IMMAF Representative in Canada is the CNMMAF



With the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) working with the UFC to hold a amateur MMA world championship in conjunction with July’s UFC Expo, people from around Canada have been lining up to control Canada’s national amateur MMA scene.

The first organization associated with the IMMAF in Canada was the Canadian Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Federation (CAMMAF).  Headed by Jean-Charles Cardinal, the organization was run primarily out of Quebec, but also had western and eastern advisors Bill Mahood and John Williams, respectively.

However, Williams and Mahood left CAMMAF in 2013 and formed the Canadian National Mixed Martial Arts Federation (CNMMAF) with Williams given the title of president.

With the original CAMMAF group now splintered, the IMMAF revoked its observation membership on December 19, 2013.  At the same time, the IMMAF granted Williams’ martimes-based CNMMAF observation membership.

With the recent disagreements on the comment boards (check them out HERE), Top MMA News contacted the IMMAF to confirm the story.  The following is the response from Erika Mattsson, who is the IMMAF’s Director of Communications, which confirms the CNMMAF’s claims of affiliation with the international organization:

The IMMAF representative in Canada is the CNMMAF. They were given observation membership on the December 19th meeting of the IMMAF board. At that same meeting the previous member, the CAMMAF, was disaffiliated. The reason for this change was that the original group of parties from across Canada that in 2012 applied for membership under the CAMMAF banner broke down this fall. With the different parties no longer working together as initially agreed upon, and with no signs of reconciliation to ensure majority representation, the IMMAF had no choice but to remove observation membership from the CAMMAF. The CAMMAF are however an established organization and an important part of the Canadian MMA community, hence we will of course remain in contact and expect them to take part in the development of Canadian MMA. The CNMMAF today has more of a national spread, they have been given observation membership which will be monitored against set requirements going forward.

A lot of people in all parts of the country are very dedicated and working hard on behalf of MMA; there is no lack of passion, however lack of coordination and sometimes mutual understanding. We are doing what we can to broker a dialogue and ensure that all parties work together and that a functional national governing body is built properly. We are of course concerned with the conflicts and had hoped that by now the development of a stable Canadian federation would have come further, but MMA is still a young sport and creating structure is not an easy task, it requires patience more than anything. Our long-term goal for Canada is the same as for all other countries, which is for a non-profit, democratic national federation to represent all of the MMA community in the country and ensure the safety of the athletes, in accordance with international standards.

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  1. Donald Duck says:


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  2. Robin Black says:

    Someone from facebook’s Cnmmaf Mma Mma Westerncanada page reached out to me very politely this morning to let me know they think we’re misunderstanding what they’re trying to do and offering to chat with me and let me know what info we might be missing.

    It was a classy message and I’m looking forward to chatting with them after my work day here at FN or tomorrow.


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  3. Brian says:

    I cant wait for this to happen. Lets make Canada the gold winners in July!!! Good day for canada..

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  4. I’m sorry but the real story here that the only activity is the hijacking and the coup against the CAMMAF by John Williams which us being addressed by the CAMMAF to IMMAF at the moment. So far that is the only thing that John Williams has accomplished. Besides that they have setup a revolving door of national directors that for the most part ni ine gas heard of and made grossly exaggerated claims about their plans ie to crown 20 national champs in January. CAMMAF and the FQBM have made it clear they don’t accept the the disruptive activities of John Williams and will boycott strongly any of plans. The fact is that over 70% of all amateur MMA in Canada occurred in Quebec and that the CAMMAF and FQBM are the only ones actually capable to pull off an official and sanctioned tournament. The fact that they announced that their national tournament would be organised in Ontario by Alex Gasson which does not have an active amateur MMA circuit should cast further doubt over their plans. Since the organisation of this tournament is by no means a slam dunk if CASK has anything to say about it. CASK has called Gasson’s organisation and tournaments unsanctioned and illegal and is actively trying to shut them down thru use of the police. That fact that Erika from IMMAAF tried to impose Joey Benoit the then Quebec rep for CNMMAF, a alleged Hell Angels on the CAMMAF and FQBM speaks of the poor guidance by her and IMMAF and is currently being addressed by the CAMMAF to IMMAF abd will be going over her head if necessary.

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  5. All this talk about and from CNMMAF. People should contact the presudent of CAMMAF Jean-Charles Cardinal to get his statement on the current situation at 514-942-4767.

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  6. Donald Duck says:

    Has anyone talked to Mahood?

    Seems to me he’d be a good place to start.

    I have issues with Fraud Williams but Bill is a long time MMA supporter and very knowledgable.


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  7. As of early Dec, the IMMAF was saying that that they wanted the CAMMAF and CNMMAF to work together jointly. The CAMMAF refused to work with John Williams and the CNMMAF Quebec rep Joey Benoit. As a result of the CAMMAF/FQBM refusal to work with Joey Benoit it now appears that this is the reason that the obervation status was given in late Dec right before Christmas without informing the CAMMAF. The CAMMAF was correct in refusing to work with the IMMAF imposed CNMMAF Quebec rep Joey Benoit since he has a very bad history with the FQBM and tried unsuccessfully to start up a rival organisation and because he of his past involvement in a Hells Angels money laundering scheme thru XMMA a now defunct pro organisation. CAMMAF cannot work with individuals with ties to organised crime and should not have lost its status as a result if this is in fact the case. Details are available in this article:

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  8. Ray McKinnon says:

    I see nothing happening with MMA as far as theses associations go except to kill the sport. In order to be legitimate and recognized you need a fully stable association that runs with out B.S and in MMA I don’t think that will ever happen. I could be wrong and will admit it if it happens, but having theses “World Championships” and stuff like that will never happen the way things are going now. Two many people want to be the boss..and killing MMA along the way..

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  9. Eric says:

    Is there a reason everyone is not working together?
    Like I am an MMA Enthusiast from Eastern Canada , We cannot have MMA yet , but we are getting closer to it becoming a reality again. And I read post by this Jamie guy totally focused on Quebec , No disrespect but that’s one province in the second biggest country in the world.
    And not once have I heard you state anything about what’s best for Canada , you point out other provinces deficiency’s and boast on your wins in Quebec.
    Why don’t you support what’s best for Canada and if a group is trying to develop National unity which I am very aware the CNMMAF is active in my community and working with a good board of passionate people here to help us become part of the National program instead of trying to make them look anti Quebec?
    Its very confusing to read the comments on here because regardless of the findings there’s still another level negative comments to ruin the cause.
    Work together Canada and make this a reality and stop worrying about the who’s and why’s.
    Have anyone who is discrediting the membership in the CNMMAF asked to be a member? If not them why are you disrespecting the one that have? I know our board is not MMA Athletes with massive win loss records , but I assure you they have the passion and best interest of MMA in mind and are talking Canada not just my province.
    This is good for MMA and National Unity , but people need to put their petty differences aside and work as one to be successful , it applies ton the basic principles of any organization or business with a common goal.

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  10. Eric says:

    haha like I said I am from the East coast and very involved in MMA in The Maritimes and not associated with anyone so I have nothing to gain by my comments
    Rasmussen your insane ,
    were you in that fight ? I saw it that was not fake that was a rumour that was started by a promoter after the fact ,
    Elite one is owned by Steven Williams and I know him personally and he is working to get it back from mike Williams for Non payment , do your research on the things your talking about ,Mike Williams is in Breach for non payment and refusing to let Cage rage use the cage as per the Elite 1 agreement .
    I thought the ban was due to legislation , your blaming that on one person?
    pretty powerful guy can start and stop MMA in a city , cmon stop the silliness ,
    I have seen high schools with less drama than what is currently being said on here .
    Unless you have proof its just here say and gossip , get your facts to back up your story or stop wasying peoples time reading this stuff the issue is working toward national unity not ruining the efforts of others through media trashing. This webpage has a horrible reputation for allowing this and I guess like tabloids its the only way they can get return visitors , good for MMA guys NOT

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  11. Eric,

    Maybe you have misread but the whole entire process if organusibg Canada nationally was started by CAMMAF / FQBM and is ongoing since it is the longest running MMA organisations and circuits. I never ever said Quebec is “better” than other regions. But MMA has been illegal in most of the rest of the country not to Quebec’s fault while the FQBM has operated for the last 10 years. And thru tge CAMMAF it the first organisation to operate nationally and was at one time the rep for IMMAF until they made the mistake of bringung John Williams into the CAMMAF as a rep for the Maritimes which has resulted in the susequent chaos.

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  12. Eric (changed from Monique as per comment rules) says:

    Jamie ,
    I am friends with Joey Benoit , Your claiming he has ties to the hells angels , and that Quebec has the only organized organization with all the bells and whistles to make the rest of Canada look like they don’t belong because you don’t support talking about Canada and your only going on about Quebec , You have an amateur Athletic Commission like every other province.
    Why would you try and lead everyone into thinking that the CAMMAF is anti CNMMAF due to Joey Benoit?
    didn’t your athletic Commission let him work with Ringside MMA and now with LAMMQ after these alligations? shouldn’t you be jumping all over them like you are over the CNMMAF?
    If the reason was Joey Benoit your contradicting yourself for being affiliated with the athletic commission.
    Maybe stop misleading people

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  13. Monique,

    I am not a police investigator so i don’t know what relationship Joey has or does not have but you should look at the newspaper article i posted the link for some background about Joey’s role in a money laundering scandal that not only implicated him but also his previous employers in XMMA who were arrested, and also implicated the athletic commission. I never said his involvement in CNMMAF as their Quebec rep was the only reason there was a problem between CNNMMAF and CAMMAF. There are clearly many reasons most important than him. And just as a matter of fact the decisions taken by either CAMMAF or CNMMAF have nothing to do with me since i didn’t participate in any of their decisions. I like most people are just hearing about circumstances after.

    Last, Monique wether Joey is approved by the pro commission that was implicated in the same scandal or not has nothing to di wuth amateur since amateur and pro are under different ministries of the government. So you should get your facts straight before saying i am misleading people.

    At the end of the day i think people in Quebec will continue doing their thing and whatever plays out with CNMMAF, CAMMAF, or IMMAF doesn’t really affect us much.

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  14. P.S. Monique why don’t you put a last name so we know you are a real person?

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  15. Unapproved Rasmussen. Some of those things are conjecture. However, in my opinion, Williams’ fight was fake. Impressive that a 70 year old can move like that in the cage, but fake. I think removing that youtube video once there was a flood of emails about it being fake, gives a lot of credence to those allegations.

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  16. Brian says:

    I understand your concerns Keith but Mike Williams was the co promoter and co owner of Elite 1 when that fight happened. Not only Steven . And lots happened behind the doors before that fight. The past is the past lets all work together and Make Canada Shine at the Worlds. It is Canada Not only Quebec ,,,

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  17. Bob says:

    You can tell it wasn’t a real fight, because in a real fight Dr. Williams would have used testicle attacks.

    Anyone who has ever talked to/listened to that man knows he’s a few fries short of a happy meal and not someone who should be running a bloody thing.

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