Hard Knocks 34 Weigh-In Results


Hard_Knocks_THUMBHard Knocks is back at the Century Casino in Calgary, Alberta for their 34th show.  If you are in Calgary, why not pick up a pair of tickets?  If you are out of town, you can watch all the action HERE.

On January 16th, they held their weigh-ins to make their card official. Here are the weigh-in results:

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Brandt Dewsbery (168.5) vs. Sergej Juskevic (170)
160lbs- Derek Boyle (160) vs. Dia Grant (157.5)
135lbs- Mike O’Neill (137,136.5)** vs. Chad Anheliger (135)
185lbs- Zach Manywounds (182) vs. Josh Griffin (184.5)
145lbs- Steve Jellicoe (145) vs. Zach Snyder (145.5)
180lbs- Pat Gionette (179.5) vs. Peter Arbeau (179)

Amateur Fights:
205lbs- Devon Smith (205.5) vs. Phil Towler (204.5)
***Light Heavyweight Title Fight

155lbs- Chris Chapman (154) vs. Jesse Gregan (154.5)
***Lightweight Title Fight

185lbs- Kenny Bhullar (181.5) vs. Riley Pequin (183)
135lbs- Blake Sigvaldason (135) vs. Ashmat Bashir (134.5)
150lbs- Idriss Animashaun (148.5) vs. Jason Fournier (151)
185lbs- Jim Haugon (184.5) vs. Nolan Shergold (182.5)

**Missed weight, Forfeits 25% of purse

15 Responses to “ Hard Knocks 34 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. John says:

    HHHMMMM someone was full of ham and cheese!!! that and already calling himself an MMA veteran stick to cross fit and Persians

    Caveman Bully (Mike O’Neill)

    January 13.

    Just 1.4 pounds left have 3 days left to get weigh ins over! Cant wait cause im excited for friday to fight and PUMPED to come home to kaylyn and my little ladies ……and some current river bakery Persians and a pizza lol

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  2. Brian Shute says:

    Missing weight twice in a row, not good. Maybe 135 is not his weight class.
    I think Arbeau is going to smash Gionette. He has legitimate world level credentials in Muay Thai and I saw Gionettes first pro fight… it was worse than most amateur fights I’ve seen. Not sure how on earth he won a pro fight.

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  3. John says:

    Why and when was Boyle vs grant changed from 55 to 60?

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  4. cavemanbully says:

    @ john i missed yes i know and yes no more 135 fights, last time i had my reasons and know they didnt help my cut this time i have no excuses i ran out of time and i obviously needed too much time. I’m ok with you guys jumping all over me for missing weight too it comes with the territory but why would you bring my wife and children into this? obviously your an ass hole but be a fair ass hole poke at me for my cross fit poke for liking persians and pizza fact was i added some muscle and didnt help me clearly. so in your next ass hole response giver hell just please leave my girls out of it.

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  5. cavemanbully says:

    oh and Boyle couldnt loose more weight and grant and him made a deal to make it a catch weight, good on grant. I belived i was still going to make weight and dont believe it would be fair to expect chad to except a catch weight last minute to spare my wallet.

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  6. John says:

    that’s a fair thing to say Caveman but I was not bringing anyone from your family into it only reposting a complete quote from you to ensure no fabrication as I from your own quote you said you were only 1.5lbs out 3 days before weigh ins.. which says you only lost 2 lbs in 3 days including weight cut. So you were either eating at the bakery and pizza or just need to get some major help on weight cutting.

    That being said good on you for not making any excuses this time that is a start to becoming a “VETERAN”

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  7. cavemanbully says:

    well yes i was out 1.4 pounds it never came off, i shit happens, as for the Veteran line if i remember correctly i said starting to feel like one or im going to be a 10 fight one now, and i believe i said that on my fb profile so i’d like to know your last name so i could delete as a friend :)

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  8. Hawkes says:

    Sometimes people lie on the Internet to mess with their opponent. My guess is he was having a hard cut but trying to play it cool.

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  9. Forum Fighter says:

    And Zach sucks

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  10. Hommina says:

    Mike Oneill. Belongs in this promotion. Disrespectful whiner.

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  11. Kellen Falt says:

    IMO, this is why every fighter should have a minimum of 3 ammy fights. Figuring out weight classes and cutting, things like that. A person with 6 pro fights should not be missing weight and if it occurs more than once, comissions should ban said person from that particular weight class.

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  12. Thesubzero says:

    The trolls are now creeping fighters’ Facebook accounts, that is somewhat alarming. Instead of putting such effort into bringing guys down, why not just go hit the gym yourself. That being said one should make weight and there are no excuses.

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  13. mmafan says:


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  14. yokosuko says:

    Dewsberry think he’s snoop dog? Yikes

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  15. G-Diddy says:

    On a good note for Chad Anheliger at least due to O’Neill missing weight he is gains 25% of O’Neill’s purse for losing :). Always a positive to the negative!!

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