An Apology From Michael Imperato


Michael Imperato (photo: Mike Fischl)

Michael Imperato (photo: Mike Fischl)

To everyone who was offended by some comments I made on the TV series ‘The Fight Exchange’.

Growing up in Canada in these last couple of decades really has not taught me, and I am sure a lot of others as well, about racism. In the last year, some great movies have came out that really open your eyes to this, such as 42, The Butler, 12 Years A Slave, and Mandela.

Many people still to this day use racist words not really knowing where it comes from or what the true meaning is. Growing up in a multicultural area, I never acknowledged the effect some words have on people. When you always hear people say things, you tend to think it is not a big deal, but to some it is a huge deal. To some, it brings back all these horrible memories that they lived through or grew up listening to what their parents and grandparents went through.

I have used racist words when I was mad, not to be racist just to make people mad in an argument or heat of the moment. I never realized how stupid I sounded or how much I effected others. I have recently realized where these words have come from and I regret using them. I also apologize to any one who was hurt by my comments.

The world is changing fast and can be pretty crazy. Laws are being changed and some people agree and others don’t. I believe that everyone should be able to live in what ever way makes them happy. I am not against any religion or any gay male or female.

The sooner people come to realize this is the best way, the sooner lots of problems will be solved. All these things provoke people to act certain ways and can teach kids and even adults that bullying is ok.

It took me a while to realize a lot of things but I am happy I did. Let’s help people live the way they want to and start accepting everyone’s differences.

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  1. mmafan1564 says:

    and one more thing.. there would be a lot less anonymous posters if your boy didn’t have a couple loose screws in that damaged brain of his. People aren’t scared of getting beat up by him.. its more of his high school like actions like fucking with your family or home.

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