ECC 19 Results – Vallee Subs Goodall


ECC THUMBExtreme Cage Combat is holding their 19th show tonight and Top MMA News is cageside in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Here are the results:
Patrick Vallee submits Ricky Goodall by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:31
Ryan Connor submits Josh Walker by Arm Bar in Round 2, 0:20
Mike Murphy defeats Konner McCullen by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 3:12
Michael Spoenlein submits James Mancini by Arm Bar in Round 1, 2:32
Chris Kelades submits Rick Doyle by Gogoplata in Round 1, 2:44
Chester Post defeats Matt Heim by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 1:17
David Anderson defeats Tyler Lee by KO (Flying Knee) in Round 1, 0:06

Amateur MMA
Jericho McPhee defeats Matt Macintyre by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, time unannounced but less than minute
Mike McKinnon defeats Cameron Daniels by Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)
Akitoshi Horiba defeats Joe Brooks by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 1:02

66 Responses to “ ECC 19 Results – Vallee Subs Goodall ”

  1. Chester Post with his first win since 2008. Was on a 15 fight losing streak.

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  2. Thesubzero says:

    I’m pumped for Post! Bumping the slump.

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  3. Kelades puts on a ground clinic with the inexperienced Rick Doyle who took fight this week.

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  4. Mike kent says:

    Where you watching this Keith ?

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  5. Cheeky Bastard says:

    Post beating Heim is nothing to write home about. Heim is an atrocious fighter. Just a tough guy who thinks he can beat anyone

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  6. The Spartan says:

    This post about Post makes me happy.

    The guy loves having the best seat in the house,and tonight he does so with a W…

    Congrats Chester!


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  7. Big Win says:

    Some pretty interesting stuff coming out of ECC.

    Kudos for Post for squashing that 15 fight skid. Guy doesn’t have a great record but is game to go whenever gotta like his fighting spirit.

    Shocked Mancini gut submitted his ground game is pretty tight.

    Always nice to see a Gogo in pro MMA and props to Doyle for saving Keladas’ return and payday

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  8. Truth says:

    Post still fights!!??!! Maybe he’s not fighting for just a pay cheque anymore.

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  9. Truth says:

    Where does Post train now?

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  10. TRUTH says:

    Mike Murphy defeats Konner McCullen fight of the night hands down

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  11. EastCoastWarrior says:

    I have the post win on video. I will upload it on YouTube in a day or two. Happy he pulled out the win, class act

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  12. Big bear says:

    Congrats to post he deserves the win

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  13. mike kent says:

    Heard it was a great card and a great crowd. Glad the ECC is still having success after 19 shows ! 20th show coming up is a pretty big deal for them not to many show make it to the 20 mark

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  14. Mr. Potato head says:

    Looks like another overhyped tristar fighter gets beaten again. Definitely the best gym for taking winners and turning them into losers

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  15. 374's a joke says:


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  16. Thesubzero says:

    That wasn’t cheap. They are supposed to come out fighting. Like the guy was running towards him.

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  17. Donald Duck says:

    Dick move. If the guy reaches out to touch gloves and you don’t want to you wave him off and fight.


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  18. Robin Black says:

    i agree with subzero

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  19. X says:

    I can’t tell from the angle but it doesn’t look like Lee made much of an attempt to touch gloves. Both his hands are up and he is looking to defending himself. They already touched gloves beforehand.

    I just don’t get anyone that would call that cheap. Probably the same people who insist on fighters touch gloves before each round, ruining arugably some of the most exciting moments in the sport. Want to give everyone a medal for participation as well? Lets all hug before each round so no one gets their feelings hurt.

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  20. Thesubzero says:

    Well when I fought even though my opponent looked like he wanted to tap gloves I was ready for him to sucker punch me. So I was ready for it, maybe I’m just paranoid. It’s a fight it’s not a soccer match.

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  21. Ryan D says:

    Be ready for anything or get knocked out. He wasn’t ready so he got knocked out love it!!

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  22. It takes a lot away from his KO knowing he did it on a guy who was expecting a glove tap.

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  23. Robin Black says:

    Was the guy expecting a glove tap? Did he motion for one?

    I guess maybe the slow walk kind of implied one.

    Its a good reminder for anyone who saw it to be ready to protect yourself at all times.

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  24. derek leblanc says:

    It was hard to tell when I seen it. The problem when covering an event is when you are watching the fight and typing it down at the same time, your head can go down for a split second and you miss something just like that

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  25. Bdc says:

    With a flying knee off the start the fighters mind is made up to throw it before the round starts. He’s committed to it in his head, once he takes a few steps into the set up he shouldn’t have to stop because the other guy put his hands out to touch. I’m sure neither of them wanted it to end with a questionable tactic.

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  26. IanHardie says:

    Hard to tell from the angle, that video’s description was certainly on the defensive. Hard to take anything from Mr. Arsenault, he threw a beautiful knee. I thought i could see Tyler with his hand extended, but it looks like he sees the knee coming and tries to turn it into a takedown. It’s all speculation and i think BDC said it best that neither of them probably wanted it to end via any controversy. Hope Tyler gets in there again soon, and congrats to David.

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  27. Mike kent says:

    Beautiful knee by a good fighter. When a fighters hands extended in my opinion you need to either wave them off and say no or bump fists. The rules state protect yourself at all times and it’s not like he faked fist bumped then suckered ( that’s the worste ) so there reaally no problem , feel bad for Tyler, great guy. He will learn from this.

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  28. IanHardie says:

    Anderson not Arsenault**** ^

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  29. Mr. Potato head says:

    There was nothing cheap or dirty about how that fight played out. If a fighter put his hand out to touch gloves with either Diaz brother or BJ Penn, the result would be exactly the same. Some fighters wait until the fight is over to shake hands, hug or any other friendly stuff. Anderson did nothing wrong, except show he turns serious when the bell rings, like it should be

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  30. Next time….if Anderson and Mr Lee rematch….David will touch his gloves 3 times. Hug Him twice. Kiss him. Whatever they want…… and then unload a beating on him. There was clearly no hand put out…video is on youtube….both Tylers hands were up….and he got KTFO. Are there any more excuses?? Tyler was sick? he was injured? what else? Fighters are going to learn all about David Anderson and a lil club called 374 MMA

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  31. Mr. Potato head says:

    Unfortunately, Tyler Lee and his supporters don’t know the rules of mma. Rule #1: when the bell rings to start the fight, you try to strike or submit your opponent. Time for some people to find a new sport that easier to understand…and Tyler Lee got owned, ktfo in spectacular fashion

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  32. Balrog says:

    Speaking of excuses. Has anyone heard Ricky Goodals excuse for not making weight? I think the last time his BS excuse was that he tried some new teqnique to cut weight and it didnt work or some bullshit. His excuses are always pretty comical. Anyone hear anything?

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  33. mike kent says:

    It would be great if you wrote your real name to put behind your comments Mr. Potato head. A lot of the points your making are very valid and I agree that nothing was done wrong.

    Its clear that you are a member of 374 or closely associated and feel strongly about your opinions. Tyler was Ko’d and it was not illegal so there really is no need to come on here and continue to say Tyler was KTFO and doesn’t know the rules. You don’t need to convince anyone I think most agree with you.

    If tyler wants a rematch then maybe that can happen. If not then 374 should still feel good about this win it was a thing of beauty.

    the people around this fighter should learn about winning with class and losing with class

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  34. Ryan D says:

    Who cares if he dosnt use his real name. What’s that gonna accomplish. You guys are funny who gives a duck if someone dosnt post under there real name. What’s it to ya guys anyway. So if he posts under his real name you gonna track him down and beat him up when they post something you don’t like. This isn’t directed at you Mike just find it hilarious when people say that. It’s a public forum maybe some people just want to be anonymous. Who Cares!!

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  35. Ryan D says:

    I just want to hear one good reason why it bothers you all so much when people post under screen names?? The only thing that makes it any different is with a real name you can track them down. Is that what all you guys want is to beable to track down the person That upsets or pisses you off.

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  36. Mike kent says:

    Lol I would never track anyone down

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  37. Mike kent says:

    Lol I would never track anyone down or get into altercations with anyone over anything let alone forum posts.

    I just find that it gives your comments a lot more validity if you say who you are so people can understand your ties or affiliations and where your opinions are coming from.

    For example if someone comes on here and posts under a fake name and is giving fighters advice or being critical or giving string opinions people may not put much stock on what they are saying because nobody knows of the poster has a background or knowledge in anything

    If someone comes on and is joe doerskon 80,000 fights , firas Zahabi AAA gym owner, or, or anyone else who comes from a club or mma back round or even just a fan who knows their stuff then it’s easier to buy into what they say.

    I agree with everything Mr potato head was saying. I was just interested on who it was.

    Also I can’t stand when posters bash fighters and don’t say who they are. This is not the case this time

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  38. Mike Kent in all fairness 374 does know how to win with class….. it was Titans Camp who accused David of being a cheapshot….when he wasnt…I know you did not say this as I have read your comments……David is not a fighter who would want a cheapshot victory…..its just not him hes very humble guy…I think a rematch is needed !

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  39. Ryan D says:

    Great post mike and I totally agree with you there. I don’t know why I am defending people like those who come on here and bash fighters . Frankly it’s not cool at all. What you guys do as fighters is great. I have the utmost respect for you all it can’t be easy being a fighter and takin shit on here from anonymous people cant be easy and to keep your cool just makes you more of a professional. I don’t understand it like you guys cause I’m a fan not a fighter. Glad to here a positive explanation Thank You!!

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  40. 374's a joke says:

    Who was the blonde tramp with the 374 posse who was cursing like a pig after konnor lost? This slag was flipping the bird and trying to jump in the ring after father murphy! someone needs to keep her on a leash!

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  41. nice and classy you are calling a girl a tramp… should start training and step in the cage and fight for real instead of being a keyboard warrior….we got lots of guys at 374 who can give you valuable life lessons on respect

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  42. 374's a joke says:

    The Chosen One, for a bunch of white belts, you and your club sure are intimidating. From the dirty foul-mouthed broad swearing cursing like a sailor to the “gang” of punks hanging in front of the exit after the fights. Look out for these guys!


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  43. well…..for a club that is less then 4 yrs old…..we sure are having success in the cage arent we?? 2 ammy wins 2 pro wins only loss was konnor in fight of the night !! we will at least 4 guys in april……and belts mean nothing in that cage…..nothing at all

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  44. all the cry babies who are crying over davids flying knee had to say was … what a talented kid….but instead it was….hes a cheapshot…..he was suppose to touch gloves……referee brought them to center…..had them touch gloves….david and tyler went back to their corners…..tyler did not look over and indicate he wanted to touch gloves…..again……bell rang…..david left his corner…..walking….as he approached he picked up speed…..tyler took 2 steps out…put his fists up……and david gave him what he planned to do all along……all that needed to be said was good job david….very impressive…..instead the excuses come ou

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  45. Thesubzero says:

    Apparently grammar and punctuation is a lost art. I cannot even begin to comprehend what that last statement says. I’m not usually a stickler, but come on.

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  46. im so sorry sub zero……sorry I should have made it 3 pages long…..proof read it…..and used better grammar…..instead I tried to make it short and to the point……but you missed it…..the point that is

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  47. here it is subzero in language maybe you can understand….. david knocked tyler out within the rules in the fastest ko in ECC history……not bad for a measily white belt eh ???

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  48. Thesubzero says:

    Thanks! I actually thought it was a clean KO.

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  49. well I think most people would agree with you…..I think people after reviewing the video cant argue that the knee was fair and very exciting……and konnor macmullin and the father murphy put on the best fight of the night !!

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