Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 20, 2014

(photo: Rob Trudeau)

(photo: Rob Trudeau)

Congrats to Kajan Johnson for starting off TUF Nations with a win for Canada! I think Elias Theodorou will make it 2-0 for the Great Fight North this week!

On to the rumours!

  • Fort St. John will be a hot bed for MMA coming up in late April – early May. First Fivestar on April 25th, then Hard Knocks will hold a show in Fort St. John at the North Peace Arena on May 10th (Can Fort St. John handle two shows two weeks apart?)
  • Michael Karkula and PFC are actively looking for a 145lbs opponent for him for the March 8th PFC show. I’m hearing they are looking for an upper level fighter, say Top 10 in Canada or a good record. Someone step up and give Karkula an opponent!
  • I’m hearing Kurt Southern is possibly looking to head south of the border and train at the likes of Roufusport and/or Alpha Male for his rematch with Tom Gallicchio.  Let’s hope this one is for the Lightweight title!
  • Michael Bisping says his eye is good to go, if so and he passes the proper tests Bisping will face Tim Kennedy at the TUF Nations Finale show in Quebec City.
  • And speaking of the TUF Nations Finale, I know we broke this a long time ago, but we now have confirmation that the Pepsi Coliseum will be the venue for the event in Quebec City.
  • Another Canadian city that the UFC is targeting this summer is Vancouver.

  • How does the BFL Welterweight champ celebrate his successful Battlefield Fight League title defense? Matt Dwyer spent the night waiting to get his foot and hand checked out. Classy move by BFL Prez Jay Golshani who stopped by the hospital with pizza for the champ and his family!
  • WIMP 2 WARRIOR is coming to Canada. Seems like it’s something like Cubicle to the Cage but from Australia.
  • After having the UFC in Winnipeg in 2013, the MMA landscape in Manitoba is barren. There are currently no MMA shows scheduled for the province in 2014!
  • TURF WARS is looking for 10-12 amateur Canadians to fight in a sanctioned event in Detroit, Michigan. The show will be held on April 5th.
  • Tim Hague will make his comedy debut on January 25th at YEG Dance Club in Edmonton. He will be opening up for Dave Merheje and Kris LaBelle.
  • Simon Marcus will take on Artem Levin in Monte Carlo in a WMC World Championship bout on June 14th.
  • Aiemann Zahabi won his boxing bout in St. Leonard, Montreal, Quebec on Sunday.
  • Mark Pavelich told Sportsnet that he wants to put on shows in Las Vegas and Toronto in 2014.  He is also considering retirement from MMA if he does not meeting his goals this year.

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29 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 20, 2014 ”

  1. mike kent says:

    Mike karkula vs. Mike mallot would be a great fight

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  2. Big Win says:

    I agree with Mr. Kent that Mallot would be a good fight for Karkula. But some other names out there Josh Machan, Tristan Johnson, Gavin Tucker or even the winner of Lorenz vs Romero.

    Kudos for Jay for bringing his champ some tasty eats while he waits in the hospital. Really wonder who is next for Dwyer hopefully some higher ranked guys. Maybe someone like Dewsbery, Omic, Machan or Milko.

    Lastly interested to hear why the split with Zakula and his former guys happened.

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  3. M.F.M says:

    Tucker vs Karkula would be ideal!!!! sick fight. Mallott vs Karkula would also be good, however Hyashi is a donkey and probably wouldn’t approve the match.

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  4. Big Win says:

    Tucker would have the best chance of getting the fight in Ontario but my guess is if he fights either Mallot or Tucker it would be on the east coast anyway

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  5. jordan says:

    Mark Pavelich retire??? or except loss to World Series taking over in Canada. Lets be honest, MFC has not evolved in years. Same old shady shit, same old edmonton guys who probably arent good enough for the show anyway but get fights on the card ex Garret from Hayabusa. In any event, Mark goes to talk about how big MFC is and will always be, why would he consider retiring??? sounds like an ego that doesnt wanna except loss to WSOF/AFC

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  6. bill says:

    Southern should head to Alpha Male, they have done wonders for Carr and Spencer

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  7. Mike Russell says:

    Think you meant Lorenz vs. Machan, Big Win.

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  8. Mike kent says:

    Mallott Is from Ontario so it would be a match to make sense fan wise. Gavin just had shoulder surgery so not sure what his time table is.

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  9. The Champ says:

    Pavelich has been doing his show for much longer and has a proven system in place for using local talent. He may be a dirtbag, scummy promoter, but he’s been in the game for a really long time with an established organization. The gap between the UFC/Bellator and everyone else in the world is massive. WSOF “Canada” isn’t the top organization in Canada. AFC wasn’t even the top organization in BC. Best of luck to both MFC and WSOF on their next events though.

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  10. Darren Owen says:

    So who was/is the top promotion in BC?

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  11. Graham Weenk says:

    Saying MFC should except loss to WSOF is just silly. MFC just had their 39th show. WSOF had a great 1st show looks like they are doing good things but they are just starting.

    There is room in Canada for at least 2 good shows I really hope MFC and WSOF both thrive here and give our athletes good stages to compete on and gain world recognition

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  12. Jackie says:

    Up and coming Ryan Conner from ns is a great prospect to look out for. Pretty sure he fights around 145. Lookout for
    Him in ecc19 this weekend

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  13. Cody Saftic says:

    World Series of Fighting is absolutely bleeding money at a rapid rate. Pavelich has been running shows since 2001….Lets not be so quick to bash the MFC.

    Also, Mallot vs. Karkula is bad ass I love it.

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  14. PUCK says:

    Ya you gota give Pav his props for being around so long and really being the only show that poeple out side Canada seem to talk about? WSOF I think may have a shot? But I’m not sold on them till they get 1 year under there belt first. The more shows up here the better for our guys the better so hang on a few more years old guy lol.

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  15. Kru says:

    So let me get this straight, Fivestar is doing what sounds like their biggest show yet in their home town and stacking it with locals & 3 title fights, And Hard Knocks who’s never left their area in Alberta is going to come in two weeks later with a show?

    Sounds like suicide

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  16. Hmmmm says:

    Ummmm Kelades will murder that guy. Why not ask Randy Turner or someone legitimate?

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  17. Jamon says:

    Let’s pray for more profound to fail so Canadian fighters have no where to fight, this is whatbwill kill the sport IMO

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  18. Graham Weenk says:

    Its crazy how everyone likes to rag on shows, seem to hope for them to fail. Honestly we need more shows in Canada so fighters can get active. Melvin Gillard for instance had 25 fights in the 1st 3years of his career.

    In Canada have there even been 25 shows in the last 3years total? With shows like EFC, UCW, CFM, Ringside, CFC, SFS and more all done for a while now its tough for any Canadian pros to get their Careers going. For me getting my entry level pros chances to even begin their careers is way harder than it was 3 or 4 years ago due to so many shows not getting support, being bashed, poorly attended etc and shutting down.

    Honestly the Canadian Shows need our support no constant bashing. Imo

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  19. PUCK says:

    The Hard Knocks one seems to be blanked out?(For FSJ) Anyone know who’s on their FSJ Card? And XFFC in GP as well right around the same time!

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  20. Hard Knocks has had shows outside of Calgary.

    Need more shows like the MFC.

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  21. Tempo says:

    MFC as a promotion puts on a good show from start to finish production wise, unfortunately the figure head has rubbed one to man people the wrong way to have mfc succeed in 2014 market.

    MFC it’s sad to see you leave but bitter sweet as the figure head is desiring of failure.

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  22. HarpoonHank says:

    Tucker vs Karkula is the fight to make. Also how is Doyle vs Kelades even sanctioned?

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  23. Just Sayin says:

    Hard Knocks is the most irrelevant promotion in western Canada, seems unlikely they would step outside their little bubble and start trying to compete with other promotions.
    I’m sure this is just a rumor, and they’ll be staying where they are.

    My 2 cents

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  24. Big Win says:

    HK most irrelevant promotions? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard how many guys got their ammy start there? Tons and they continue to groom guys for pro debuts and every show usually has 1 or 2 revelevang pro bouts.

    I gotta agree with Mr Weenk I don’t understand all the bashing of promotions. You guys do understand that if these promotions didn’t exist guys wouldn’t get fights and we’d have no reason to come on here and comment.

    Sure some promotions have more cash and pout on bigger fights then others but every level is needed to grow our sport.

    @just Sayin you usually have some good things to say andoints to make but to say a promotion is irreverent is just straight idiotic let’s show some love instead of just hating and trolling on everything

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  25. Kru says:

    I’d agree with Big Win, Hard Knocks isn’t irrelevant, they have done good stuff for ammys in the Calgary area,
    However it is strange that they would all the sudden choose to go out of their comfort area to compete with another promotion on their home ground, especially 2 weeks after.

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  26. Graham Weenk says:

    I don’t think Hard Knocks is competing with the home town show as much as it is just wanting a piece of the pie.

    I recall the efc shows in Lloyd, similar type of city. Large % of population is men under 40yrs old making over 75k a year. Combine that ideal mma demographic with the fact that a city that size will only have a few things going on any given weekend. So when an mma show is in town everyone knows and goes to it. They can afford it and they like it. The efc shows Tyson Steele fought in were PACKING venues bigger than the Shaw conference center, and I mean PACKING, every seat taken and standing room full.

    On flip side every show we fought on in Calgary had sparse attendance. I’d call friends and family in Calgary when we were there and most had no idea there even was an mma show in town.

    Promoters I talked to always said it was so tough and so expensive to try promote ticket sales in a city where any given weekend there 20+ events going on, all appealing to the same demographic as an mma show.

    That’s my best guess anyway toward Hard Knocks motivation. As far as it being 2 weeks after it could be to capitalize on a local mma excitement feeding off the previous show, or a case of venue availability.

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  27. At least this time they’re going on the road, they aren’t doing it illegally.

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  28. Rino Belcastro says:

    Randa Markos live tonight on Axstv vs Justin Kish
    Randa came in at 115.2 – Justine’s 1st attempt was 118., 2nd attemp 117.2 (commision took off .4lbs-clothing/116.8). Fight is on for tonite as these 2 undefeated fighters look to get into the House

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  29. This is an awesome fight Rino. Best of luck to Randa!

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