CNMMAF Update – January 3, 2014


CNMMAF THUMBHere is an update on the current plans of the Canadian National MMA Federation (CNMMAF) as Top MMA News understands as of January 3rd.  If anything is wrong or out of date, please update the site so this post can be updated.

Information on this has come from:

  • the CNMMAF web sites,
  • Wayne Williams (Brian CNMMAF on Facebook),
  • Ashida Funikoshi (CNMMAF Manitoba on Facebook/ may be a fictional character),  National Technical Advisor
  • Alex Gasson, promoter of the CNMMAF national tournament and AMMACS promoter
  • Jamie McGowan, Victory MMA promoter
  • Garnet Ace, CNMMA national team manager, owner of Tapout Burlington, former promoter of Global Warriors
  • IMMAF web site

Here is what is known.  This is always evolving:

  • President of CNMMAF is Dr. John J. Williams, DD, CCHt, DCHt, EFT.  Formerly of Elite 1 MMA, promoter of amateur Moncton show Canadian Extreme Cage Rage,  allegedly faked his only MMA fight at age of 70, formerly of Saigo Gym.
  • Vice-President of CNMMAF is Bill Mahood.  Former UFC fighter, formerly of Revolution Gym, former XFC promoter, currently involved with the Grande Prairie commission.
  • The CNMMAF claims to be recognized by the International MMA Federation (IMMAF), which was recognized by Dana White and the UFC.
  • Jamie McGowan, of the amateur Quebec MMA organization called Victory MMA, claims that CNMMAF is not recognized by the IMMAF.  They only have an application submitted to IMMAF.
  • The CAMMAF is a separate Canadian Amateur MMA Federation that claims to be affiliated with IMMAF.  John Williams and Bill Mahood are listed on their site.
  • The IMMAF lists the CNMMAF as the national amateur MMA organization in Canada and lists it under their contact us section of their web site HERE.
  • There is a registration fee for fighters to join CNMMAF.  This will give you a CNMMAF passport and allow you to enter tournaments.  No word on how to register.  Fee was something like $40-$50.  CNMMAF sites no longer have this info.
  • CNMMAF was going to crown provincial champions in 10 male and 10 female weight classes in tournaments where amateur MMA is allowed by January 2014.
  • A CNMMAF National Council was going to name provincial champions in 10 male and 10 female weight classes where amateur MMA is not sanctioned by January 2014.
  • Ari Taub was to run the national tournament in April in Alberta.
  • Now, it appears that a CNMMAF National Council will invite fighters to participate in a one day tournament in Ontario to crown a National champion.  This tournament will be promoted by Alex Gasson.
  • Alex Gasson currently runs the AMMACS amateur MMA organization in Ontario.  It operates provincially under the Ontario Grappling Alliance and sanctioned nationally under the Canadian Combat Association.
  • Fighters will be responsible for their travel and lodging at the national tournament.
  • Garnet Ace is looking to fill medical and coaching positions on the national team.
  • The winners of the national tournament will participate in the IMMAF national amateur tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada in July.  It will be held in conjunction with the UFC Fan Expo at that time. 
  • A press release will be issued next week.

National Tournament Rules:

  • The rules of the tournament will be based on the AMMACS rules.  AMMACS rules can be read HERE.
  • Each match is one five minute round with a selected winner via points, or submission.
  • If there is a tie at end of regulation, a 1 minute overtime is set.
  • If it still a draw after overtime…4 judges plus tournament director must make a decision on winner. If one cannot be made a Draw is called.
  • Since this is a tournament, someone will have to move on in a method still to be determined.

CNMMAF Organization***

  • National Executives
    • John J. Williams, DD, CCHt, DCHt, EFT, President
    • Eddie Williams, National Director
    • Shawn Hachey, Central Canada Executive
    • Bill Mahood, Western Canada Executive
    • Steven J Wong, National Technical Advisor
    • Steven Williams, National Events Coordinator
    • Christina Nielsen, National Secretary
    • Celina Martin, National Secretary
    • Rob Pelletier, National Director +++
  • Alberta
    • Stuart Franklin, Provincial Director
    • Terry Richard, Board Member
    • Andrew Carine, Board Member
    • Marvin Ishmael, Board Member
  • British Columbia
    • Christina Nielsen, Provincial Director
  • Manitoba
    • Frederick Natividad, Provincial Director
  • New Brunswick
    • Eddie Williams, Provincial Director
    • Corey M Forsythe, Board Of Directors
    • Chris Jessulat, Board of Directors
    • Jamie Mills, Board of Directors
    • Rachael Williams, Board of Directors
  • Newfoundland
    • Jamie Yetman, Provincial Director
    • Noel Strapp, Board of Directors
    • Robbie Wiseman, Board of Directors
    • Peter Yetman, Board of Directors
    • George Gillespie, Board of Directors
    • Mike Samson, Board of Directors
    • Radafy Ranaivo, Treasurer
  • Nova Scotia
    • Lisa Lawrence, Provincial Director
    • Christine Angelidis, Provincial Secretary
    • Andrew Leights, Provincial Secretary
  • Ontario
    • Shawn Hachey, Ontario, Provincial Director
  • Prince Edward Island
    • Matt MacGrath, Provincial Director
  • Saskatchewan
    • Shawn Pauliuk, Provincial Director

*** Source: Web Site (January 3, 2013)
+++ Source: Cnmmaf Mma Mma Westerncanada FB (posted January 2, 2013)

70 Responses to “ CNMMAF Update – January 3, 2014 ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    You can tell that Jamie who works with FQBM and Jeff who endorses CASK are highly educated and informed here. That differentiates them greatly from Ashida who posted earlier (then seased to exist).

    The best things about CASK are their track record in Martial Arts and competition, their professionalism, the quality people in their organization (Maz is a great coach and person), their good intentions, their positivity, their commitment to the community, etc.

    The very negative downside so far is that their AMMA rules, scoring, etc are very very bad, among the worst out there. Standing 8 count alone is absolutely terrible. What CASK presents as AMMA is really a different sport altogether, and not one many MMA people are interested in.

    The good news is because they have such good people and such a quality organization and clean intentions, we may see that change. They are the PSO of record in Ontario and are a great proven organization so they may be able to change.

    Jeff I believe the only reason they have beern ignored by a lot of MMA gyms is the rules and the scoring. And that damn 8 count which, had they researched at all before developing the rules, they would have know that banning the 8 count was a point of differentiating pride for MMA people.

    I never bad mouth CASK and I have high hopes for it because of how great Maz and his organization are and have been for kickboxing.

    The second those rules and scoring changes and becomes anywhere close to the sport of MMA I will endorse them too.

    In the meantime, although Alex Gasson is operating outside the law and I can’t endorse him yet because of that, I see him as a quality hope for AMMA in Ontario too. Like Maz, he’s a great person with great intentions. And his knowledge of MMA and his vision for AMMA are the best right now.

    Maz is a great man and his company has the PSO but his rules and scoring are still too flawed. Gasson is as great of a man with the true vision for the sport at this time, but he is not the PSO.

    I just wish they could get together. If CASK brought him on to restructure the vision they would be the perfect Ontario AMMA PSO.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    A couple other Alex Gasson positives:

    -dude isn’t running a gym, competing actively, or anything else massively time consuming. He’s passionate about amateur MMA and that’s where he’s focused on contributing.
    -dude has been involved with MMA in a dozen different ways for 15 years and you can not find anyone who will say a bad word about him. Most of us can’t say that (I sure can’t).
    -An important part of the Shawn Tompkins family tree, and has the leadership qualities and likeability of The Coach.
    -dude broke his next at the TUF trials. Full neck break. Didn’t even think for a moment about stepping back from the sport.

    Some other cool Maz stories/observations:

    -commentated a couple of his world title kickboxing fights IN HIS 40s.
    -badly bruised his liver 10 days before one, still competed. Showed incredible amount of heart. Really moving display.
    -Mind blowing striking coach. As good as you will find anywhere. Ask Jesse Ronson or Chad Laprise, 2 of the best.
    -Has unique understanding of the mental aspects of combat sports. World class understanding of the mind of an athlete.
    -Very inspiring and driven guy.

    These are 2 of the best people in the sport in Ontario, and we’re very lucky they both want to contribute to the development of amateur sport here.

    Again, I would sure love to see these 2 work together.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2

  3. Jeff Harrison says:

    Hey Jamie you seem passionate about the topic. If your Quebec organization is doing so well you should be a government backed PSO in no time:) I do not agree with calling police on promoters, I like and respect pecker, I don’t feel that CASK should be the only promoter, and would love to run our own MMA shows one day, when the government says its ok to do so. I am simply stating that the tournaments have been well run and high level. Good gyms, good fighters, good vibe.. I was there and can tell you this is truthfully my opinion. Cheers

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  4. Snyper Mcgrath says:

    In the Maritimes the only guy I trust on the list of Directors names is Matt Macgrath as he has the best intentions for his athletes, is a proven coach and competitor.

    Nova Scotia, I won t get rude to anyone in particular on a message board, but ALL of you have no business being involved in anything related to looking out for aspiring MMA fighters and need to step off the band wagon.


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  5. fitnessplus says:

    Which bandwagon would that be?

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  6. Hi Jeff,

    THE FQBM is not mine. It is a democratic organisation that unites over 90% of all MMA clubs in Quebec. It has been in existence for 10 years. It is the oldest and only functioning amateur MMA organisation in all of canada. It has sanctioned with governement support over 4000 amateur fights, with just over 1300 fights in 2013 alone. CASK or any other organisation might want to learn from our example and vast collective experience in MMA.

    As for you waiting for the government to tell you when you are allowed to run events like us, well people in Ontario have been waiting over 10 years now while we did stuff here. 10 years is an entire lifetime as a career for fighters. Even since the UFC was allowed by the government to come in and holds huge pro events there is still not a single amateur promoter allowed to do an event in a gym. DO you expect people to wait another 10 years? Not to throw all the blame on CASK but seriously they are not part of the solution.

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  7. for those that don’t know how things have developed for amateur MMA in Quebec take a look at my website:

    and my youtube channel that broadcasts fights from my events with over 40,000 views fromover 100 countries:

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  8. ashida says:

    just an update ,
    The CNMMAF is the official member of the IMMAF ,
    If anyone needs confirmation contact Rob Pelletier he has the document and is on the senior executive team , I am not sure where Jamie got his information but I assure you he is very wrong!

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  9. ashida says:

    And I have not disappeared Robin , I just have no interest in what this discussion stands for , its not an effort to support National unity and most of the things written are misleading and false.
    Questioning Shawn Hachey’s existence shows you did not research . Saying we have only applied for membership is false , and looking to discredit anyone involved does not show any form of support for our National cause so I don’t see the value in defending our actions as we will do that by building a unified body for the good of the sport under an international organization that has the best interest of future growth in mind.
    We don’t discredit any organization and are working hard to bring the communities together and for a common cause , Jamie McGowan was invited to participate , And said it would only work if we moved our operation to Quebec , Canada is a big country and there’s a value is working together coast to coast for the good of the sport , And as our organization grows there’s a good chance we are going to move , add , and remove members , that’s pretty standard in the building process , this is not a political struggle ,
    and why would we come on here when firstly people don’t use their real names , the reflection of that is it takes ownership off anything they say , there’s nothing positive ever said so its more of an attack website than a MMA reporting system , and I hardly think that’s good for any sport.
    The people making negative comments have no proof to what they are saying or to the people they are talking about.
    Passion to grow a sport should exist past your provincial border , seeing provinces like NFLD rallying to bring MMA to their province is good for the Sport.
    Keep in mind , most provinces don’t have the same benefits as other provinces so their stats would never be reflective , so trying to create equal opportunity in Canada from coast to coast should be everyone’s goal , and not a negative forum to discredit.
    Another note

    garnet Ace is not on our executive He is our National team GM , and its an honor to work with the team he is assembling to give Canadian Athletes the opportunity to compete in the IMMAF World Championships. In which you must be a member of the IMMAF to do ,
    how’s it going to look in 6 months when your doing positive reports on the results our young Canadian MMA Athletes did in the worlds when all you’d been doing for 2 months is discrediting our organization?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 6

  10. Jeff Harrison says:

    That is great Jamie. I never asked for proof of how great your Federation is, nor have I said a single negative comment about it. I simply stated that I am happy with CASK, it Is an existing PSO, and it is ever improving. I look forward to potentially working with them. I am agreeing with Robin, and thinking it would be awesome to get ALL the Ontario members together and discuss how to make it better. The time, energy, board meetings, lawyer fees, and man hours it takes to see a project like actually starting a separate PSO through will be astronomical. Might be better to renovate the old house than to make a new one right beside it?

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  11. Ashida…you are absolutely correct. Top MMA News will be reporting on the results if/when Canada sends amateurs to world championships.

    Also…the vast majority of people on this thread are using their real names. Prove to us that you are real. I emailed you my phone number and I know one other commenter emailed you their phone number. You never called either of us.

    One of my initial concerns has proved correct. You wanted fighters to register and compete in provincial tourneys in January. I was concerned that those tourney were not going to happen. They aren’t.

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  12. Ashida,

    It would be interesting to see what document and official certification that you are talking about. As far as i know in December 2013 IMMAF asked both the CNMMAF and the CAMMAF to work together on this project of organising Canada to send a team to the world championships. IMMAF as far as December didn’t not give any official recognition to either party yet since there developed a conflict between the two groups. The fact that CNMMAF has sibce been telling peopke they are the official representative is misleading if not an out right lie if the situation and the source of the conflict since CAMMAF was the original group recognized by IMMAF and included John Williams before they broje off from the CAMMAF and launched the CNMMAF which polarised Quebec from the rest of their efforts. It didn’t help that the CNMMAF handpicked Joey Benoit to be their Quebec rep who has been implicated with the Hells Angels in the past abd has a very bad relatiinship with both the FQBM and the CAMMAF. CNMMAF’s actions towards the CAMMAF can only be described as a coup or attempted hijacking of CAMMAF. In any case a strategy by CNMMAF to isolate Quebec from the rest of the country is a faulty one and is a disservice to uniting the coubtry since for the last 10 years Quebec has been the hotbed of amateur with 70% of all amateur fights held in Canada in 2013 were held in Quebec leaving only 30% in the combined rest of Canada. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to kniw rhat any national organisation to have any credibility has to be backed by Quebec.

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  13. Bulk Bogan says:

    ABCDEF had a conflict with BBQ and messed with the DDT and used a DP on your 123 so WTF is up with the XYZLOL?

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  14. PUCK says:

    Sounds like a lot of smoke and mirrors to me……..I sure would like to hear from Bill Mahood? Ashida, at this point I wouldn’t post anymore? It’s really not helping your cause in any way shape or form by continuing to babble on to the poeple/gyms and fighters you will need to help move this ‘thing’ forward. As to me it seems like you are really ‘lacking respect’ for the ‘MMA poeple’ your trying to help? Remember, (respect) is earned not given. Being your a ‘white’ belt in mma, you may want to listen more instead of trying to force home a ‘idea’ that poeple don’t want to hear. I will be calling Bill today to see what’s up as this is starting to make me wonder?….Thoughts? Again, no disrespect just one guys opinion……

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  15. Donald Duck says:


    While you’re not reading this and answering would you be so kind as to address my reply to you on the previous thread.


    Donald “Not My Real Name” Duck

    PS – Claiming that my posts lack credibility becuae I opt to not link my real name (although TMN has my real email) is a coward’s way to avoid my questions.

    PPS – You’re still a dildo until I hear otherwise.

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  16. Robin Black says:

    “In which you must be a member of the IMMAF to do, how’s it going to look in 6 months when your doing positive reports on the results our young Canadian MMA Athletes did in the worlds when all you’d been doing for 2 months is discrediting our organization?”

    This is not a sentence. Most of your ‘sentences’ are not sentences.

    Most of your ‘punctuation’ is not punctuation either.

    That doesn’t build a ton of confidence in people in your admin skills.

    Also, anyone can call something a ‘National Organization’.

    All they have to do is call a bunch of people (including fringe people, people convicted of fraud and, hey, chuck in a few fake names for fun) and claim big things to convince a couple people to agree to something over the phone.
    If you can get 1 or 2 good names to temporarily agree, you use those good names to convince a few other people. Attach a few BS titles to a couple of those names.

    Throw in a few more fake names for more giggles.

    Then start 6 or 8 facebook pages (fb pages are free and many 11 year olds have them), claim you’ll crown 20 champions in January, then balls up and call yourself a ‘National Organization’.

    Presto. National Organization.


    Look, like I mentioned before, busy people don’t wake up and decide to spend their precious time, their most desperately low of commodities, on things like this and people like you.

    Your gross exaggerations, uninformed bold claims (those 20 champions in January shows you either don’t understand what’s possible or that you’re organization is willing to lie) and so on worry people who care about the sport.

    That’s all that’s going on here.

    Go back, slow down, start fresh without unachievable goals, fake names, and exaggerations.

    As you develop a workable framework and get some good people committed, share your ideas with the media and the grassroots community and try to get them on your side. You might find some new allies.

    And focus on the right relationship in Quebec. That’s the epicenter.

    Make a realistic 1 year plan, a 3 year plan and a 5 year plan. Prove credibility through your hard work and your good intentions and honesty.

    In other words do what all legitimate companies do to succeed.

    Good luck.

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  17. Great post @Robin Black.

    I have tried to get in touch with the IMMAF over the past several days to see who they recognize as Canada’s ammy organization.

    They just got back to me to say they will get back to me.

    Stay tuned.

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  18. Snyper Mcgrath says:


    The MMA bandwagon. The alleged “board” has no business trying to lead a group of athletes in this particular atheltic endevour. I feel the best direction for young MMA athletes would be best left to people who have been in the game for a long time in our province, (yourself, Peter, Rob, Jared etc), and who have spearheaded events, produced fighters and have established track records for themselves. I don t see the current board as having accomplished anything in that regard and I would nt feel confident entrusting them with any athlete that I care about.


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  19. Cam Yallits says:

    and Sneaky Pete /ends thread.

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  20. fitnessplus says:

    Peter, I agree. Rumour has it that amateur MMA is on it’s way in NS. Not sure of the specifics but I am optimistic that some of the names you mentioned may be involved in the process. That should be good news for everyone

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