Top 10 Active Canadian UFC Fighters by Winning Percentage


topmmanewsTHUMBWith the departure of the Great One, Georges St-Pierre, from the UFC landscape, Top MMA News wanted to know who was the best active Canadian UFC fighter.

Top MMA News looked at the records of the 22 active Canadian UFC fighters*** and eliminated all who had fewer than four UFC fights. Why four fights? At the start of your UFC career, fighters generally face easier opposition. Unless you are Patrick Cote, you generally face other UFC newcomers in your debut and gradually work your way up to harder opposition. No one with a 1-0 or 2-0 record deserves to be on the top of this list (sorry Alexis Davis and Alex Garcia) as they have yet to face the constant grind of high level opponent after high level opponent in the Octagon.

Rather than rank the fighters subjectively, Top MMA News ranked the remaining fighters by winning percentage.  The resulting list produced some surprising results.

Here are:

Canada’s Top  10 Active UFC Fighters by Winning Percentage

1. Rory MacDonald (6-2) – .750

1. Roland Delorme (3-1, 1 NC) – .750

3. TJ Grant (8-3) – .727

4. Sean Pierson (4-2) – .667

5. John Makdessi (5-3) – .625

6. Mark Bocek (7-5) – .583

7. Yves Jabouin (4-3) – .571

8. Sam Stout (9-8) – .529

9. Ivan Menjivar (4-4) – .500

9. Nick Ring (3-3) – .500

9. Ryan Jimmo (2-2) – .500

*** Having not fought in over two years, Claude Patrick and Krzysztof Soszynski were not considered active UFC fighters.

21 Responses to “ Top 10 Active Canadian UFC Fighters by Winning Percentage ”

  1. topmmafan says:

    I know it clearly states in this article that UFC fighters will be listed by winning percentage, but no offence, anyone can put together a list of best winning percentages. How about some personal opinions here, because it certainly does not look right to me seeing Roland Delorme (No Offence)ahead of TJ Grant who if it wasn’t for concussion issues, would have already fought for the Lightweight Championship. He also has 5 Lightweight wins in a row.. Just saying, with no disrespect to such a Great site like Topmmanews.

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  2. Wat says:


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  3. I love the stats, @TopMMAFan. I keep spreadsheets of things Canadians do in the UFC. Once in a while I throw a different view up. I find winning percentage very interesting because that is how a lot sports teams are ranked.

    TJ Grant is no doubt the Canadian UFC fighter on the hottest roll right now, but he does have a worse winning percentage than Roland Delorme (at least until TJ’s next win which would bump him up to .750)

    How would you like to see guys ranked by Top MMA News next time we put up a list?.

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  4. Keebler Elf says:

    Obviously the stats don’t show the fighters actual success within the UFC.
    Also, take into account Delorme’s NC was a loss taken away by a positive drug test(marijuana) by Rivera, which would drop him significantly in these rankings

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  5. LBoutin says:

    Rivera tested positive for an undisclosed over the counter stimulant, not for marijuana.

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  6. Alex Caporicci says:

    Nice that despite taking time off earlier in his career that Sean Pierson has had six fights so far in the UFC and a 3 fight win streak. One of the pioneers in our sport in Canada and glad to see he’s done so well.

    Newton, Loiseau, GSP, Hominick, Pierson, Doerksen, Vigneault, etc are the legends of the sport in Canada. I’m sure I’m missing some.

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  7. Keebler Elf says:

    Regardless. Delorme’ got beat up and lost, 3-2

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  8. Darren Owen says:

    Bring back the power rankings. Those were interesting.

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  9. Just Sayin says:

    Like I said before,I would like to see all Canadian promotions and there champs in each weight class!

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  10. Winston says:

    In all honesty Roland Delormes UFC record should be 3-2 after getting koed in Calgary, no way smoking weed helps with punching power….

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  11. Rivera got popped for using a banned stimulant, not weed. It doesn’t matter though, it is a no contest and Delorme is tied for the best winning percentage in the UFC with fighters who have 3 fights or more.

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  12. Sean says:

    Thanks Alex

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good job compiling all this stuff Keith! Interesting.

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  14. topmmafan says:

    Hey @KeithGreinke, I like what you have compiled don’t get me wrong. All I meant is that when I look at a list of fighters (top 11 in this case), I look at number 1 through 11. I was shocked to see someone like Delorme ahead of Grant (despite the list showing winning percentages).I respect your list but I feel the more fights you have in the UFC, eventually, the more losses you will have (except for GSP of course). For Delorme to match Grant, he would have to go 5-2 in his next 7 and 1 NC.. That’s 7 more fights. It is only going to get tougher and tougher. Great List though!

    Anybody have an opinion on who they think is Number 1 to Number 11 from this list? I would say:

    1. TJ Grant (8-3) – .727
    2. Rory MacDonald (6-2) – .750
    3. John Makdessi (5-3) – .625
    4. Mark Bocek (7-5) – .583
    5. Sean Pierson (4-2) – .667
    6. Roland Delorme (3-1, 1 NC) – .750
    7. Ryan Jimmo (2-2) – .500
    8. Sam Stout (9-8) – .529
    9. Yves Jabouin (4-3) – .571
    10. Ivan Menjivar (4-4) – .500
    11. Nick Ring (3-3) – .500

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  15. Darren Owen says:

    Topmmafan, is it safe to say you’ve just created a pound for pound list of Canadians in the UFC?

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  16. Ken Shamrock says:

    Nick ring, lost to Fukuda, and Mcgee, should be 1 and 5

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  17. topmmafan says:

    @DarrenOwen Yes you could say that, still taking into consideration that 3 fights or less in the UFC does not qualify you for the list. @KenShamrock And that’s why he is last on my list! lol

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  18. Thanks at @Bobby Karimi and thanks for reading @Sean “The Punisher”.

    What I hope to see from this list is reactions like @Alex Caporicci had.

    We hear about TJ Grant and Rory Mac being the next big things from Canada, but it is exciting to see that Sean, Rolly, and Makdessi right there with them!

    Let’s remember TJ Grant was a .500 UFC fighter at one point, so was Rory MacDonald!

    You never know who the next great Canadian UFC fighter will be.

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  19. @topmmafan …. if you are doing a PBP list, I think Patrick Cote needs to be in your top 10. Somewhere in the 5-7 range.

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  20. btw…I ranked all time Canadians by winning percentage in 2012.

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  21. topmmafan says:

    @KeithGreinke I was just using the 11 fighters you provided for the list but I agree he would be right in and around that number!

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