Fight Video – Jesse Gross vs Michael Karkula at PFC


Provincial Fighting ChampionshipsCheck out one of the best fights in 2013 as Jesse Gross takes on Michael Karkula at Provincial Fighting Championships on October 26, 2013 in London, Ontario.

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  1. smash says:

    sick fight! Who is the other commentator with reed duthy? They were terrible lol

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  2. Reed Duthie says:

    smash –

    I did the play-by-play for that show with good friend Alex Gasson. I’ve worked with Alex on grappling shows and his AMMACS shows for quite some time.

    We work very well together but it was his first professional show as a commentator so I know he was very nervous about doing it.

    If you get a chance to see the entire show I thought Alex did a really good job for his first time and like anyone just needs to keep practicing.

    I can still use some work myself as I’m still learning my craft but I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with some amazing people at PFC and the more we work together the better it will be for everyone!

    I really appreciate Top MMA News putting this video up and giving the publicity for PFC, very cool of them and my thanks to everyone who takes the time to watch & comment!

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  3. O.J Sampson says:

    The biggest issue with the commentary was the one-sided, pro-Gross play by play. Any strike landed by gross was described as the most devastating shot, but when karkula is mounted, transitioning to the back, splitting gross’ head open and pounding him out, all the announcers can talk about is the damage gross is able to absorb.
    If you want to be a professional, legit announcer, leave out personal biases or favouritism. The fans can be one-sided, but how the announcers portrayed this fight and possibly others, was a disgrace and even shameful. There is no excuse for that

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  4. Bryan says:

    Robin Black seems like a bit of a douche IRL but there’s no denying he’s on another level when it comes to commentary in Canada.I hate to admit that but it’s true.
    Why does every show make the mistake to get their buddy to commentate? You wouldn’t hire your buddy with no experience to do any other job that important.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    I had to look up what a “douche IRL” is.


    Thanks for the other part.

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  6. BodySnatcher says:

    looks like im gonna have to step up and do guest commentary on the next show. for the fights I’m not cornering someone.

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  7. Big Win says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who saw a glaring amount of favoritism in the commentary, when I watched this on youtube all I could wonder was when were they going to give Karkula credit for anything.

    I understand Alex as he is an ATC guy but wasn;t sure why Reed was so pro Jesse the entire fight.

    Anyway it’s not the commentary that makes a fight and these two guys put on one helluva show and made me even more disappointed I missed this live. Great scrap boys and can’t wait to see what’s next for both.

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  8. Reed Duthie says:

    Hey Big Win,

    Watching the fight back, I realized I did sound one-sided.

    I didn’t mean to do that at all; Karkula is a really cool person so if he or his camp was offended or upset with my call I would certainly apologize.

    He is a fantastic BJJ practicioner and works with a great camp. He was also incredibly nice to me when I was working with him on the pre-fight interviews.

    I thought Jesse was doing a great job landing strikes, and some devistating ones at that but in the end I didn’t give Karkula the credit he deserved and hopefully I will get to call more of his fights and have the chance to make up for that!

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  9. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    AlwYs a class act Reed!

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Reed, you are all class. Proud to be your friend.

    Admitting fault and apologizing is a lost art.

    Good for you my man.

    Looking forward to working with you again my friend.

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  11. Big Win says:

    Reed I completely agree with Robin admitting fault and recognizing where to improve is great.

    I’ve heard you on the stick many times and look forward to seeing you keep getting better and better.

    Keep up the great work

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  12. Reed Duthie says:

    Thanks guys!

    Shane always appreciate the kind words

    Robin is one of my mentors and someone I look up to greatly! Hopefully we will get to work together again soon, been way too long.

    Big Win, I really hope you make it to PFC 2! Always great seeing you there!

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  13. Jeff Harrison says:

    Really cool timing by PFC to release all of these videos!! It really was cool to see Darryl Marin vs Ryan Thomson professionally filmed. Hope to get Darryl and the rest of our crew on the future PFC cards in 2014!

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