UFC Fight Night 34 Results & Bonuses


UFC Logo ThumbnailThe UFC was in Singapore for UFC Fight Night 34.  In the main event, Tarec Saffiedine chopped Hyun Gyu Lim legs over five rounds en route to a unanimous decision victory and a $50,000 Fight of the Night bonus.

Here are all the results:

UFC $50,000 Bonus Winners:

  • Submission of the Night: Russell Doane
  • Knockout of the Night: Max Holloway
  • Fight of the Night: Tarec Safffiedine and Hyun Gyu Lim


Tarec Saffiedine defeats Hyun Gyu Lim by unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-47)
Tatsuya Kawajiri submits Sean Soriano by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 0:50
Kiichi Kunimoto defeats Luiz Dutra by DQ (illegal elbows) in Round 1, 2:57
Kyung Ho Kang submits Shunichi Shimizu by arm triangle choke in Round 3, 3:53
Max Holloway defeats Will Chope by TKO (punches) in Round 2, 2:27
Katsunori Kikuno defeats Quinn Mulhern by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Royston Wee defeats David Galera by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)
Mairbek Taisumov defeats Tae Hyun Bang by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Dustin Kimura submits Jon Delos Reyes by arm bar in Round 1, 2:13
Russell Doane submits Leandro Issa by triangle choke in Round 2, 4:59

10 Responses to “ UFC Fight Night 34 Results & Bonuses ”

  1. Kevin Rasmussen says:

    Anyone watch this on Fight Pass?

    What did you think? Worth getting?

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  2. With all the content Fight Pass will have, there’s no way it’s not worth it.

    I watched the main card on Sportsnet.

    Decent fights with some weird reffing.

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  3. Was pretty cool being able to get up early on a Saturday and watch live fights. I wish there was a card in China every Saturday morning.

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  4. Robin Black says:

    I was a little miffed at all the commercials (you can’t call it ‘Netflix for fight fans’ like they are if you are going to run commercials) but this is DEFINITELY worth $10 a month.

    Tons of unique content, tons of old fights, Best of PRIDE, lots and lots and lots of goodies.

    The undercard was sub par. Main card was outstanding.

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  5. Pat Wilson says:

    I didn’t see it just curious about the judging? Do they use the same judging system as ONE FC

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Unified rules for judging and reffing.

    Refs were over-involved a couple times.

    Judges had a fairly easy night a lot of cut and dried rounds.

    One guy had 2 points taken away and Brian Stann kept insisting that, even if he won all 3 rounds, he needed a finish or he would get a draw.

    I mean, he said it 20 times.

    I don’t know how developed his math game is, but 30-27 with 2 points taken away is still a 28-27 win.

    Fortunately the guy finished in the 3rd avoiding further confusion with Stann and the judges.

    (Brian Stann was otherwise excellent)

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  7. That baffled me also. I had the guy winning the first 10-9, then he loses 2 points, and loses the round 9-8. I had him winning the 2nd, with the match tied going into the 3rd. He was winning the 3rd and ultimately got the submission.

    He still would have won in my opinion.

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  8. Pat Wilson says:

    Thanks Robin and MAD, I figured it would be, well good thing Stann is not a judge lol.

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  9. Kyle Stoltz says:

    I didn’t watch any of the fights but do plan on watching the Kawajiri and Tarec fights tomorrow.

    About fight pass I’m beyond confused on the direction of platforms for the UFC. There constantly changing them and I would assume consistency would be a huge plus when it’s comes to viewership. I mean in there time with Fox, they have changed a good 4 times. Part of me thinks with the FOX deal the deal entailed them helping build new channels. I really wish they had a full 24 hour UFC channel, then had a yearly rate for PPV cards (ie. 500 dollars a year get all PPVS) then had the fight pass and kept it at those 3 platforms. I hate that they have fights on Facebook. To me with all there tv platforms all fights should be on tv. I also think the fight pass should just be for old fights, so a way to watch old content. Whole cards on fight pass is insane to me. Just my two cents on that stuff.

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  10. Robin Black says:

    What I think is going to become interesting is how they handle these “international” fighters.

    They had Royston Wee debung from Singapore who was 2-0 with 2 1/2 minutes of fight time. Just so they could have a Singapore guy on the show.

    He fought the world’s lowest level 5-0 guy who has truly never wrestled ever.

    It was a very very very low level fight. Robin Black vs Stephan Poirier level and, trust me, I am absolutely not bragging about this.

    There is absolutely positively no way they could show that on TV as a UFC fight without devaluing what it means to be a UFC fighter.

    Many of these cards in new territories will have this very low level of fight on the undercard as they expand. They cannot be televised on TV. Uh uh.

    So they exist only for the locals and, if some obsessives like us want to watch them- boom- FightPass.

    Watching a few of these undercard fights made me think that they will use FightPass to develop these “UFC fighters who are only UFC fighters in their region” below TV.

    I wonder if they considered creating a sub-brand (UFC Challengers?) to place these fighters?

    Anyhoo, after watching that undercard I sure realized the title of “UFC Fighter” does not mean what it used to mean.

    Kyle watch the Kikuno fight too its interesting. I called 8 or 10 of his DEEP fights and he’s a cool fighter to watch.

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