees. Leg kick by Taleb and a right by Manawaroa.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Taleb

Holanda warns that Manawaroa has a right hand and to avoid that. Noke tells Manawaroa to keep his distance.

R2. Body shot by Taleb. They trade. Jab Manawaroa. Uppercut Manawaroa. Knee by Manawaroa. Low blow. Lavigne calls time. Restart. Manawaroa rushes but does not land. Then they both land jabs from range. Taleb ducks under the big right and lands two. Jab Taleb. They trade. Jab Taleb. Manawaroa is tiring. Uppercut Manawaroa. Taleb is cut. Leg kick Manawaroa but its caught and Taleb lands a right. Jab by Manawaroa knocks Taleb down. He gets up quickly. Knees by Taleb from clinch. Jab by Taleb. Again. Knees from Taleb in the clinch. Manawaroa misses and Taleb ducks under and lands. Body shot by Manawaroa. Jab Taleb. Jab Manawaroa. Back elbow by Manawaroa lands. Taleb throws one and falls. Clinch and the bell.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Taleb

The fighters sit and it is going to a third round!

R3. Tentative start. Body shot by Manawaroa. Leg kick by Manawaroa. Knee from Manawaroa and he lands punches. Body shot from Taleb. Manawaroa pushing the pace. Misses spinning back elbow. Lands a punch though. Jab by Taleb. Jab Manawaroa. Manawaroa landing. Taleb looks hesitant. Knee by Taleb. He clinches and lands more. Right by Manawaroa as they break. Taleb stuffs shot. Jab by Manawaroa. Right by Taleb. Two hard body shots by Manawaroa. Taleb shoots and gets him down. Half guard. Minute left. Some small elbows by Taleb. Manawaroa reverses and is in full mount. Taleb gives up back. Manawaroa goes for RNC, but bell rings.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Manawaroa

Brendan O’Reilly says it was one of the best fights we’ve ever seen. Cote says Manawaroa did not surprise them with that right hand. Between the first and second round, Taleb told Cote that he broke his foot.

Tyler Manawaroa defeats Nordine Taleb by Decision

Australians get a huge morale boost from the win. Even more because the Canadians were pumping Taleb up as their best guy. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Taleb hopes his team gets over his defeat and come back stronger. His foot is messed up. Tyler Manawaroa comes to congratulate him for the fight. Taleb heads to the hospital with Manawaroa. They discuss the fight in the waiting room. Good scene.

Fight Announcements: Kyle Noke gets to pick his first fight. Richard Walsh vs Matthew DesRoches

Cote says DesRoches is believing more and more in himself as the training has gone one. Harris says DesRoches needs to use his heavy hands and punish Walsh.

Next Episode: Snowball fight between Theodorou and the Aussies and Taleb and Manawaroa hit the bottle.

11 Responses to “ TUF Nations: Episode 4 Recap – Taleb vs Manawaroa ”

  1. I guess we will see Olivier Aubin-Mercier take on Jake Matthews, unless a training injury occurs.

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    that was a horrible fight! For all the hype behind Taleb and how he is one of the top 185’ers in Canada, That was the first fight of his i have ever seen and im sorry but i have trained with better 170’s than both those guys….. im not impressed! Please someone tell me he just had a off night as we all do at some point?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 14

  3. Just Sayin says:

    Nordine usually fights at 170 and he broke his foot after the third leg kick.
    So I’d say that changed things for him quite a bit!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

  4. Gunner says:

    The “hype”? there is no hype behind him just proven track record of fighting and beating great fighters like Zaromski and took out McGrath who is a tough guy with ease in there fight (all be it Mcgrath took it short notice)

    Besides the foot reason I think that Tyler was just a lot tougher than EVERYONE expected and he took and gave some heavy shots.

    I was glad to see that there is and can be some competitive fighters from OZ for our Canadians to put on great fights like that one and Laprises for us to enjoy.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1


    nice clinch bro, brutal

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 4

  6. Dare says:

    Tyler looked at least 20-30 pounds heavier and much bigger than nordine. The size difference definitely played a role in how the fight went. It was a close fight but Tyler did a bit more damage. It will be different when Tyler fights a good wrestler though …Elias maybe???

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 3

  7. PJ says:

    Good fight, Tyler had good distance and jabs, Taleb good in the clinch. Had Tyler win only just 2-1. Soo Matthews VS Aubin-Mercier will be a good fight, heard good things about Matthews.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  8. Robin Black says:

    Ollie Aubin-Mercier is a killer.

    Insane talent.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 3

  9. Jack says:

    Oliver Aubin Merci is a killer a 155 not 170

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  10. f assault says:

    I also gave taleb the first 2 rounds. He pushed the pace the majority of the rounds. Was thinking the only way it went 3 was because australia was down 3 to 0 and that if canada won this fight ratings would go down. Round 3 however i gave to manaworoa. Taleb did little damage on the ground and got mounted nea. The end. I thought taleb would be crazier considering the hype built up but he broke his foot early in the first round. Still i thought he won the first 2 rounds as he cleary controlled the rounds and landed more strikes.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 4

  11. Aubin-Mercier is a killer at 155, and in the TUF Context could do very well at 170.

    Little undersized for a typical welterweight, but when having to cut weight multiple times in 6 weeks, this could work out well for him.

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