TUF Nations: Episode 3 Recap – Laprise vs Indich


TUF Nations 2Last week, viewers saw Patrick Cote’s Team Canada go up 2-0 on the strength of Elias Theodorou’s performance.  If you missed it, you can read the Episode Two Recap HERE.  Can Chad Laprise continue Canada’s win streak this week with a win over Chris Indich?

Olivier Aubin-Mercier calls Tyler Manawaroa annoying.  Who wouldn’t after being woken up by a didgeridoo?

Nordine Taleb parles en francais “I am going to run him over.  He will be paralyzed. I will cut him up into six pieces.”  “Vengeance will be terrible!”

Chris Indich thinks Chad Laprise will be a good matchup.

Chad Laprise is a firm believer in God.  Says “God put him in the world of MMA to shine His light in this world.”

Team Australia heads to the UFC Gym and Kyle Noke wants them to train better and smarter.  He brings Montreal strength and conditioning coach Jon Chaimberg to coach Team Australia.  Chad Laprise and Nordine Taleb train with him outside the TUF House.

Patrick Cote says Chaimberg is only thinking about himself. He says that it could be a bad career move for him.  Cote goes on to say that Chaimberg “is so full of himself that he don’t care.”

Chaimberg says he will go easy on Indich, who is fighting, but we might see some guys throwing up.

Dan Kelly says it was a very hard workout.  Vik Grujic says it was exactly like it is in a fight.

Team Canada shows up and greets Chaimberg and call him the traitor.  “He came for his air time and he got it.”

The Aussies decorate the moose with tampons and put an Aussie scarf around its neck.

Kajan Johnson and the rest of the team remove the moose desecrations.

Laprise expects a war from bell to bell with Indich.  Fabio Holanda says Laprise is there to go all the way.  Holanda wants the fight standing with Laprise’s “amazing hands.”  Laprise wants to “stick and move.”

Taleb takes an ice bath.  “In Titanic I would die in two minutes.”  (more we see Taleb, the more I like this guy)

Indich talks about all his school and bar fights where he earned the nickname “Savage”.  He says MMA is now the outlet for his anger.  He says his dad kicked his ass as a kid.  He says he channels his anger into his fights.

Laprise says his body feels great.  He has no injuries.  He wants to be a role model for fans.  He says he is the good guy, the humble guy.

Johnson says Canada’s energy is so high.  They are feeling great due to the two wins.  He could not ask for a better squad.

Brendan O’Reilly says Australia is getting warn down.   Tyler Manawaroa has a sore thumb and is overweight.  Coach Israel Martinez warns him that as good as he is, he could leave.  Manawaroa says he can only eat four eggs and avocado while everyone else can eat pizza.  He is close to 200 pounds.

Weigh-Ins: Chad Laprise (170) vs Chris Indich (169)

Both sides claim that their fighter will win.  Indich has no chance according to the Canadians.  Laprise will get TKO’d according to the Australians, who really need a win to change the mood of the team.  Both fighters say they feel really good.

Chad Laprise vs Chris Indich
R1. Jab by Laprise starts it off. Looks like he landed another. Leg kick by Laprise, who looks quicker than Indich. Another leg kick by Laprise. Indich and Laprise get off jabs. Lots of misses by Indich who is more flat footed. Leg kick by Laprise. Left by Laprise and a left by Indich. Leg kick by Indich. Leg kick by Laprise. Jab and Laprise goes high with a kick but misses. Inside leg kick by Laprise. Body kick by Laprise. Right lands and the three more. Indich can’t land as Laprise’s footwork is top notch. Laprise unloads with a flurry. Leg kick by Laprise. Three more punches of Laprise land. Indich’s miss. Body punch by Laprise. Jab by Indich. Leg kick by Indich but he falls. Gets up.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Laprise

R2. Jab by Indich. Counter right by Laprise lands hard. Leg kick by Laprise. The two exchange and it looks like Laprise scores a couple more strikes than Indich. Indich shoots but is stuffed. Left jab by Laprise. Hook by Laprise. Left jab, straight right, body kick score for Laprise. Left jab by Laprise. Laprise looks very fresh. Leg kick by Indich. Another exchange between the two. Indich is cut around both eyes. Leg kick by the tough Indich. Jab by Laprise. Indich is eating a lot of jabs. Last minute. Jab by Indich. Not much lands the last 30 seconds until a spinning back kick lands in Indich’s midsection.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Laprise

Johnson yells, “Too fast! Too pretty! Won’t ever be beat!”

Chad Laprise defeats Chris Indich by Decision

Watch the Full Fight:

Manawaroa says this could be “Fight of the season” and Chris’ face is “F&cked up.”

Taleb says Laprise had good pace and good angles for his strikes.

Cote says Laprise followed the game plan with his striking. Noke said that Indich wanted to stand with Laprise. Noke thinks it should have went to a third round. Cote says “accuracy was the difference.” Cote says Indich is tough.

Laprise is surprised that Indich did not try to get him to the mat.

Coach Martinez says that they made Laprise earn the win.

Laprise comes to the Aussie locker room to thank Indich. Indich says he did not throw enough punches. If he could avoided a few and threw some more maybe Laprise would be having six stitches, he says. Laprise and Indich are class acts.

Fight Announcement: Nordine Taleb vs Tyler Manawaroa

Cote says Taleb is a “lion in a cage.” Apparently Manawaroa said he would fight Taleb in the TUF House and Taleb gave him what he wanted.

Next episode: Snow at the house.


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