Sarah Kaufman vs Jessica Eye Result Changed to No Decision

Sarah Kaufman Headlines AFC 5 Tonight

Sarah Kaufman Headlines AFC 5 Tonight

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has changed the result of the Jessice Eye versus Sarah Kaufman fight, according to a report by‘s Mike Whitman.

The UFC 166 fight, which was originally scored a Split Decision win for Jessica Eye, has been changed to a No Decision.

The TDLR did not indicate a reason for the change, but emailed with the new result.

In the bout, judges Ruben Najera and Jon Schorle score the bout for Eye and Gino Garcia scored it for Kaufman, who has been extremely vocal on her disagreement with the decision.

14 Responses to “ Sarah Kaufman vs Jessica Eye Result Changed to No Decision ”

  1. TK says:

    Absolute BS.

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  2. Justin says:

    obviously TK knows nothing. Im happy for you sarah

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  3. Ruffian MMA says:

    Jackson REALLY looks out for his fighters, if ya know what i mean

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Sarah won that fight on the cards of anyone with knowledge of fighting and even partially good vision.

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  5. adam zugec says:

    We had nothing to do with this, but it’s nice to see. Not sure anyone could have given the 3rd round to eye, and that is what won her the fight. Not sure how that is BS?

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  6. Ken Shamrock says:

    This fight probably should have gone to Kaufman, but it wasnt a blow out by any means.

    but then there’s this

    Nam Phan vs Leonard Garcia 1

    Worst thing I have ever seen

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  7. This fight should have been won by Kaufman, however I don’t see how they can change the decision now unless there was some kind of judging error that just came to light. (ie…judge mistook one of the fighters, math error). I don’t think judges/commissions should be able to take a couple months and study it on TV to determine who won.

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  8. PUCK says:

    MMMMM? Very wierd??? Now Eye (Who did nothing wrong) ends up being the biggest losser in this??….Way Way Way worse calls out there than that one and they didn’t get changed over? Forget the fact to wait this long your ‘decision’ will be tottaly infuenced now?

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  9. RickRoll says:

    I read it was overturned due to a failed test by Eye. It actually had nothing to do with Kaufman winning because anyone who watched it could see Eye won the fight clearly.

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  10. RickRoll says:

    Sorry Kaufman you still lost the fight, it was just a drug test that changed result. Nobody arguing the actual decision besides her

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  11. Cody Saftic says:

    ^^^That makes a lot more sense. It was a super close fight but I had Eye winning the first two rounds.

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  12. LBoutin says:

    I can see how someone could score it 29-28 for either fighter (the second round was close)

    The only problem I had with the decision is one judge gave Eye the third round (Kaufman had Eye hurt badly twice and out landed her soundly in that round, more than twice as many strikes)

    Had that judge given the 3rd round to Kaufman like he should have it would have resulted in a split decision for Sarah.

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  13. PUCK says:

    Ah it makes sense now hearing Eye failed the drug test, but what like 3-4 months later for the results.mmmmmm

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  14. CM says:

    It’s not that unusual. It took Calgary over 3 months to announce Rivera failed his drug test for the Delorme fight.

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