MMA Fight Night – Montreal – March 5


MMA Fight NightDate: March 5, 2014
Location: Club Soda in Montreal, Quebec
Tickets: Tristar Gym

145lbs – Maxime Dubois (4-1) vs Mario Pereira (2-0)
140lbs – Aiemann Zahabi (1-0) vs Phillip Deschambeault
145lbs – Alex Morgan (1-1) vs Adrian Vilaca
145lbs – Samuel Desruiseaux (2-0) vs Robert Seres (0-1)
170lbs – Ian Perron vs Vanja Vojvodic
155lbs – Johny Ouellette vs Charles Bellemare
155lbs – Karim Ranni (0-1) vs Tommy Cote (4-4)
170lbs – Zander Mccomber vs Domenic Rucollo
165lbs – Nate Oses vs David Hubert Therrien

12 Responses to “ MMA Fight Night – Montreal – March 5 ”

  1. Manny says:

    Another one sided Tristar record builder. Yawn.

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  2. Winston says:

    HAA ^

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  3. Maybe wait for the card to be introduced before you say it is one sided.

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  4. Manny says:

    *waits with bated breath for one-sided Tristar card to be announced… yawns*

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  5. Pat Wilson says:

    Abdel Medjedoub 170lbs. 3-0

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  6. Graham Weenk says:

    Who is the contact? I have some guys looking to make their pro débuts.

    Can email me

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  7. updated the card with official fights from the promotion

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  8. Valerie says:

    How can I get tickets for this event? thank’s!

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  9. @Valerie… you can get tickets from any fighter listed on the card or at the Tristar Gym.

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  10. updated the bottom of the card.

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  11. Changed date, Aiemann Zahabi’s opponent, and the location of the event.

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  12. Mma says:

    Is there a stream for this event ?

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