ECC 19: Showdown Weigh-In Results


eccECC THUMBExtreme Cage Combat set up base at the Oasis Pub this afternoon as they held weigh-ins for their 19th event titled Showdown. The event is set to take place tomorrow night at the Multi Purpose Room of the Halifax Forum with the doors opening at 6pm and the show beginning at 7:30pm. Tickets will be for sale at the box office if you failed to pick them up. This will be the first card in Nova Scotia that will sanction Amateur fights after the approval was made last week by the Commission and the Nova Scotia Government.

Four fighters failed to make the weight though as Ricky Goodall, Patrick Vallee, Ryan Connor and Jericho McPhee did not make the cut. Since both Goodall and Vallee missed weight, neither one will lose 20% off their purse. Connor will forfeit 20% and the McPhee/Macintyre fight will still go as Macintyre and his corner allowed the one pound.

Here are the full results:

Pro Card
170lbs- Ricky Goodall (172.8) vs. Patrick Vallee (174.6)
140lbs- Chris Kelades (139.6) vs. Rick Doyle (140)
155lbs- Tyler Lee (154.4) vs. David Anderson (155)
145lbs- Mike Murphy (144.6) vs. Konner McCullen (143.8)
205lbs- Chester Post (192.4) vs. Matt Heim (201.4)
140lbs- Ryan Connor (141.4) vs. Josh Walker (139.6)
135lbs- Michael Spoenlein (135) vs. James Mancini (134.8)

Amateur MMA
145lbs-Matt Macintyre (142.8) vs. Jericho Mcphee (146.2)
145lbs-Cameron Daniels (145.4) vs. Mike McKinnon (144)
155lbs-Akitoshi Horiba (152.4) vs. Joe Brooks (153.4)ecc

19 Responses to “ ECC 19: Showdown Weigh-In Results ”

  1. TK says:

    Haha “Showmungie”

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  2. Balrog says:

    When is the last time Ricky Goodall actually made weight? Like seriously. Time to go to 185 lbs buddy.

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  3. Pat Wilson says:

    I can’t speak for Ricky but I do represent Patrick Vallee who has never missed weight his entire career until today, there was no scale during their cut, he had to cut and pretty much hope he cut enough, unfortuately he missed the mark.

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  4. EastCoastWarrior says:

    Since when is it a promoters responsibility to have a scale for the fighters cuts? The boxing commission allows fighters to check at the weigh in venue prior to the official time.
    It’s a fighters responsibility as a professional to ensure he or she has the appropriate tools to get down to the weight that they signed a contract to be at. Do you expect the promoter to supply gauze, tape and Thai shorts?
    I have been in over 10 fights and I certainly have missed weight before. Each time that I missed weight I didn’t blame anyone but myself, because I couldn’t get to a weight I committed to be at.
    I brought my own scale each time because it’s just stupid to rely on the promoter putting a complementary scale at every sauna in the city.
    Hope this excuses trend doesn’t continue towards tomorrow night.
    War TITANS

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  5. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    I only agree that its not promoters responsibility to provide a scale… either bring your own …or go buy one…but it is promoters responsibility to provide what kind of gauze and tape and how much each fighter can use…as accepted by the cission they are working with!

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  6. Pat Wilson says:

    Well I have been involved in well over 10 fights the official scale is usually made available during a certain time, to check their weight during the cut. Which for some reason it wasn’t. Available. I’m not making excuses just stating a fact

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  7. Mike kent says:

    Everytime I fought for ECC the scale was made available 3 hours before weigh ins which take place right beside gym / sauna

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  8. Boyd Sharpe says:

    I got there 2 hours early and the scale was there and a few of the guys had already checked their weight. There is a Goodlife with a Sauna less than minute’s walk from the weigh-in location Mike.

    However, Ryan, for one, looked very shocked when he didn’t hit the mark and I think he was game for taking it off but may not have been given the opportunity by the commission after the official weigh in. Feel free to correct me on that guys as I was just watching from the back of the room and overhearing snippits of conversation. Ryan certainly looked able and willing to take of the extra weight.

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  9. I know ricky is a health and fitness nut and always in great shape so for him to not make the 170 mark maybe there was a scale issue? for 4 men to miss weight is pretty rare

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  10. klondike bar says:

    Perhaps the Commission and E.C.C. should take 20% from the MAIN EVENT fighters and buy an extra scale or two for next time.

    Next promoter to book Goodall should have him sign the contract at 167/168 so when he hits the scale he actually makes 170. I’m convinced he misses weight on purpose.

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  11. fitnessplus says:

    The NSBA only gives you one kick at the can for making weight now (they used to allow an hour/sometimes two to re-weigh in). They have added a one lb allowance to make up for scale differences but you must weigh in with underwear.
    I don’t think there was an issue with the official scale, I think that there may have been issues with the personal scales some of the fighters were using.

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  12. Allen Hope says:

    As a professional fighter I have taken many cum shots to the head

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  13. harry balls says:

    I know ricky is a health and fitness nut and always in great shape so for him to not make the 170 mark maybe there was a scale issue?”
    He’s also notorious for missing weight. All of these guys are fitness nuts on some level; they’re pro athletes. Some of them are more pro than others…….

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  14. harry balls says:

    Also can we STFU with the conspiracy of the scales? The other 16 fighters made weight just fine. The 4 guys who didn’t need to own it.

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  15. Donald Duck says:

    Bring a scale. I could see a rookie making this mistake but not someone on the main event.

    Bush league sh*t right there.


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  16. Pat Wilson says:

    This site great

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  17. smash says:

    lol @ ricky goodall… this guy is a joke.

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  18. Jana says:

    Lol :) !

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  19. Klondike says:

    Ricky’s been diagnosed with severe pneumonia which started before the fight, anyone else hear about that? Not sure if that has anything to do with it. He’s never ever come close to missing weight at 170, he’s actually usually under at 170. Pretty strange.

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