Andrew McInnes: “I Want a War, but I Can Finish Everywhere”


Andrew McInnes submits Sean Wagner by Guillotine in Round 1, 0:15.MFC Press Release

Andrew McInnes is nothing if not confident in his grappling.

For McInnes’ money, he’s the most skilled — and the most decorated — jiu-jitsu practitioner in Canada, with only his former coach Mark Bocek being able to hang when push comes to shove on the mat.

“He’s very good,” says Robert Drysdale, who awarded McInnes his black belt about six months ago, adding, “There are a lot of good grapplers in Canada, don’t get me wrong, but Andrew is certainly amongst the best.”

The former IBJJF World Championship medalist has the track record — and some pretty amazing YouTube videos — to back up his claim to the top spot.

It takes more than a few minutes to peruse the Toronto product’s grappling resume. His MMA record — 3-1, with three super-quick first-round submissions since 2011 — admittedly through no fault of its own, is dwarfed in comparison.

“How did jiu-jitsu lead to MMA?” is a question McInnes has probably gotten quite a bit in recent years. But McInnes, unbeknownst to many, has been training as a mixed martial artist for nearly a decade.

Ten years in March, actually.

“Everyone has always thought that I’m a pure Brazilian jiu-jitsu guy,” the 28-year-old lightweight says. “But I was lucky enough to have a really good jiu-jitsu coach (Bocek), so I took advantage of that and went down that pathway right away.”

“I think he’s a well-rounded fighter,” Drysdale adds. “Of course, we all have to make improvements — nobody is ever done improving — but I think he’s there, man. I think he can give a hard time to pretty much anyone in the business.

“I think he’s ready to compete against the best.”

McInnes, until moving to Edmonton less than two years ago, was based largely out of Ontario — a local MMA desert — and had serious trouble finding fights, especially considering his background.

He has fought twice since moving west and is to make his Maximum Fighting Championship debut against four-time MFC veteran Dan Ring at MFC 39 in Edmonton on Jan. 17.

McInnes began training immediately after retiring from junior hockey at age 19 in pursuit of the ultimate challenge. There’s no better test than a big fight, he says — and he’s certainly in for the fight of his career in Edmonton.

As it turns out, the former goaltender — and two-time team leader in penalty minutes in minor hockey — is similarly confident going into his fight with Ring.

“I want a war, but I can finish everywhere,” McInnes says of his upcoming MFC debut. “I can tap guys standing, I believe I can knock people out standing. That war that I’m looking for, honestly, I’d probably be fairly surprised if it did happen.

“But, no matter what, I’m going to get my hand raised. I’m going to move up that ladder and hopefully get that MFC belt coming real soon.”

The 155-pound title, according to Drysdale, may ultimately come sooner rather than later for McInnes.

“It really is up to him how far he wants to take it,” the legendary grappler says. “So long as he maintains his commitment, as he has, and so long as he stays on the right track, as he has, I see a very bright future for him.”

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  1. RickRoll says:

    Why would he want a war? so he wants to take punishment? he must not be the sharpest tool in the shed.

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  2. Tempo says:

    Mfc promoting down graded to this…….
    Get some top level fighters to feature….
    MFC = Titanic

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  3. GrudgeMatch says:

    ^^^^^Something’s mma fans can’t hide being the stereotypical moron, meatheads.
    Maybe one of the fighters should pulled guard the entire fight and they can have a 15 minute grappling match…is that more exciting?
    Like it or not MFC has been the longest running, most successful show in Canada, where all competitors have failed and have had future UFC champions fight for them

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  4. @Tempo, Vic just started his MFC training camp the other day and he will right what you call a sinking ship with this FOTN performance!!

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  5. Chad Laprise says:

    McInnes is VERY skilled on the mat and will give problems to anybody there.

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  6. mcinnes says:

    Normal people, the people that walk the streets every day, we cannot understand. The family that I live for only breathes the air that smells of combat.

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  7. Cam Yallits says:

    Whatcha gonna do brotha, when McInnesMania runs wild on you?!?!- I read that out loud in Alex Halkias’ voice.

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  8. "Wreck-it" Ralph says:

    We Ride together… We Die together… Bad Boys 4 Life

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  9. Robert Rende says:

    lol@Cam. War McInnes!

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  10. RickRoll says:

    Yeah maybe he should pull guard if he is such a high level BJJ guy!?

    Takes someone of less intelligence like “GrudgeMatch” above to say yeah a war makes sense, lets punch each other in the head and get brain damage for $1000 haha.

    The idea is to win and not take damage. Anybody asking for a “WAR” is not very intellectual.

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  11. RickRoll says:

    If McInnes is so skilled why would he want a war? A war is for people that dont know how to fight and want to play rock em sock em robots and shorten their careers/life. News flash getting hit in the head is bad for your health. Getting hit in the head for $1000 means you are retarded.

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  12. "Wreck-it" Ralph says:

    “Getting hit in the head for $1000 means your retarded”

    Every fighter has made the conscious decision to put their health at risk when stepping into the cage… Many of them started their careers even fighting for free. You’ve just disrespected every competitive fighter.

    I’m not sure if you come on this forum simply to be a Troll… well with a name like rickroll – you probably do. But if there’s any part of you that is a fan of the sport – you should probably be ashamed of that statement, dude.

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  13. Yes getting hit in the head for $1000 is retarded when you have the ability and knowledge to win the fight clean, clearcut and precise by utilizing your skill while at the same time minimizeing the amount of damage absorbed, The hit and dont get hit adage still holds true, thus saving your body and mind for bigger and better paydays down the road. I think somebody has been watching too many Rocky movies. Adrian!!! Adrian!!!

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  14. Marcus Ossoduro Vinicius says:

    Man this Guy is just talking shit out his ass. he can’t stand up to save his life. I’d Love To see Him Stand and Bang!

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  15. Kellen Falt says:

    I dont know Andrew all that well but have been up to Complete quite a few times, use the same S and C coach as he does and I can tell you this, he is constantly working on EVERY facet of his game. Works boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, everything. Ya, obviously has a very strong ground game but i can see where he is coming from wanting to challenge his own stand up even, probably doesnt want to be a one dimensional fighter. Look for Andrew to be in incredible shape and constantly improving everywhere.

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  16. RickRoll says:

    Trolling? Not likely! “Wreck it Ralph” if you think standing and banging to do a war is intelligent fighting than you are a retard also. If McInnes is so great at BJJ he should be trying to submit guys without taking damage and lengthen his career/life

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  17. mark h says:

    ths highlights exact;y why BJJ players are falling so far behind in teh world of FIGHTING , this guys has no heart and a fight is a totally different animal than BJJ games.

    beating up low level guys in seconds in 1 thing facing top level competitors another for all your jujutsu credentials we wont see Andrew go anywhere simply based on the fact he is not a fighter.. and Pavelich hand feeding you easy matchups will only last so long, then comes a loss and tough times that come with it and maybe a return to your dominance of the canadian jiujitsu scene because this fighting thing son you are not cut out for.

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  18. "Wreck-it" Ralph says:

    He has been.
    Sean Wagner – Guillotined 0:15 first round
    Billy Torrence – Gogoplata 1:24 first round
    Danny Doig – “Von Flue Choke” 0:18 first round

    When Andrew “F$&@ing” Mcinnes says he wants a war, the emphasis was that he wanted a challenged. God forbid that a guy desires to test himself to his limits.

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  19. fetch says:

    and those 3 tomato cans are a combined 2-8 with 3 white belts guy wants to be tested but fights cans ya right buddy

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  20. Josh Machan says:

    My 2 cents are, Andrew has a proven bjj game, why wouldn’t he use fights early in his career to develop into a complete fighter? I’m sure with his credentials he could speed submit most guys out of the top ten. What will happen when runs into a high level wrestler who loves to box? Calling it a war is probably just hype, i’m sure he will try to work his stand up while trying to lose as few brain cells as possible

    But there are so many trolls out today, so I guess troll away…….

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  21. Robin Black says:

    I have a hard time remembering names now. It honestly scares me sometimes. You do have to protect your noggin that’s for sure.

    McInnes is crazy talented and super smart. He’ll submit this guy in the 1st round and do it in style.

    But he got people talking and he’s creating interest so he’s doing his job now and he’ll do his job in the ring and choke out his opponent using some crazy submission and be pretty at the afterparty with minimal head trauma.

    I’m a big fan of this guy. He’s kind of a weirdo in the best way possible and he’s spectacularly talented. He gets people talking and he backs it up.

    And any haters out there, this is the kind of guy that enjoys pissing you off so ya gotta get used to it.

    Cheers McInnes keep doin your thing.

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  22. Zach B says:

    Screw McInnes.

    In the words of the late Randy Savage. ” He’s too hot to handle and too cold to hold “

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  23. "Wreck-it" Ralph says:


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  24. Cody Krahn says:

    Yay andrew

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  25. Halkias says:

    I love the hate Andrew, Cam and the rest get. They feed off of it. Ppl are saying he’s not a fighter and questioning his level of opposition? Many of you forget he was willing to step up and fight a top level opponent like laprise right off the bat…and he’s only got 4 fights. He’s made huge improvements/additions to an already high level skill set with every fight. He will continue to improve, he will continue to win, and his opposition quality will continue to rise with every fight.

    Do your part and keep hating on the guy, and he will do his and continue to piss you off.

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  26. I love the trash talk.

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  27. AMLECF says:

    Halkias you smell like cabbage and have tiny hands

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  28. Halkias says:

    LOL…it’s actually Kale, and small feet.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

  29. billy bathgate says:

    MFC next main card January 17 line up is miles ahead of WSOF Go Andrew

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 11

  30. walter says:

    Seems like William here must have just stepped out of his winnebago and the fumes have gotten to him. MFC may be miles ahead but they’re going in the wrong direction. WSOF’s card is the best Edmonton has seen in a long time.

    That said I will watch MFC rooting for McInnes, Krahn and the Champ, Southern.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2

  31. "Wreck-it" Ralph says:

    Yeeeeeeeuuuup! Agreed Walter

    Well-loved! Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

  32. Ryan D says:

    Billy what about the act that MFC has only 7 fights to offer its fans??? Miles ahead I doubt miles behind maybe!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

  33. McInnes says:

    Marcus Ossoduro Vera Verao. Its too bad you have such a shitty record.. I love putting big mouth brazilians like you to sleep, but I dont feel like taking a step backwards in competition. Have fun belly dance fighting in the small shows for the rest of your life.

    Im going to lose again one day, but atleast I know what I have in my heart. -MFC 40 on May 9th. Check it out.. You all may get your wish granted from the comfort of your boring lives.

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  34. Thesubzero says:

    I’d like to see that fight! Would be a fun one.

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  35. Mark Smith says:


    For a guy who cant even make weight, you sure talk alot of shit.

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  36. Cody Krahn says:

    And backs it up too. It’s kinda funny to come back and read all the comments the trolls were making, especially considering Andrew beat ring standing and then submitted him.

    Haters are motivators, keep talking shit, it’s obviously working.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 11 Thumb down 7

  37. "Wreck-it" Ralph says:

    Haters gonna hate.

    As Cam would say: “Either you get busy livin’…or you get busy dyin’.”

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