Havoc 4 Play-by-Play – Gordon, Machan Become Havoc Champs


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Havoc Fighting Championship is holding their fourth show tonight in Red Deer, Alberta. This stacked card features two title fights as Ryan Machan takes on Brendan Tierney for the Welterweight title and Malcolm Gordon tackles Mike Davis for the Flyweight title.

Unfortunately, Top MMA News was snowed in to Calgary so this PBP is not coming from cageside but from the stream which can be viewed live HERE. Our apologies as this will not be as accurate, but figured we would do this for completeness.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night: Donovan Hack vs Andrew Marsden
  • Submission of the Night: Malcolm Gordon
  • KO of the Night: Chris Lafantasie

Ryan Machan vs. Brendan Tierney
R1. Fighters exchange with Tierney throwing a head kick that is blocked. Another exchange ends the same way. Tierney attempts to pressure Machan but Machan keeps his composure and escapes danger. Machan works his way around Tierney and drags him down. Machan working for position and manages to take the back of Tierney. Machan drags Tierney backwards with an abortive RNC attempt. Tierney defends so Machan flattens him out and fires shots to the head of Tierney. Machan takes the back of Tierney and again Tierney is flattened out. From the back mount, Machan lands more GNP shots to the head of a turtled Tierney. Ref Brian Beauchamp stops the fight much to the surprise of Tierney.
Ryan Machan defeats Brendan Tierney by TKO (GNP from Back Mount) in Round 1, 3:20

Malcolm Gordon vs Michael Davis
Ref Brian Beauchamp
Loudest cheer of the night to date comes for mike Davis
R1. Body kick by Davis is caught but Davis steps back and is free. Leg kick by Gordon. Head kick by Davis misses. Quick right straight by Gordon sneaks through and grazes the face of Davis. Body kick by Davis is caught with Davis using it to suck in and clinch up. Davis attempting a single leg takedown against the cage. Gordon defends well and pushes a scrambling Davis off. Gordon follows Davis to the ground and lands a few GNP blows. Both standing. Right lands by Gordon, who is much quicker with his striking and footwork. Another overhand right followed by a left lands for Gordon. Davis wants this on the mat and shoots in but is stuffed by Gordon. Davis doesn’t give up and works for the takedown dragging Gordon down. Gordon stands up against the cage. Davis trying to take Gordon down as round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gordon

R2. Both fighters pumping jabs that aren’t close. Davis throws a looping right and tries to follow it in with a shot. Gordon defends and Davis is on his back. Davis attempts an armbar but Gordon has none of it and the fight is stood up. 1-2 combo lands by Gordon that backs up Davis. Davis has Gordon on his back. Kimura sweep by Gordon positions Gordon on top of Davis. The Kimura is deep and locked in forcing Davis to tap.
Malcolm Gordon submits Michael Davis by Kimura in Round 2, 2:16
Malcolm Gordon is the Havoc FC Flyweight champion

Jeff Larkin vs. Brandon MacArthur
R1. MacArthur starts the fight in a very relaxed open stance. Larkin shoots in and gets MacArthur down on his back in the centre of the cage. MacArthur trying to control his opponent as Larkin is quite inactive from inside his guard. Larkin lands a short left elbow and follows it up with 2 punches but MacArthur manages to lock up the arms of Larkin. MacArthur doing a pretty good job of limiting Larkin’s attack. Larkin postures up and throws 2 hooks to the head of MacArthur. MacArthur attempts to stand and eats a knee to his torso for his efforts. Some rights by Larkin land on MacArthur. Larkin now has MacArthur against the cage landing the odd shot here and there. Fairly uneventful round comes to an end.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Larkin

Larkin starts the round off with a missed left hook and a body kick that lands lightly. Left hook by MacArthur is blocked. Both fighters try to land left hooks and both miss. Larkin backs MacArthur up with a quick flurry that seems to miss and MacArthur fires back with a punch of his own. Wild spinning back fist, kick combo kisses by Larkin. MacArthur tries his own spinning back fist and misses. Larkin pushes MacArthur back with a flurry. Both fighters circle out. MacArthur attempts a right hook but is countered by a perfectly timed shot attempt that dumps MacArthur on the mat. Larkin gains mount and forces MacArthur to give up his back. Almost immediately Larkin latches onto the neck of MacArthur and sinks in the RNC. It’s deep and MacArthur quickly taps out to the choke.
Jeff Larkin submits Brandon MacArthur by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 3:40

Devon Neis vs. Grayson Wells
Ref Brian Beauchamp
R1. Neis lands a hard right followed by a left hook. Wells throws back but is unsuccessful. Neis with a knee to the mid section of Wells. Wells lands a solid right to the face of Neis. Wells shoots but Neis lands many hard elbows to the side of Wells’ head to defense and Wells starts bleeding. Both fighters brawl in the centre of the ring. Neis lands a knee but is off balance and falls backwards with Wells following him down. Both stand, but Wells wrestles Neis down but gets trapped in a triangle choke. Wells escapes and starts to throw some heavy GNP. Neis bleeding more, with Wells firing shots from inside the guard of Neis. Neis throwing from off his back in response to the punches that are landing by Wells. Wells stands up and as Neis goes to get up takes a shot at the legs of w, Neis drops back into a guillotine. Neis escapes and slips into mount firing down a few shots cutting up Wells. Wells seems to be bleeding heavily near his left eye. Referee Brian Beauchamp stops the fight to have the cut by Wells’ eye checked out by the doc. Unfortunately for Wells, the doc rules that he cannot continue and Beauchamp waves off the fight.
Devon Neis defeats Grayson Wells by TKO (Doctor Stoppage due to Cut) in Round 1, 4:52

Austin Ryan vs. Keegan Oliver
R1. Oliver shoots in immediately but Ryan sprawls well and defends. Oliver has Ryan pinned against cage. Oliver tries to take down as Ryan pulls him off the cage but no luck. Oliver shoots again and Ryan defends and has Oliver’s head pinned and is hitting him to his side. Oliver manages to turn the corner and gets the take down. Ryan manages to make his way to the cage and wall walks his way up. Oliver has Ryan pinned against the cage. Ryan spins him around temporarily, but Oliver regains his position and attempts a deep single. Ryan hitting Oliver with many shots to the side of his torso. Still defending the takedown and attacks with punches and elbows. Fireman carry by Oliver but Ryan defends well and rolls over and defends. More shots landing by Ryan as he’s defending the constant takedown attempt by Oliver. Ryan manages to get in the guard of Oliver and lands a few shots as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ryan

R2. Leg kick lands by Ryan. Oliver loses balance trying to kick and goes down. Ryan attempts a knee to the head of Oliver that would have been illegal, but luckily just misses. Oliver latches on to the back of Ryan but is very low and Ryan lands some very effective back elbows. Fighters standing and again Oliver shoots in and is stuffed. Leg kick by Ryan. Oliver shoots again and is once again shutdown by Ryan. Ryan landing solid shots on Oliver from inside his guard. Ryan backs off and lets Oliver up. Oliver with another shot and once again his single is stopped. Oliver’s shots are less deep and less explosive as the fight progresses. Ryan ends the round by pounding on Oliver while Oliver clings to his leg.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ryan

R3. Oliver fakes a shot and lands a leg kick. Fighters rush in and Ryan throws Oliver to the mat. Couple of quick shots by Ryan are followed by a solid knee to the chest of the grounded Oliver. Oliver tries to get up but doesn’t wanna eat a knee to the head for his efforts so drops to a three point stance position and back to his knees on the ground. Ryan stands and forces Oliver to stand. Ryan lands a leg kick. Both fighters trade ineffective jabs. Solid right lands by Ryan then Oliver shoots and is denied once again. Ryan with GNP from inside the guard of Oliver. Elbows from above are being thrown by Ryan as Oliver tries to defend. Oliver attempts to shrimp over to his left but is held in place by Ryan and eats some elbows to his head for his efforts. Ryan stands and Oliver follows. Solid 1-2 by followed by a right has Oliver going for another takedown which Ryan defends with ease. A couple hooks to the head of a prone Oliver follow just prior to the final bell.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ryan
Austin Ryan defeats Keegan Oliver by Unanimous Decision (30-27×2, 30-26×2)

Stephanie Essensa vs Jennifer Strumborg

Stephanie Essensa with the RNC

R1. Left lands by Essensa. Right hook left combo lands by Essensa. Essensa fires a straight right and clinches immediately firing a couple hard knees at Strumborg’s head before she can try to defend. Essensa continues to fire knees at Strumborg’s head.  They break off and Essensa lands a left then quickly moves in and grabs a standing rear naked choke. Essensa drags her opponent backwards standing. The 5″ height difference is apparent as Essensa is standing behind Strumborg and choking her out standing. Strumborg flails in a short futile final attempt then collapses unconscious in front of Essensa.
Stephanie Essensa submits Jennifer Strumborg by Standing Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:48

Amateur MMA

Andrew Kloot vs. Josh Goodheart
Ammy Lightweight title fight
Ref Brian Beauchamp
R1. Kick by Goodheart but Kloot takes him down. Guillotine attempt by Goodheart but Kloot escapes. Kloot with some body shots but Goodheart active with hips looking for subs. Kloot with some rights to the body. Upkick by Goodheart and Kloot drops back into his guard. Lefts to the body by Kloot. Full mount by Kloot. Goodheart with some shots from the body. Kloot with an arm triangle. He jumps over to the side and a quick tap from Goodheart.
Andrew Kloot submits Josh Goodheart by Arm Triangle in Round 1, 2:43

Chris Lafantasie vs. Leeroy Johnson
Ref Brian Beauchamp
R1. Superman punch from Lafantasie. Lafantasie throws hard punches and drops Johnson. Lafantasie in Johnson’s half guard. Lafantasie stands up. Combo by Lafantasie. He is laying it on Johnson. Leg kick Lafantasie. Another flurry by Lafantasie, throws in a leg kick, backs off, jab left and a right. KO.
Chris Lafantasie defeats Leeroy Johnson by KO in Round 1, 1:18

Donovan Hack vs. Andrew Marsden
Ref Andy Social
R1. Hack comes out swinging. Right by Marsden lands. Hack swinging in big quantity. Marsden push kick. Leg kick Hack and returned by Marsden. Hack goes for a double but stuffed by Marsden but Hack trips him down. Hack has his back. Does not look like the ammies can punch on ground. Hack gets the RNC on. Guess it is not tight as tight as it looks. Marsden lasts the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hack

R2. Hack with a body shot but Marsden lands a hard shot to the head. Hack returns with a flurry of hard shots. Hack with some knees in the clinch. Left by Marsden to escape the plum. Leg kick Marsden. Right by Marsden. Body kick by Hack. Jab by Hack. Hard left by Marsden. Hack with another four punches. Landing knees to the midsection of Marsden. Hack knees Marsden low. Time out. They come out swinging. Body kick by Marsden and Marsden has Hack in a bit of trouble with some hard punches at the end.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Marsden

R3. Hack’s nose bloodied up from the end of round 2. Hack and Marsden going at it in the middle. Huge swings from Marsden. He is trying to finish. Hack goes for the takedown. Marsden pushes him away. Marsden liking the left hook. Hack’s nose not liking it. Hack going for the takedown and Marsden shrugs it off easily. Marsden throwing a lot of lefts. Body kick and left by Hack. Hard left and right by Marsden. Hack starts taking it to Marsden. Left hook hurts Hack. Marsden pours it on but Hack comes back. Hard right by Hack and mouthpiece from Marsden is knocked out. Few seconds left and they two pour it on until the bell.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Marsden
Donovan Hack defeats Andrew Marsden by Split Decision (29-28×2, 28-29)

Alyssa Krahn vs. Kayla Matton
Ref Andy Social
R1. Clinch against the cage. Krahn pushing Matton against the cage. Krahn with some knees and Matton throws a few as well. Krahn with some lighter punches while pushing against cage. Matton with the plum and the knee. Back against the cage again for Matton. Krahn feeding some lefts. Matton with a knee. Krahn with the takedown.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Krahn

R2. Matton with a knee but Krahn pushes her against the fence again. They gets off the fence and knees are landed. Matton with the takedown. Krahn reverses and Matton is in half guard. Krahn lands some elbows and punches to the body. Krahn on in Matton’s full guard.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Krahn

R3. Matton with the knee but Krahn is pushing her against the cage. Krahn with some rights and looking for the takedown. Krahn still pushing her against the cage and throwing some occasional punches. They break with a minute left. Krahn shoots a single and is in full guard. Krahn with some rights to the body.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Krahn
Alyssa Krahn defeats Kayla Matton by Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Ryan Machan (168) vs. Brendan Tierney (168.4)
***Welterweight Title Fight

125lbs- Mike Davis (123.6) vs. Malcolm Gordon (123.4)
***Flyweight Title Fight

205lbs- (205)

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  1. Added GIF of Essensa’s choke.

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  2. Konrad says:

    Very impressed with the keegan turtle. Austin’s a beast

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  3. I stopped doing PBP after the ammy fights. Taken over by someone at the event.

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  4. Mahon says:

    For the love of god Keegan spend more time on your jitz and less in the mirror practicing your between round hand raises. And get some sportsmanship. Don’t be afraid to show some respect even when you lose

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  5. Bdc says:

    Like the added video with the play by play.

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  6. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Real cool add with the gif. Damn that was a deadly choke

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  7. Jake says:

    Congrats to Machan on another big win. we need to find a way to get in some bigger names for him to advance out of the regional shows. The last time anyone had him in trouble and forced him to be tested was with Gunn when he was being beaten for the whole fight until he sunk the awesome triangle and could barely even get up to make it to his corner. Let’s get him some fights to showcase more that heart and skill

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  8. woodrow james says:

    Sergej vs Machan?

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  9. Basement Badass says:

    Keep dreaming Woody, that’s too tough of an opponent for the “champ”

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  10. Just Sayin says:

    I’m curious, as to how many pro fighters from Ontario have fought for titles out west or east in the last 2 yrs.

    And what’s the win loss ratio? Anyone?

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  11. Just Sayin says:

    I know you got:
    Hudson twice won and defended:FiveStar
    Nolan: Fivestar
    Thorodeau:can’t remember either ECC or Elite 1
    And these are just the winners that I know of.
    Anyone have anymore or loses?

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  12. Just Sayin says:

    Keith I think you guys should do a list of Canadian promotions and their current champions.

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  13. Tyler Davis says:

    Hey guys Keegan didn’t give up, a lot of people would have in his position. He is tough, and no reason to harp on a guy who just lost.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Good post Tyler.

    Please send my best to your brother, he’s a good dude.

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  15. mahon says:

    Your right tyler he is a hell of a tough kid. My bad piss poor wording on my behalf what I mean is its time he evolves everyone knows he is just going to keep shooting for legs and its not hard to game plan for a guy only bringing 1 dimension to a fight

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