XFFC 4 – Grande Prairie – April 19


Date: April 19, 2014
Venue: ENTRAC Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta
TV: Internet PPV
Tickets: Buy Tickets

Fight Card:
170lbs- Jarod Milko (8-2) vs. Matt MacGrath (14-8)
***Welterweight Title Fight

125lbs- Adrian Woolley (7-3) vs. Eric Wilson (6-5)
***Flyweight Title Fight

135lbs- Michael Imperato (6-1) vs. Jesse Arnett (3-3)
***Bantamweight Title Fight

170lbs- Spencer Jebb (6-3) vs. Stephen Clement (5-2)
135lbs- Derek Abrahamson (3-0) vs. TBA
205lbs- William Carriere (1-1) vs. Cyril Glover (0-2)
155lbs- Conrad Krzysztan (2-2) vs. Jemark Brady (2-3)
170lbs- Corey Atkinson (2-2) vs. Tyler O’Brien (2-8)
155lbs- Connor Derry (0-2) vs. Vince Quesnel (0-1)
145lbs- Robert Nelson (0-2) vs. Tony Touch (0-1)

73 Responses to “ XFFC 4 – Grande Prairie – April 19 ”

  1. mmafan says:

    Sounds like a bunch of Machan’s buddies on here to me!

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  2. Gunner says:

    I am not Machan’s buddy I think he is a prick :)

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  3. Bad News Bears says:

    Is Chemelli training for the tour de France because he seems great at back pedalling from wanting to fight Cirkunov and making every excuse possible. It’s all set up, just need Tim to say yes, I’m not scared, let’s fight

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  4. Sure Chemelli wants a rematch with a now burnt out victor valimaki, who beat him convincely the first time around, yet he makes no mention of seeking a rematch with Razak AL Hassan who embarrassed him in under one round!

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  5. Xcessive Force FC says:

    Added: Ticket Outlets

    Online at http://www.evergreenpark.ca


    Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop

    Get your tickets before April 1st for a chance to win table tickets for 8 people to every XFFC Show in 2014.

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  6. Tim chemelli says:

    @ dickjones. For one I’ve asked to rematch razak. And was offerd to fight valimaki again in May but what they offered me was a joke. 2nd feel free to come to cold lake test me for juice/ HGH. And while your here let’s put in a few rds and we will see who is the clumsy guy with no takedowns. You seem to be talking pretty tough hiding behind your screen name. I’ve accomplished more in my life already then you probably ever will.

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  7. MMAGURU says:

    Dickjones why don’t you just shut the **** up! No Champion has ever reached the top without having to learn from mistakes. AlHassan is a fighter that was scared to square off to Chemelli because he knew what power he has behind his punch and rushed him after Chemelli put his hand out to touch gloves. If the fight would have gone to the second round AlHassan wouldn’t have lasted. He couldn’t even talk after the fight because he had nothing left in him. You can judge fighter on style and ability but until you step in the cage who are you to run a fighter that has stepped in that cage 15 times! like Tim said why not tell everyone your name and step into the cage with him and see if you even last 3rds!

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  8. Cody Krahn says:

    Bigpoppa is a master troll, he has to be. No way someone who bashes Chemelli can also think Doty is a legit fighter.

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  9. Michelle Obama says:

    Man Eric Wilson takes some really tough fights. He will pretty much fight anyone at 135 or 125.

    Much respect to that kid.

    Quinn, Hill, Delorme, Davis Brothers ect ect.

    War Wilson!

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  10. BOOBOO says:


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  11. Terry robertson says:

    Haha come to Cold lake and test me, good one I’m sure Dick Jones would spend the couple g’s to get right on that.

    Truth is that if all the commissions announced tomorrow they will be testing all fighter at all shows no matter big or small every show coming up soon would lose a lot of fighters to sudden injury.

    MMA’s dirty little secret more prevelant in the smaller shows than the big one.

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  12. Update: Rick Pfeifer injured and off card

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  13. Robin Black says:

    Poor guy got a gingery :(

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  14. Ryan says:

    Put Josh Hill on this card, I hear he’s lookin for fight in April!!!!!!

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  15. Real talk says:

    Surprised Woolley had not pulled out yet.

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  16. Winston says:

    Well it’s not fight week yet real talk, I’m thinking Tuesday he will drop out

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  17. Fake Donald Duck says:

    Who the hell are you guys, Woolley is the absolute best.

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  18. Blackout says:

    Aw, man. :( Rick and Derek was gonna be fireworks, too.

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  19. XYZ says:

    Not much being spoken about this great card. I hope TMN will have weigh in results and possibly play by play

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  20. Cody Rempel says:

    Someone should be sending me weigh in results today and I’ll be heading up there tomorrow to do a LIVE play-by-play!

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  21. Blackout says:

    I seen em posted but then it vanished lol

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  22. Cody Rempel says:

    They’re up now, there was quite a bit to sort out and still some things up in the air but I will update as I have more info!


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