Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 14, 2014

(photo: Jeremy Penn)

(photo: Jeremy Penn)

It is TUF Nations premiere week.  I just would like to wish our Canadian boys best of luck.  Stay healthy and kick some Aussie ass!

On to the rumours:

  • So with Victor Valimaki out of his MFC 39 bout with Sean O’Connell, Kalib Starnes offered to step up and fighting the American import on short notice.  For some reason that fight didn’t work out.  Sounds like Starnes was told that O’Connell turned him down.  O’Connell says he was not offered Starnes.  I’m hearing Markhaile “Showtime” Wedderburn will be the late replacement instead of Starnes.
  • Tyson Steele quietly became a free agent over the weekend as his WSOF contract expired!

  • Mitch Fryia will fight on Big John’s MMA 100th show in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan next month on the 22nd of February!
  • Provincial Commission coming to Alberta? At the annual meeting of Alberta municipalities, the attendees passed a resolution urging the provincial government to create a provincial combat commission. Good or Bad… I’m not sure really.
  • Could we see a WSOF vs AXS TV showdown? AXS MMA boss Andrew Simon seems to be interested in matching up WSOF fighters with AXS TV stable fighters including MFC fighters!
  • David Hale will not be making his MMA debut at Provincial Fighting Championships.  Sounds like he got a fight in Kentucky instead.
  • Congrats to Mitch Clarke who earned his BJJ brown belt this weekend!

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17 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 14, 2014 ”

  1. jerome 416 says:

    good luck showtime just do you bro

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  2. Ryan D says:

    That’s gonna give Pav a heart attack lol. Shoetyin for real I now it’s short notice and all oh well that should interesting.

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  3. Nacho says:

    Biggs vs Drummond is a great fight but I have Biggs winning by man handling Drummond

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  4. Shoeshine wedderburn vs O Connell? this mfc card has just gone from bad to worse, Whats next mfc held at the Mirage banquet hall!

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  5. EPerez says:

    Id like to see Hale’s mma debut.

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  6. Richie rich says:

    Can’t wait to see Showtime knock that yanks head off

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  7. crowbar says:

    Who is David Hale?

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  8. Judon't says:

    The Google shows him as 15-3 in pro muay thai, and former WMF North American Muaythai Champion and CAMTAO International Muaythai Champion.

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  9. Jeff Harrison says:

    Dave Hale is a guy that verbally committed to fighting our 155er on PFC. He has also made statements about no 155ers having the balls to fight him. Our athlete who has spent a large amount of money getting medicals, licensing, and booked a month off of his busy work schedule to train full time to fight the guy no one wanted to fight, and our entire team is very disappointed. Dave hale doesn’t want to make his debut under the pressure in Ontario. A verbal commitment is a verbal commitment. Don’t cry that there are no fights for you at home when you walk away from one.

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  10. Paveldouche says:

    Paveldouche stealing an idea from someone else. Nothing new there. Not like he has ever had and original thought.

    Remember “the ring” after all.

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  11. RickRoll says:

    Valimaki pulled out? Is this a joke? Everyone saw this coming months ago. I cant believe MFC has been wasting their time and money on promoting the guy. When will Canadian MMA promoters stop booking this guy? I heard he pulled out because he knew he would not make weight.

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  12. Donald Duck says:

    ….says the guy who thinks Bobby K should be fighting.


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  13. RickRoll says:

    After I saw Lee Mein vs Bobby K i changed my opinion. Good job though Donald Duck in not keeping up. Moron stop booking Valimaki for your show!

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  14. PUCK says:

    Ya I hate to say it but Victor is kinda seeming like a ‘punch line’ to a dumb joke at this point? I wanted to see him come back… this point I’m done ever giving a crap….I’m no Bobby K. fan but a least he shows up to touch gloves? (but thats about it…) Sorry Bobby??

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  15. mmafan says:


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  16. wiseguy says:

    bobbyk should fight

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