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ECC THUMBWith the cold weather and snow that Halifax has had for the past week, a near capacity crowd decided to stay warm in the Multi Purpose room of the Halifax Forum to check out Extreme Cage Combat 19: Showdown. While most of the fights did not make it past the first round, fans were treated to quite a show as they got to see many spectacular finishes throughout the night that had the people sitting on the edge of their seats. Big props to Peter Martell, Wayde Graves, Gavin Tucker and Joel MacDougall on the show as they have been stepping up their game throughout the past year. If you missed the action from last night, here is how things went down.

Top MMA News Awards

  • KO of the Night-David Anderson
  • Submission of the Night-Chris Kelades
  • Fight of the Night-Mike Murphy and Konnor McMullen


Patrick Vallee subs Ricky Goodall (photo: Martin Blais | Aggro Photog

Patrick Vallee subs Ricky Goodall (photo: Martin Blais | Aggro Photog

Ricky Goodall vs. Patrick Vallee
Round 1
Goodall looks for the jab to start things out while Vallee goes for the leg sweep. Vallee gets a good jab in but Goodall hits him with a good punching combination. Goodall then goes for the overhand right but misses so Vallee comes in with a flying knee. He hits Goodall with it and has him pinned down against the cage. Vallee starts with the ground and pound but decides to stand back up to see if he can find a better opening. He does find a hole and does hit Goodall with a couple of punches before he decided to go back in top position. Goodall works his way back up but Vallee gets his back in the process and sinks in the rear naked choke for the victory.
Patrick Vallee submits Ricky Goodall by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:31

Mike Murphy (photo: Martin Blais|Aggro Photography)

Mike Murphy (photo: Martin Blais|Aggro Photography)

Mike Murphy vs. Konner McCullen
Round 1
Both men come out swinging but Murphy is the first to connect with a big right hand. He tries to follow that up with a head kick but misses and falls down. McCullen goes down and  Murphy tries to push him off with his feet but McCullen gets in side control. Murphy is able to get back up as both men lock up in the clinch. Both fighters hit with a few knees before Murphy secures the takedown. It doesn’t last long as both men are back up in the clinch again but Murphy is hitting him with some vicious shots. Murphy then lets go and just starts teeing off on McCullen as he struggles to stay up against the cage. McCullen hits him back with a right hand that gets Murphy down. Murphy does get a hold of an arm but can’t hold on for the submission which gives McCullen full mount. McCullen looks to get his back but Murphy pushes him off and his back up on his feet. McCullen tees off and lands a few punches before Murphy gets him back in the clinch. After a few knee strikes, Murphy lets go and both men start swinging for the home run shot. Both are taking a lot of punishment before Murphy goes back to the clinch. Murphy’s strikes are now just too much as the ref decides that he has seen enough.
Mike Murphy wins by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 3:12

Ryan Connor lands a knee (photo: Martin Blais|Aggro Photography)

Ryan Connor lands a knee (photo: Martin Blais|Aggro Photography)

Ryan Connor vs. Josh Walker
Round 1
Walker fakes him out with a jab to start out but Connor moves in.  Then, Walker moves in and gets him against the cage. Connor is able to gain control and spins him around. Both fighters move back and forth, circling around a few times before Connor hits Walker with a knee. Connor then looks for the single leg and gets it but Walker moves around and gets top position. Connor moves on his back but both fighters are back up on their feet. Connor keeps him against the cage but both men circle around before the clinch is broken off. Connor then hits him with an outside leg kick and then goes for the flying knee and gets him against the cage. Walker regains control though and looks for the guillotine choke but can not get a good enough hold. Walker then hits him with an elbow across the head so Connor hits him back with a knee before letting go of the clinch. Both fighters have a light exchange before Connor goes back to the clinch and secures the takedown. Connor is able to get on top and has full mount and tries for the arm triangle but can‘t sink it in. Walker is scooting along on his back trying to get up but Connor keeps him pinned down. Connor gets him with an elbow to the face before the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Connor

Round 2
Connor goes in with his 2nd flying knee of the night that gets Walker down on the mat. Walker is able to recover and move himself in top position. The move ends up being costly as Connor gets a hold of his arm and secures the win with an armbar
Ryan Connor submits Josh Walker by Arm Bar in Round 2, 0:20

Michael Spoenlein (photo: Martin Blais|Aggro Photography)

Michael Spoenlein (photo: Martin Blais|Aggro Photography)

Michael Spoenlein vs. James Mancini
Round 1
Both men circle around the cage for a bit to begin the fight but Mancini starts to work the jab. He continues to work the jab before he shoots for the takedown. Mancini gets it but is having trouble trying to pass guard. Mancini tries to soften him up with a few shots to the body but not much is working. Spoenlein is showing some great defense off his back and is able to land a few punches of his own. Mancini is working along until out of nowhere Spoenlein gets an arm bar and forces Mancini to tap.
Michael Spoenlein submits James Mancini by Arm Bar in Round 1, 2:32

Chris Kelades vs. Rick Doyle
Round 1
Kelades looks for the takedown early and is able to get it. After a few seconds of work, Kelades is able to pass guard. Doyle holds on to his head to prevent damage but Kelades uses the time to work in some punches to the body. Kelades is now moving around and tries for the arm bar but can‘t get it. Kelades then looks for the arm triangle but decides to work on some more ground and pound instead. Doyle is able to get up but Kelades is able to move around and gets Doyle in a gogoplata and forces him to submit
Chris Kelades submits Rick Doyle by Gogoplata in Round 1, 2:44

Chester Post vs. Matt Heim
Round 1
Little happens in the first 30 seconds as both fighters are unable to connect with anything until Post then hits Heim with an inside leg kick. Post keeps working with the kicks and hits with a couple of jabs that eventually sends Heim down to the mat. Post then gets on top and starts raining down punches until the ref calls it
Chester Post defeats Matt Heim by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 1:17

Tyler Lee vs. David Anderson
Round 1
Anderson charges in with a flying knee that knocks out Lee before he has the chance to move. Anderson gets one punch in before the ref stops the fight.
David Anderson defeats Tyler Lee by KO (Flying Knee) in Round 1, 0:06

Amateur MMA
Matt Macintyre vs. Jericho Mcphee
Round 1
Macintyre goes for the leg kick and after that it felt like some hit fast forward on the fight. Mcphee hits him a couple of times before he tries to take his back. Mcphee can‘t get the rear naked choke so Macintyre gets out and both guys are back up. Mcphee then moves in with a big right hand that sends Macintyre down. Mcphee has him against the cage and lands a few more shots before the fight is called.
Jericho McPhee defeats Matt Macintyre by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1

Jericho Mcphee wins by TKO (Strikes) at an unconfirmed time in the 1st round but it was less then one minute. The commission would not give me an answer and the MC did not announce the time

Cameron Daniels vs. Mike McKinnon
Round 1
After McKinnon gets things going with a leg kick, both fighters move in with Daniels landing a big right hook. After the punch McKinnon looks for the takedown but Daniels maneuvers around and has him against the cage. Both fighters are in the clinch with both of them hitting with knees until Daniels gets the takedown. Daniels is on top with McKinnon trying to get his head. Daniels gets back up and then hits him with the suplex. Daniels now has full mount and tees off with the ground and pound before deciding to stand back up.. McKinnon is looking for an opening to get back up but Daniels keeps kicking him . McKinnon does finally get up and Daniels sends him back down to the mat with a jab. McKinnon recovers and gets back up to pin Daniels against the cage. Daniels spins him around but both men are on there knees with McKinnon on top. Both men get on there feet and Daniels looks for the single leg as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Daniels

Round 2
Both fighters circle around until Daniels land a left hook and a kick to the body. They continue to circle around until Daniels hits him with a jab and tries for the takedown. McKinnon gets control and has him against the cage. Little action is happening but McKinnon is controlling the pace. He looks for the takedown but Daniels is able to stuff it. Now both men are in the clinch with McKinnon getting a hold of his head but he decides to let go. McKinnon gets him for the takedown but both men are back on there feet quickly. Daniels then looks for the single leg but McKinnon gains control and gets on top as the go down. McKinnon then works in some ground and pound for a bit as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 McKinnon

Round 3
Both men start to exchange but neither guy is hitting with much as the 3rd round starts until Daniels hits him with an uppercut. Daniels works in a few jabs and gets McKinnon against the cage after McKinnon gets in a few jabs himself. Against the cage, McKinnon goes for the single leg but Daniels is the one who ends up on top. That doesn’t last long as McKinnon gets the reverse and is on top. Both men are putting on a good ground display as McKinnon hitting with the ground and pound but Daniels getting some shots off his back. McKinnon connects with some elbows before each man is back up. Daniels hits McKinnon with a knee before they are back on the mat with McKinnon in side control. McKinnon is on his back but Daniels is able to get up and gets him against the cage. Both fighters are in the clinch along the cage as the round ends
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 McKinnon
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 for Mike McKinnon
Mike McKinnon defeats Cameron Daniels by Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)

Akitoshi Horiba vs. Joe Brooks
Round 1
After both fighters touch gloves. Brooks looks for the takedown but Horiba hits him with a leg kick. . Both men are now circling the cage but Horiba is able to go in with a couple of combinations, Brooks then fights fire with fire as he starts throwing leg kicks but Horiba keeps tagging him with various combos. Brooks then goes in for a jab that has Horiba wobbling a little bit. Horiba is able to regain control and connects with a kick to the jaw on Brooks. After this Brooks looks to get in the clinch. but Horiba breaks free and lands another head kick. Horiba hits with a jab before Brooks grabs him to get Horiba back in the clinch. Horiba is the one in control as he slips in a few knee strikes before breaking it off. Horiba goes back to leg kicks before the round ends but Brooks tries to finish it up with a takedown that is unsuccessful.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Horiba

Round 2
Brooks looks a little gassed before the round begins as both fighter touch gloves again Right after that Brooks gets an overhand left and gets him in the clinch along the cage. Horbia hits him with a knee and spins him around. After another knee strike Horiba hits Brooks with an uppercut the busts open his nose. Horiba hits him with another knee strike before mixing in punches and kicks. Horiba keeps going until the ref decides to call the fight.
Akitoshi Horiba defeats Joe Brooks by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 1:02

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  1. craig ferguson says:

    I don’t mean to be too particular, but Spoenlein’s armbar wasn’t “out of nowhere.” He was setting it up the entire time they were on the ground, working to make the angle. When he finally got it, he swung the leg over and finished it. I am not taking anything away from the guy, it was a sweet technique, but anybody who knows anything about groundfighting could see that he was working for it.

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  2. yeah says:

    dereks recaps are sometimes sketchy, like when guys are in dominant side ontrol then manage to get up. It must be tough to type out and watch a fight at the same time. Better to find a video somewhere. I read the recap of one of my fights once and he had who had done what totally reversed.

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