TUF Nations: Episode 3 – Fighter Blogs


TUF Nations 2Here is a list of all the Episode 3 blogs by the The Ultimate Fighter: Nations fighters from Canada and Australia.

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Team Canada

Team Australia

7 Responses to “ TUF Nations: Episode 3 – Fighter Blogs ”

  1. Added Chad Laprise’s blog. He wonders why the producers showed him manscaping! lol

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  2. mike kent says:

    surpised how little attention / comments the guys are getting that are on this show! they’re doing amazing and its really great to see them every week on national T.V. Not a lot of talk about it tho

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  3. Added Matt DesRoches’ blog. He says Laprise had to do his warm up in the dark due to a power failure!

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  4. I am surprised by the lack of comments on the fights as well, @Mike Kent.

    However, there is no lack of attention. The TUF Nations coverage is generating huge numbers of views.

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  5. Added Sheldon Westcott’s blog. Says Fabio Holanda is a mastermind.

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  6. mcinnes says:

    Congrats laprise.

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  7. These guys are doing amazing, I believe more awareness regarding them must be spread so that people recognize and see their efforts too; just like any other famous fighter.

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