Battlefield Fight League 27 Weigh-In Results


Battlefield Fight LeagueBFL is back at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, British Columbia for Battlefield Fight League 27.  If you are in the area, pick up some tickets HERE.

On Friday, January 17, they held their weigh-ins to make their fights official.  Here are the weigh-in results:

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Matt Dwyer (169) vs. Shonie Carter (170)
***Welterweight Title Fight

170lbs- Mark Dobie (168.9) vs. Ash Mashreghi (169.4)
200lbs- Bill Fraser (199.5) vs. Darwin Douglas (200)

Amateur Fights:
265lbs- Adam Santos (242) vs. Jamie Smyth (227.4)
***Amateur Heavyweight Title Fight

175lbs- Bryce Gougeon (173) vs. James Foster (176.2)
170lbs- Justin Aujla-Fieldt (169.9) vs. Jared McCunn (170)
265lbs+ Robin Laybourn (217.8) vs Josh Morgan (218.7)
150lbs- Steven Best (150.6) vs. Shinji Morito (151)
180lbs- Kiarash Moghadam (184) vs. Shaun Dillon (183.7)
135lbs- Marco Viedas (135) vs. David Chen (135)
145lbs- Daniel Richard (146) vs Colin Butt (144.7)
160lbs- Damon Begg (161) vs. Omar Stefanini (158)

3 Responses to “ Battlefield Fight League 27 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. G-Diddy says:

    How much are ticket’s? I like watching ammy’s fight but with only 3 pro fight’s on the card these ticket’s better be priced fairly.I think all events should at least have a minimum of 5-6 pro fights on a card. Nice to see if Shonie ” Bling ” Carter can pull it off at his age. The guy is a pioneer of the sport and has been around forever.

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  2. Ken Shamrock says:

    Shonnie Carter still kicking around eh,

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  3. Big Win says:

    Really interested to see Santos. A 6-1 HW prospect isn’t something you see around Canada too often.

    Will be interesting to see how Dwyer deals with Carter as well can he put him away quickly like the rest of his opponents? Would be a solid for the current BFL WW champ.

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