MFC 39 – Weigh In Results – Three Miss Weight


MFC ThumbThe Maximum Fighting Championship is first out of the gate in 2014 with No Remorse tomorrow night at the Edmonton Expo Centre. The card features a pair of title fights including Saskatoon’s Kurt Southern taking on Tom Gallicchio for the Lightweight Title while MFC Heavywweight champ, Anthony Hamilton defends his belt against Darrill Schoonover in the main event. Here are the weigh in results for tomorrow nights event.

UPDATE: Tom Gallicchio missed weight for his Lightweight Title, the fight will go on as a 5 round Title fight. If Southern wins he becomes the champion, If Gallicchio wins he doesn’t get the title and will face Southern in an automatic rematch.

Main Card:
265lbs- Anthony Hamilton (261.6) vs. Darrill Schoonover (257)
***Heavyweight Title Fight

155lbs- Kurt Southern (154.8) vs. *Tom Gallicchio (155.2)
***Lightweight Title Fight

170lbs- Jason South (170.6) vs. Gilbert Smith (170.6)
164lbs- Sean Powers (163.2) vs. Marcus Edwards (163.8)
205lbs- Markhaile Wedderburn (203) vs. Sean O’Connell (205.4)
155lbs- Dan Ring (155) vs. *Andrew McInnes (157.4)

Preliminary Card:
200lbs- Jared McComb (199.6) vs. Paul Grebinski (200.2)
185lbs- *Cody Krahn (186.4) vs. Clay Davidson (184.8)

*Missed Weight, Forfeits 20% of Purse

31 Responses to “ MFC 39 – Weigh In Results – Three Miss Weight ”

  1. Kevin Robertson says:

    Doesnt Cody Krahn usually miss weight? I think he missed weight during the Sabah Fadie fight and a few other times.

    Of course nobody rips on him like they rip on Showtime. Oh look. Showtime made weight with ease. 203 lbs.

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  2. Nacho says:

    holy shit krahn missed 185 lb ?? He’s missed weight lots of times

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  3. Glad that MFC has the rule that Kurt Southern can still win the title even though his opponent missed!

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Love or Hate MFC that is a rule that all promotions should adopt… It’s terrible when the guy who makes weight gets punished by not getting to fight for the title!

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  5. Thesubzero says:

    War Clay Davidson!

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  6. Mike Froese says:

    I agree with the title belt rule but I’d like to see a minimum 20% purse reduction. Perhaps the fighter loses $50 for every .1 of a pound over the weight limit with a minimum of 20% which ever is higher. For example if you missed by 1.4 lbs you would forfeit $700. This would at least give them an incentive to get close to the contracted weight and not give up entirely, and miss by a ton.

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  7. Ty says:

    If they miss weight do they get an hour to try and make it again in edmonton?

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  8. Ryan D says:

    Missed weight by .2lb he dosnt get an hour to cut .2lbs WTF??

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  9. Ryan D says:

    Edmonton commission only allows for 1 attempt. I’m not sure i agree with that. It’s a shame .2lbs ouch. What do ya think??

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  10. Cody Saftic says:

    Sean Powers has no chance, Marcus Edwards is a beast and will be fighting Southern for the strap very soon.

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    As much as I don’t like the one shot weigh in, I’m sure Gallacchio was made aware of the rule when he signed the contract! It’s too bad, I have no doubt he would have made weight with a little extra time.

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  12. hammertime says:

    Southern able to gain belt with a win and also receives 20% of Gallicchio’s purse for not making weight.

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  13. Graham Weenk says:

    The MFC had the scale available at the hotel all day yesterday and today. That being the case I think 1shot weigh in is fair.

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  14. harry balls says:

    Nice going, you idiots.

    Showtime, welcome to 205. I bet you he feels 10x better than trying to get to an impossible 170, If he wins, he should try it for a bit.

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  15. Graham Weenk says:

    An extra hour cut just means “official weigh in” is actually not official. Sucks to miss by .2 but with good scale access there no excuse.

    And the hotel has access to anytype of weight cut method a person could want, ymca connected, sauna, steam room, hot bath. Really a good set up here. No reason not to be able to check on official scale right up to official weigh in time

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  16. Mike Russell says:

    Gallicchio’s excuse (as per Sam Alvey) was that the sauna wasn’t working at the hotel, and his system was thrown off. Guess the bathtub was only putting out cold water, the blankets were missing from his hotel room, and the grocery stores were all out of garbage bags.

    To add to Mike Froese’s suggestions, I’d like to see sponsors put in a stipulation that they will not pay or will pay a reduced amount for a missed weight since their ambassadors are reflecting badly on their brand with unprofessionalism like this.

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  17. Graham Spencer says:

    I usually don’t agree with one shot weigh ins, but MFC lets you check on the official scale pretty much right up until half hour before the weigh in. Hopefully Kurt smashes him and keeps that belt in Canada anyways.

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  18. Graham Weenk says:

    The sauna was working, kurt used it. Just saying…

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  19. Mike Russell says:

    That’s because Alliance guys take care of their business, Graham. Hendo likely won’t be too happy about one of his guys screwing up like this. Doubt he’s ever missed weight for a fight or a wrestling tournament. That belt is going to look great around Kurt’s waist.

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  20. Tempo says:

    big boy Andrew smack talk should worry more about running than talking.

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  21. The goods says:

    i’m confused don’t most commisions give you a one pound overage grace? or is it because it’s for a title?

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  22. Looks like the only air Andrew big talk McInnes has been breathing lately is not that of combat but that of freshly baked donuts. missing weight by 2 lbs not very professional.

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  23. Josh Machan says:

    @the goods

    Title fights don’t have the 1 lb allowance

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  24. The goods says:

    ok that makes more sense, thanks Josh

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  25. Mustafa says:

    War showtime

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 8

  26. ohno says:

    showtime is done

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  27. Keelan Smyth says:

    What a brutal rule of only being able to weigh in once, missing by .2 could just be case of 2 different scales having slightly different numbers

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  28. Cody Rempel says:

    But like Graham said, MFC had the scale available the all day on the day before and the day of weigh ins!

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  29. Fighter says:

    Rules are rules.
    How can a fighter miss weight by.2 lbs with the scale available for such a long time. What a dumb ass.
    It’s not the commisions fault( I haven’t said that in awhile) nor MFCs, Blame the fighter or his management.
    I’m not sure of the rule but I think the fighter that made weight should be able to fight for the title but not the heavy guy. Give the guy 30% of your purse and move on.
    It’s a title fight!!!!! At least make weight.

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  30. Kellen Falt says:

    I believe thats what it says at the top. Good rule but man, .2 lbs. that sucks

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  31. G-Diddy says:

    How the hell do 3 fighter’s miss weight. Come on guys you are suppose to be professionals act like it. Even amateur’s have a better percentage of making weight at times and they ain’t making shit to do it.

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